Lego Black Panther and Avengers face challenge from Thanos and Killmonger

Lego Black Panther saves the day.

Thanos, Killmonger face Black Panther. 

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HOLLYWOOD — When intergalactic sociopath Thanos joins forces with Erik Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue to purloin Wakanda’s vibranium, LEGO Black Panther shows up to thwart their malevolent stratagem. The feline superhero is accompanied by scientist Shuri, Wakanda soldier Okoye and members of the Avengers; including Captain America and Iron Man. “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther – Trouble in Wakanda” is directed by Michael D. Black. The 22-minute animation also features voiceovers by James Mathis III (Black Panther), Keston John (Erik Killmonger) and Yvette Nicole Brown (Okoye).

Is this a preview of Black Panther 2?

Watch the hilarious cartoon.

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  1. Where’s the Infinity gauntlet

  2. This so awesome i like it

  3. ShinyMseptile 106


  4. Your Boi Vince

    If only thanos was that easy to beat

  5. Bruce Banner changed into the Hulk very quickly.

  6. AnonymousBeaver

    Since when does thanos have laser beams

  7. pano zoumboulis

    I love LEGO! SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shane Bumblebee

    What about Spiderman

  9. Dees infinity nutz

  10. Am I the only one who is wondering why there is only 3 people in Wakanda and not an entire army like in the avengers movie

  11. this is bullshit

  12. SteveMaple 228


  13. Man Bruce Banner changed very quickly I mean he grew Hulk’s arms and legs and ……… He was the Hulk.

  14. Gabezilla 2002

    Wait, why’s kilmonger and klau working with thanos?

  15. And what’s the LEGO avengers catchphrase

    Avengers Assemble
    Ya know cause u gotta build em and building is assembling so it’s funny…no … fine

  16. Is this infinity war 2?

  17. Basically Avengers: Infinity War in LEGOS

  18. I like how they got the avengers assemble voice crew to do this

  19. yorgee smorgee

    you couldn’t get Chadwick Boseman to voice black panther?

  20. It is on Netflix as well

  21. Azrael Lusilver

    I hope they make more of these

  22. I’m an African i love black panther

  23. better then any mcu movie great acton

  24. I have watched this 10 times

  25. Tottenham are shit

    Better than justice league

  26. Noah Keith Williams

    Killmonger: Hey turn the lights back on!
    Doctor Strange: As you wish

  27. Why has lego not made these a tv series? I would love that!

  28. Still not a fan of the blonde hair black widow, seriously there was nothing wrong with her being a redhead.
    Anyway it’s nice to see T’challa Black Panther again, Infinity War upsetted me beyond belief.

  29. Ye Lego THANOS!

  30. this cartoon is so cute 😆

  31. SoundcloudNation

    They should make Lego black panther video game! Who agrees?

  32. D.I.Y. With Tahiti

    horrible African accent

  33. Only me thinks Black panther in lego marvel superheroes looks like batman.

  34. Jacob Sergeant

    I love these type of videos

  35. I am the BLACK PANTHER king of wakanda

  36. Black Panther iz my kinda nigga


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