Rapper Lil Nas X says UK concert inspired intrepid decision to come out homosexual

Billy Ray Cyrus had no idea Lil Nas X is gay.

Lil Nas X finally exits the closet.

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GLASTONBURY — “I’m coming out. I want the world to know. Got to let it show…” In the middle of Sunday night’s concert in the UK, 20-year-old rapper Lil Nas X realized it was time to tell the world along with 180,000 spectators he’s gay as f*ck. Took some big cojones. But the “Old Town Road” artist had grown weary of enshrouding his predilection for phallus over vulva. Shortly after performing with Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus in Glastonbury (England), Nas chose to egress the stage in order to tweet a series of homosexual proclamations like “some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone [f*ck with me] no more.”

Close sources said Nas operated sub rosa prior to the bombshell announcement. Nobody knew his sexual proclivity and that includes co-performers Billy Ray and Miley. Even though he’s alienated a large segment of his fan base, Nas said the homo declaration was imperative mainly because he’s “tired of being closeted.”

Do you support his decision to come out gay?

Are you still a fan of his music?

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  1. I knew he was gay when I saw him in that cowboy outfit

  2. You wanna make it famous- go fruity

  3. larindie little

    I can not picture lil nas taking backshots from a dude. Or him giving a dude backshots

  4. Shocker. I thought he came out when he started smacking his ass on the old town road video.

  5. Am I the only person who thinks old town road is weak af?

  6. Congrats be yourself and live life!!

  7. This is old news TMZ! He’s gay, so what? Next story!

  8. I’m a fan but i fear his career may go downhill after coming out on the internet…he should’ve just kept it a secret and have not made any subtle hints that he’s actually gay in the first place. And no, i’m not homophobic so before some demented idiot tells me i’m homophobic they know i’m not, i’m just worried about his future career in the music industry, as obviously there are many gay people that do music and hip hop but i feel like he kinda made a mistake FULLY revealing his homosexuality to the internet.

  9. Jeremy Griffin

    NAS!! If you believe in god, you should not be gay. In the Bible it is wrong. It legit says that a man should not date a man

  10. “Broke back mountain”

  11. Fukkk lil Nas X & all his songs, for being gay

  12. Fag

  13. Fat joe warned everyone that hip hop was being run by a gay mafia

  14. Jose Rodriguez

    How can he be inspired to come out gay after the UK Concert. I’m pretty sure he was gay already and even so, his album cover shows a rainbow too. He was gonna come out regardless. WTf blog king talking about, he got “inspired” by the UK concert. Fuck outta here. Clickbait

  15. I no longer like nas x anymore

  16. Im gonna take my Horse (Penis)
    To the Old town road (Butt hole)
    And Ride til I cant no more (Ride til I bust a nut)
    The song makes sense now…

  17. Why everything has to be gay why trade 💦for 💩

  18. Jeremy Burkhart

    most of the new rappers are gay …pimp c said that already…

  19. It's me Boulder

    “Im gonna ride til I can’t no more” has a whole different meaning now

  20. Since when did being a fag become part of ya rollout

  21. Lil gay x is not hip hop

  22. You wanna make it famous- go fruity

  23. He wears a fucking cowboy hat and a fringe leather jacket. If that doesnt scream “I’m gay!” Idk what will.

  24. Im straight and proud

  25. Chester Cheetah

    I cant support a man who takes a dick up the ass

  26. Fukkk lil Nas X & all his songs, for being gay

  27. Jermaine Graham

    That’s that black Brokeback Mountain new rapper my ass that ain’t rapping that’s foot-stomping country music do what you do 😓😓😲

  28. Victorio Magdaleno

    Dam that’s fucked up what the Illuminati does to u

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