Millennial athletes spoiled and depressed? Jimmie Walker believes he has a solution

Are millennial athletes spoiled rotten?

Jimmie Walker slams millennials.

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LOS ANGELES, Cali — “Dy-no-mite!” Earlier this year, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said a large segment of his players have psychological issues and are “truly unhappy” despite earning millions of dollars. If you’re part of that coterie, “Good Times” actor Jimmie Walker has an austere communiqué for you: “Stop complaining!” During a recent chinwag with TMZ, the 72-year-old thespian went off on privileged millennial athletes. “The thing that upsets me the most about NBA players is that they’re so upset, they’re so angry,” Jimmie said. “Kyrie Irving is making $31 million a year, [so is] Kevin Durant. What are you upset about? I’m happy if I’m making that kind of money.”

“But they’re always complaining.”

When asked to elucidate on why NBA players bitch and complain so much, Jimmie replied: “They don’t understand what it’s like to be in real life. Real life is getting your own bags off the carousel. No chargers. No limos waiting for you… that’s what real life is about.”

What about politics?

Should athletes like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick get involved?

“I don’t think they should be political at all,” Jimmie retorted.

“When you’re making a $151 million, people don’t want to hear your political views. They should have no political views at all. They’ll get angry at me for saying that. But they should have no political views. If you’re Kyrie Irving, if you’re LeBron James, be happy. Just say, ‘man, I’m happy to be here.'”

Many believe social media is culpable for mental illnesses tied to anxiety and depression.

Do you agree with Jimmie?

Are millennial athletes spoiled rotten?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Da Wolf Howell

    Foolish man talking igmoram

  2. Sounds like a dumbass


  4. It's Me Carlos

    He’s right. They’re a bunch of spoiled crybaby pussies.


  6. This guy is an idiot. Those guys aren’t lucky to be there, they busted their ass to be there. Never just be happy to get what you worked your whole life for. Don’t listen to this idiot. I see wage slaves everyday. He sounds like one. God Bless America!

  7. This guy is a fuckin clown. Stay Coonin it’s what you’re good at. You Bum.

  8. Complaining about complaining. This is news?

  9. L'Eggo my Eggo

    must be a slow news day for mass appeal

  10. This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard. So if your rich, don’t get political and let the people who have no power or influence try to fight the monopolies and powerful entities that back washington and politicians. Its an offset battle jj.

  11. Uncle tom.

  12. DrPhilGood Huxtable

    I think what he’s trying to say is “Life is too short be happy no matter what you’re doing!”

  13. I understand what he’s trying to say it just came out completely wrong lol

  14. Fuck you bro. Famous players have a bigger platform than normal people to voice their opinions. Standing up for the voiceless you dead beat cunt!!!! You just don’t get it old man!!!! Grow up???? Grow down!!!! Bitch!!!

  15. He’s famous for basically playing a clown in the 70’s that we all loved, but he’s wrong on this..People with money are running the country creating laws and policies against whomever they choose, so the rich athlete should just entertain and be quiet ? gtfohwtbs

  16. Are you serious JJ? Is that the stance you took when John Amos and Esther Roll were fighting so that blacks wouldn’t be perceived as buffoons like the character JJ? Basketball is a JOB! It doesn’t define the person. If a person can’t speak because their job is playing basketball, none of us should be able to speak. Perhaps if you had used your celebrity to keep James on the show, we could have kept one of our favorite families on TV to serve as an example for other black families. Now you were young then, but you’re older now and should know better than to tell someone to be quiet because they make a lot of money. That’s an “I got mine so Imma be quite” mentality. Our history is pushing forward and reaching back to pull others along. Your comments made me 🤢.

  17. Uncle fucking Tom.

  18. atlmuzikfanzinc

    It is the truth they are unhappy but it has nothing to do with basketball and making bunch of money

  19. While I somewhat agree that Kyrie and KD mope too much, it’s absurd to think that just because these brothers get paid millions of dollars they should not be political. I feel like only black athletes are told this I’ve rarely seen people tell actors, comedians or other entertainers to stop being political.

  20. Why is it when a black man goes against the grain he’s considered buck dancing lol he has a right to his opinion lol that’s what’s wrong with our culture you guys expect all blacks to agree and that’s not buck dancing it’s call his own opinion smh let’s look at this black on black crime we have on each other but no you get a attitude when that is said smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. Cosplay Time Capsule

    people in general are unhappy due to social media. it has caused a global anxiety and depression crisis.

  22. Bunch of cry babies!

  23. mrcooldeadly85

    Pussy era of Basketball

  24. adam silver seems like a cool commissioner since he’s talking about mental health issues and the well-being of players. i can’t picture roger goodell ever doing that.

  25. Ferdinand Gamboa

    Simple answer: get the f out of social media!!!

  26. Tracee Lewis-Alexander

    Dumbass shit to say…have no political views!!!??? GTFOH!

  27. $30 million a year to work 7 months and stay in 5 star hotels…… must be rough.

  28. Good Times the show was back when comedies could be cutting edge and you could offend everyone. Now everything is too PC…no wonder sitcoms are not funny anymore. Politics is ruining our nation.

  29. So you people bashing jimmie are saying it’s not rediclous for nike to take away the betsy ross shoe because kaepernick who politicized the NFL who lied and said kneeling wasnt about the flag it was about police brutality then kapernick told nike it was racist to release that shoe which had nothing at all to do with slavery or black oppression in any way. That’s not ridiculous?? betsy ross, a quaker whose religious beliefs said they could not own slaves, the creator of the original american flag which represents freedom and seperation from an oppressive monarch government, the flag that the union flown to free the slaves in the civil war is racist? You’re claiming he’s an uncle tom because he said to not focus on negativity and just be happy. Why is that everything is racist, politicized, or a VICTIM now a-days. Everyone has to be the victim instead of own up for their own shit

  30. Adam Silver shouldn’t be NBA Commissioner..

  31. none of these basketball players have their own opinion, they express the opinion of their slave masters and that is the liberal democrats, i’m so glad i stopped watching these slaves 5 years ago

  32. JJ is right. They are nothin but a bunch of overpaid bitch ass pussies.

  33. nba players need to trade in their gold chains for pumps and high heels. Hahahahaha!!!!

  34. One of the most ignorant comments I’ve heard in a long time. Thank the MOST HIGH for brothers willing to speak up for people without a voice.

  35. Proud American71

    Mr. Walker is a class act.

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