Slavery Reparations: Danny Glover and Democrats seeking payback for blacks

Danny Glover and Democrats seeking slave reparations.

Slave reparations gain momentum

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WASHINGTON — “Forty acres and a mule?” With the 2020 presidential race beginning to pick up momentum, a coterie of Democratic candidates, namely Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have proposed a manifesto for pecuniary solatia to African successors for unpaid labor during slavery. In other words… if you have nappy hair, they believe you should get paid. However, according to recent polls, most Americans have lambasted the proposition.

During the recently completed H.R. 40 hearing, actor Danny Glover and the aforementioned Booker testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. It was the first Congressional hearing on slavery reparations in a decade.

Glover and company are basically imploring the U.S. government to recompense slave descendants with mazuma in conjunction with issuing a formal apology for “crimes against humanity on African slaves and their descendants.” As anticipated, many Republicans have repudiated the proposal.

When asked to render his two cents, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said: “Not one of us currently living are responsible [for slavery]… We’ve tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We elected an African-American president.”

Glover and Co., however, are arguing that even though today’s Caucasians aren’t directly responsible, they’re still benefiting economically as evidenced by a plethora of U.S. census data; most notably property ownership, median household income and employment rates.

In addition to restitution, racial oppression was also addressed during the hearing.

Only 12% of the adult population in the United States is black.

Yet, Negroes comprise 33% of the prison population.

Slavery was abolished in June 1865.

If approved, reparations figure to carry an exorbitant $17 trillion price tag for taxpayers.

Damn, that’s a lot of nickels and dimes.

Should African descendants be remunerated?

If so, should whites be pissed?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Notagaintourist

    Move on.. this is all about politics. Will money help those who were slaves? No because they are long dead. This will never happen. Makes no sense. Shame on those who lie to you because they want your vote. They don’t care about you or your ancestors.

  2. Original Blackman

    The white man owes me $10 million

  3. I am a Veteran and served in the Military Intelligence community and will tell any sorry ass commie who thinks I owe reparations for slavery: Fuck you and your mother fucking mother, daddy and your kids and you will get reparations from me when you pry it from my cold dead hands! I don’t owe you a fucking thing I never will.

  4. Yes they should and the Democratic party should pay because they came up with Jim Crow laws

  5. I want mine in cash…. I dont trust the government……. check might bounce

  6. Anita Martinski

    The first slaves in this nation were white Irish people! Many of them children! So if blacks are entitled to reporations for slavery, every person in America with a drop of Irish blood in their veins should also be so entitled!!!

  7. They are insanely misinformed…
    Democrats want the votes because they want power. That’s why they’re asking for reparations and open borders. Their communities are gated. Their illegal money is safe. The middle and lower classes will suffer.
    I bet Bacardi, Newport, and Gucci will fight for reparations.

  8. There’s a Brother that called for one million black men to show up in Washington D.C. and nearly two million came. He wasn’t singing, dancing, playing a ball game, but he had a word(s) in his mouth that’s is tried and proven… WHERE’S THE HONORABLE MINISTER FARRAKHAN?

    They don’t want the best that we have among us. If reparations doesn’t include land, then we’re not truly free. There are clips from Bro. Martin L. King Jr., that white America won’t show, where he too, understands that we need some of this land that we can call our own. White America, i.e. the mainstream news media, will continue to show you the “I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH, which was 5yrs before they murdered him, but won’t show any of his evolved speeches after 1965.

    The Brother said, that that speech, needed to be tempered with reality, and that the dream had become a nightmare. These folks are just going through the motions, and are not sincere at all.

  9. Christopher Jakel

    Every living Black person that has been a slave should absolutely get a check from every living American Slave owner
    Don’t hold your breath dummies.

  10. Your reparations were paid in blood 154 years ago

  11. They want what? Free money? Isn’t that called welfare?

  12. If they tax my ass for aomething i never did or even thought about. Im gonna file different on my w2 and never pay taxes again! Also when does the “white privelege” kick in? I thought it would have by now but im still waiting for it. I work my ass off for peanuts and barely survive.

  13. Edward Mercedes

    All white families that benefited from slavery alive today, should be forced to give part of their wealth for this cause, with monetary assistance, from our great United States Government, which were also complicit with the inexcusable treatment and murders of slaves. In America today we have many big corporations that benefited from slavery, like JP Morgan, Brook Brothers, Aetna, AIG, Rothschilds, Brown Brothers Harriman, The Canadian Railway Company, Fleet Boston Financial, CSX, just to name a few. All of these major corporations should be on board with this and start dispensing 40 acres and a mule to all descendants of slaves. After all, is paid, maybe we could start to heal as Americans, and start treating all people of color like human beans. For those African Americans, that feel that their race should have nothing and go on with life as if nothing ever happened, shame on you, for turning your back on your people and always remember that White America will never see you as one of their own, regardless of your profession or what Ivy League School you attended.

  14. My feelings are these idiots are not gonna be elected so there won’t be any reparations. The people who actually suffered slavery are no longer with us so there’s no one to pay. You can stand around with your hand out but these dumbass democrats are just laying bait for all you gullible folks that’ll fall for anything. By the way, Trump will be your president until 2024 anyway. MAGA!!

  15. Trump now has 38 percent of working black votes and rising. This is great. LOL. Wutcha gonna do now non working blacks and race card holders. Quit living a lie go to work and make your ancestors proud of you. Because they wouldnt be on how your behaving now. Cut it out. Lots and lots of jobs out here so throw away your race victim card. And get a manners card. You will be good.

  16. Only black gay sex slave get reparations

  17. NA if you owe child support!!

  18. Let Obamas and Clintons pay for it

  19. Reparations were paid in full with the blood of union soldiers. Fuck off outta here with that reparations bullshit.

  20. Does everyone think America invented slavery or something? We INHERITED slavery, we’re a young country and slavery always existed in the world. The only difference is we fought a war to end it, and those peddling racial divide overlook his fact.

  21. Wayne Chappelle

    I thought welfare and housing and food stamps and child support was reparations. 🤓

  22. What if u are a child of a black immigrant?
    What if one of your parents is black and one isn’t?
    Do all black people need to do a DNA test to get a right for a “check”?
    What if a black person is a descendant of a black slave trader? If so do they still get a “check”?
    What if a White person is a descendant of a freedom fighter that contributed to black people not being slaves today? If so do they still need to pay?

    If reparations could be done how would u do it?
    There is no plan because is a fool’s game but it could get people some votes(not thinking about votes they lose with those standpoints, or they might and still think it is worth the tradeoff), those politicians don’t even stand behind their own standpoints and the longer they are in office the more often its the case, its all about how to win if its women’s rights, environment, economy a lot of them politicians jump from one issue to the next no matter their personal convictions. (Hillary was a prime example) to be blunt to me it is just whoring away your identity en character

  23. I dont know why they picked these buck dancing neegroes to speak for black folks about reparations. But then again, i see why they did it.

  24. Officer Orange cheetolini


  25. $17 trillion? What’s my cut?

  26. gloves is a uncle Tom looking for a job in Hollywood ok

  27. So people who weren’t alive when slavery took place, should pay someone else who also wasn’t alive when it took place…. 🤔🤔

  28. Dear White People… you are under attack…

  29. Brandon Ritter

    How is this bullshit being considered? It’s too late to try to make whole those who actually deserved reparations… If it didn’t happen to you, then you don’t get to ask anything. Nothing happened to you, and I sure as hell didn’t do it. I don’t feel guilty for anything and damn sure aren’t going to pay for something that happened so long ago 😒. Even if we paid it would not change anything.

  30. The Best reparations to give the Black communities is in a form of another CHECK, that’s just another Welfare Check. No! If we really want to guarantee them to raise up and success, the best way is to start with a good solid EDUCATION, JOB TRAINING, TAKING PERSONAL responsibility for your own actions, Stop killing babies, End Black on Black crimes, Bring together the whole family unit Moms and Dads, by ending fatherless children, reinvest in their communities, reinstall pride and respect for one other, clean up the streets and dilapidated homes and businesses, STOP allowing people who make a living $$$ telling you that you are a VICTIM of your own circumstances, Mom’s and Dad’s teach your kids the difference between RIGHT from WRONG. etc All this above will guarantee a better life for you and the next generations to come… Until than, all you will be doing is being STUCK in a past of which you had no part of.

  31. If they don’t want to pay Reparations for the over 200 years of free labor, how bout for the raping , killing, child trafficking, beatings & the massive torturing and being treated worse than an animal, blacks endure for over 200 years?
    I mean, don’t they have any heart or humanity or sympathy or dignity at all? Wow, I mean, how evil can you be? They still hate black people that much? How bout finally making Ammends? 👹🙏😀🖤

  32. Jonathan Castillo

    Danny Glover is getting too old for this s*it!

  33. Danny Glover: a privileged racist

  34. baileyjean1000

    The problem with this is that once you go down this road, everyone who has ever been oppressed or feels like they have been discriminated against, is going to want reparations. The gays are going to get lots of money, the Japanese interred during World War II are gonna get money, …………….. not to mention the Indian Americans…. Blacks are not the only ones that have a crappy past, but they seem to be the only group wanting a hand out. Prediction: Not gonna happen.

  35. Anthony McKenzie

    I’m black and I can say I hate these guys. They are a total embarrassment to the black community. They have no sense of pride no dignity no nothing You can’t put a price on slavery.

  36. How did Danny Glover get rich when blacks are supposed to be oppressed?


  38. Can African descendants of slaves be given better jobs, housing, or education? Is that too much to ask? We are still suffering from the effects slavery whether you believe it or not. Everyone loves to Google everything, Google THAT!!!

  39. Slavery reparations is an economic slavery based on skin color. You will be taxed because.of your skin color. How is that not racism?

  40. This is BS!!! YOU watch people will scam u for money!!! This is old crap and how in the hell is this crap gonna work anyway!!! Dems just looking for something for money!!!

  41. Larry Zeleznik

    Most incredible BULLSHIT that I have ever heard. Then they should pay back the trillions of dollars paid to them through ‘social services, paid for by working American taxpayers! NEVER!’

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