TMZ Video: Browns halfback Kareem Hunt involved in an altercation at Barley House

John Dorsey questioned for signing Kareem Hunt/

Kareem Hunt is caught in ruckus.

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CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns halfback Kareem Hunt is back in the news. For the second time in 9 months, TMZ has released a video that shows Hunt involved in an altercation. According to multiple reports, the 23-year-old malefactor and his retinue were “rough housing” Saturday night at Cleveland’s Barley House where a donnybrook broke out. Details are murky. But Bobby George, owner of the bar, said Hunt experienced contretemps with a friend. TMZ dropped cell phone footage Monday morning that shows the Ohio native being questioned by police.

Hunt, a former Kansas City Chiefs player, wasn’t arrested.

But, the optics of this are absolutely terrible.

The Chiefs issued Hunt a pink slip in November after TMZ posted a surveillance video of him assaulting a drunken popsy inside a Cleveland hotel. A few weeks later, the Browns signed Hunt to a one-year contract that includes a zero tolerance policy. Now the natives are growing restless.

Many fans and media members are already wondering if Browns general manager John Dorsey made a big mistake by signing his black ass. Is it time for Hunt to step away from football and focus on himself?

Watch the video.

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  1. TMZ is to Kareem Hunt as Colin Cowherd is to Baker Mayfield, ffs guys just leave this dude alone

  2. Cracka azz crackas

  3. Even if nothing happened…. I think Hunt would be better off he he just locked himself in his house or hotel room at night time for the next year or so

  4. Chiefs Kingdom

    If Kareem hunt could put football before his penis and partying he would have a Super Bowl ring and be signing at $80 million contract with Kansas City

  5. This dude just cant stay outta trouble

  6. flafla fluehie

    Cops just want to make sure it wasn’t a woman getting beat again.

  7. Bats Gochanour

    Maybe there will be a spin off….????

  8. High Frequency

    I can tell this guy is not very smart. This may not be anything, but somehow I dont think he’s smart enough to stay out of trouble.

  9. He should be more cautious but this isn’t nothing. Just waiting for people to make it into a mountain. TMZ just always magically appears in places at the right time🤔

  10. Kareem should come out and say he identifies as a woman and he’ll be celebrated around the globe. Career saved.

  11. I think Kareem Hunt and TMZ are having some type of buisness relationship he’s always on TMZ!

  12. U can take the nigga out of the ghetto but u cant take the ghetto out the nigga

  13. Jonathan Collins

    A 5 second clip stretched to 25 for dramatic affect. Nice TMZ…

  14. TMZ is trash

  15. BREAKING NEWS: White women ruining black athletes

  16. kareem loves that sweet white pussy

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