Funk legend Chaka Khan is slapped with manager’s lawsuit ‘seeking’ thousands

Chaka Khan slapped with lawsuit/TMZ.

Chaka Khan faces manager’s lawsuit. 

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CHICAGO — “Tell me something good.” That’s what Chaka Khan told her lawyer after learning she was being sued by former manager Olasumbo Kuti who’s seeking thousands of dollars for management services rendered.  The lawsuit also alleges the funk legend owes Kuti a 5 percent share of certain businesses. Now Kuti has supplicated the judge by asking: “What cha’ gonna do for me?” Conversely, Chaka says “I feel for you,” but I don’t owe ya. According to court docs, Kuti said she was hired to be Chaka’s manager in 2013.

But, after receiving a pink slip in 2017, Kuti said the singer failed to remunerate her despite the fact she helped augment Chaka’s revenue sources. As a ramification, Kuti’s attorney has implored the court to award a recoupment of $236,000 in addition to minority ownership of a trio of Chaka’s enterprises.

Chaka, 66, is a 10-time Grammy winner worth billions.

Does Kuti deserve a cut?

Is Chaka being cheap?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I don’t wanna hear the truth suing chaka tell me something good

  2. kicksandgiggles4Real

    Time to sue the hair dresser. This look was rocking in the 80s. But its time for a cut, comb and conditioner.

  3. AtomicPlayGirl

    I agree. It kindof makes me sad when icons just turn into parodies of themselves. Only one IMHO who gets a pass is Dolly.

  4. Nobody better never say nothing bad about my baby Chaka

    I will killl you

  5. Breeeezy 🇦🇱❄️🐰

    Chaka looks like Nicki Minaj

  6. Love you Chaka!! 💕

  7. I smell bullshit on Kuti’s breath

  8. chaka should kick her ass

  9. Had it up 2 here

    tell that bitch to get a job and stop lookin for handouts

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