R&B superstar Chris Brown ‘sued’ by baby mama seeking $250,000 in child support

Chris Brown sued for back child support/TMZ.

Chris Brown hit with big lawsuit. 

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LOS ANGELES — “These hoes ain’t loyal.” R&B icons Chris Brown and R. Kelly have at least one thing in common: they don’t pay child support. Nia Guzman — the mother of Chris’ 5-year-old daughter, Royalty — is suing the 30-year-old vocalist for more than $250,000 in back child support. In her supplication, Nia claims Chris “has ignored deposition notices, offered to participate in mediation in a court hearing then failed to even respond to potential mediation dates when proposed, and ignored settlement offers altogether.” She also told the court Chris’ actions have inflicted a “great hardship” on her mainly because she’s unemployed and financially dependent upon him.

Nia said Chris earns roughly $7.5 million per year. Now she’s seeking an expenditure of $258,285.24 in delinquent child support plus “the value of housing that [he] agreed to supply.” Chris, however, has turned a deaf ear to Nia’s entreaties. That’s because last year he paid $2,500 per month in support in addition to $4,000 for a nanny who turned out to be Nia’s mother.

The “Loyal” singer has already filed a countersuit accusing his baby mama of being avaricious.

Does he have a strong case?

Does cupidity play a role in Nia’s lawsuit?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Another useless deadbeat rapper making babies wherever he goes and not being responsabile

  2. I am shocked. How many dozens of children did he father. How many single mothers has he helped add to the welfare rolls?

  3. Blacks hate paying their bills…

  4. He should have thought about this scenario BEFORE he had a kid. Based on his history, this is just another problem he seems to create for himself

  5. More media sensationalism . The Mother of his daughter says he is paying and there are no issues. So who put out this fake news?

  6. So Chris Brown was paying 2,500$ plus 4000$ directly to the baby momma who chooses not to work

  7. Lies. This girl has used him as an atm ever since she had that baby. Miss why aren’t you working?

  8. Why doesn’t she work? Is she handicapped?

  9. And that’s why you should always wear CONDOMS ladies and gentlemen.

  10. Rae carruth

  11. He owes “Royalty Payments”…lol

  12. This guy is just an all around low life.

  13. Get a job beach!

  14. He beats women and skips out on child support. I’m not surprised, he’s clearly a disgusting junkie.

  15. Condom, enough said

  16. 2500 is more than enough.. its CHILD SUPPORT not spousal support

  17. Me Myself and I

    His baby mama need to get a fuckin job

  18. Michael McCloud


  19. 2500 is MORE than plenty and I’m QUITE sure whatever that CHILD wants AND NEEDS she can get from daddy and that baby mamma don’t need to have a penney of HIS money and no court order who don’t give a buck about any of them should be the deciding factor. Maybe Chris ALREADY spends $16,000 a month or MORE for that child now, does anybody think of that? He don’t need no judge telling him that’s what he gotta pay. Too many black men caught up in the system already from that THOT mentality. I AM TRULY HAPPY FOR CHRIS, MORE DADS NEED TO WIN AND GET THAT LAID AND PAID MENTALITY OUTTA THESE GOLD DIGGING THOT TYPES.


  21. how is 2500 not enough

  22. $2500 is not enough?! Go get a job damn

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