Raw Video: Black man attacks two ‘black women’ during violent Disneyland brawl

Black family showed their asses at Disneyland.

Black family in Disneyland brawl.

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ANAHEIM, Calif – A patron at Disneyland recorded a disturbing video that shows a black family acting a damn fool in front of dozens of petrified visitors at Toontown. The moronic bout of fisticuffs transpired Sunday afternoon in Anaheim, California. Raw footage shows a corpulent woman expectorate into a man’s countenance before he retaliated with several blows to her jaw. He then grabbed the paunchy chick by her weave and spun her to the ground as another male figure tried to intervene.

“Get the f*ck out my house,” he yelled as kids cried in the background.

“Stupid ass bitch! I’m ready to go to jail tonight.”

Seconds later, the braided malefactor smacked another woman upside the head multiple times before being wrestled to the ground. Security officers showed up several minutes late to escort the family off the property. “We do not condone this behavior,” Disney said through a comical statement.

Anaheim police are busy investigating the matter.

But it doesn’t expunge the fact Disneyland security officers took their sweet time getting there as hordes of male customers stood and watched two black chicks get annihilated.

Watch the graphic video.

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  1. Edgardo Flores

    It’s always black people that act like this then they wanna play victims . #black lives matter. Fucking joke. Stop acting like animals and they won’t be treated as animals

  2. Marcos Contreras

    Welcome to the jungle

  3. Edward Ramirez

    Two questions
    1. Wheres security?
    2. Where are the Avengers???

  4. Ghetto Land SMH

  5. The worst part of this is the kids that came to Disneyland for the first time won’t remember the rides and Mickey but these nuts who had too much Malt Liquor

  6. Top flight security!

  7. My rule,is I don’t vacation with other couples. This is exactly the reason why.. Ive always felt that way since adulthood and now at 44 things haven’t changed. All of them know each other. Crazy.

  8. nooooooooo smh

  9. Can’t find one black female in that video with her real hair on just sad

  10. Melissa Geiger

    Nothing more wholesome than a trip to Disneyland

  11. And this is how you get banned from the happiest place on earth.

  12. He’s screaming “bitch ass nigga” yet dude hitting females….he the bitch ass. Dude don’t even wanna fight dudes. And all the “men” standing there letting him hit those women are straight pussies. Yeah he looks big but big dudes ain’t all that scary. Stomp a knee in then they smaller than you.

  13. Where is the rap music for the video?

  14. Red shirt a punk ass mufucka

  15. Ruben Hernandez

    Produced by Jussie Smollet!

  16. Very discussting not only were they fighting and a children’s theme park the f word was flyin out of there mouth and to think how Disney has changed from a children’s paradise to a wild animal zooooo

  17. Why pay Disney’s exorbitant prices when you can get THIS entertainment for free?

  18. Fred Flintstone

    “Welcome to disney land…..the Happiest place on earth”

  19. Keita Lattimore

    Pure ignorance

  20. All those people and it takes that long to intervene?

  21. Wtf?! Is this a free-for-all fight? Lmao

  22. Ms. Gutsy Mummy

    Those parents were more concerned with punching and screaming at each other than caring about their kids. Yes, the obese girl first screamed. “Watch my daughter!” then that was it. Thank God for that woman in the black shirt who scooped up that toddler to safety. He could’ve been easily lost or kidnapped in the scuffle. My heart goes to those little ones.

  23. Always the same group of animals

  24. Mohamed Fuhqwadi


  25. Man. This is ratchet af. And all of those poor kids. Who brings their kids here for this? This infuriates me. They should all be banned for life and that man locked up for putting his hands on those women.

  26. Fools cps taking those children

  27. This is the greatest video ever. I cant stop watching it and lmao.
    Neither guy can fight and are both scared to punch each other. The one in pink is super feminine and beat the crap out of his sister. One thing i can say for the dudes is they respect equal rights for women because they arent afraid to punch them, so at least they arent sexist.
    My favorite quotes are:
    1. ”Yall got me *ucked up!”
    2. “Yall got me *ucked up!”
    3. “Hold my baby!”
    4. “I’m going to jail tonight!”
    Cant go anywhere anymore, including Panama City, movie theaters, cruise ships, Disney Land, a city, or any place that is supposed to be fun or have some sort of positive attribute.

  28. The All Power Team

    Well, look at the bright side of it all….there’s thousands of Black people who stand to make MILLIONS of dollars off of all the paper bags they’re going to sell to the other decent Black people who’ll want to put them over their heads (for about two years or so) after seeing this lovely video. It can serve as an internal form of reparations and it’s own stimulus package all in one. And before you call me a racist…I’m Black as the ace of spades and need to place my order FOR THE FIRST PAPER BAG PLEASE!

  29. To Edgardo Flores
    Not sure how long you’ve been here however last month there was a brawl between white parents at children’s baseball game in Colorado. It happens everywhere between anybody no matter what race or sex….that’s life!

  30. Michelle Medina

    Sooooo everyone is just watching a man hit a woman? Why aren’t there more men intervening to stop him??? My husband would have beat the crap out of him and held him till the police came.

  31. Now I know what caused the earthquake!!

  32. Black stereotypes acting like, black stereotypes who knew.

  33. The Descendant

    N words fighting at Disneyland? That’s nothing. Somewhere in America N words are fighting in a Chuck-E-Cheese’s right now.

  34. Somebody should have fired up a joint…the SWAT team commanders would have choppered in in about 12 secinds!

  35. Michelle Medina….many men would have stepped in if the man had hit a lady. Get my drift?

  36. This looks like a case of a woman not knowing when to cut her losses. She spits in a large man’s face, gets rightfully slapped and punched, then appears to continue to talk shit and egg him on after the fact, which results in further punches.

  37. Lol, filthy ghetto trash

  38. Disney security completely failed. And I bet the director of park security makes like 500 k a year 😂. It’s like a mall in a forgotten suburb. What a shame!

  39. Whats up bitch? Bitch ass nigga… am ready to go to jail tonight

  40. Never thought I’d see some gangsta shit go down in Toon Town

  41. MrSuckafree247

    Shit got real…….real ignorant.


  43. Worst fight I’ve ever seen. The only real punches were thrown at the ladies, the two men just danced a little.

  44. Bonita Applebum

    This was extremely hard to watch
    I can not believe how the dude was beating up those women

  45. Fernanda Rodriguez

    Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave!

  46. Dominique Hunter

    Where in the hell was security & police?

  47. A fuckin fat embarssing family affair..

  48. Mark Saguindel

    Chris Rock said it best – I love black people but…..

  49. It’s a difference between black people and niggas. You Can Guess What These Is

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