Raw Video: Black teen mob is caught on surveillance video robbing a Walgreen’s

Dozens of thugs looted Walgreen’s.

Black teen mob loots Walgreen’s.

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PHILADELPHIA — Law enforcement officials in Philadelphia have released a shocking surveillance video that shows a large group comprised of roughly sixty African American males and females barge into a Walgreen’s store with felonious intentions. While inside, the teen malefactors looted and vandalized the property, knocking several items on the floor before storming out with dozens of unpaid merchandise. The lil hoodlums also threw products at store employees that resulted in injuries.

The commercial robbery took place around 10 p.m. on July 4th at the pharmacy located at 1800 South Street. If you have any information on these hooligans, call 911 immediately or contact the Philadelphia Police Department’s South Division at 215-686-3013. Please do not approach the suspects.

That’s basically asking for an ass whuppin.

Personally, I’m really impressed with certain aspects of today’s youth. They’re smart. They’re tech savvy. They’re social media savvy. And, unlike those emasculated negroes from the ’60s, they don’t take nobody’s sh*t. The only problem is they’ve chosen to use their powers for evil.

If they ever decide to pull a 180, they’ll be dangerous for the right reasons.

Look, I share the same birth date as civil rights legend Malcolm X (May 19th). So I’m certainly a fan and advocate of his socioeconomic philosophies regarding urban ascension. I’m also a fan of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “Dream” but I disagree with his methodology in terms of how to achieve it.

Of the 60 or so kids involved in the robbery, I’d guess 59 come from fatherless homes.

The Civil Rights movement is largely culpable for that.

Today’s teens have immense potential.

But they’re blowing it.

And it’s a complete waste of talent.

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It’s like cockroaches when a light gets turned on.

  2. Voice of Reason 4u


  3. wild animals… plain and simple

  4. If only we had some diseased blankets to hand out

  5. They are like a swarm of locusts.

  6. Why the f*ck do they do this?


    This grieves me. Unfortunately, so-called Blacks will make excuses for them. We have to do better and start exiling community terrorists.

  8. “dey wuz gud boyz”

  9. Marlynne Struwig

    Typical black behavior

  10. Since there are a large percentage of white males in the comments, Why is interracial porn involving black male and white female the most popular 🤔? Very curious to know

  11. These melanoid wakandan dindus are the reason why I will root for Galactus in the next movie.

  12. We need Thanos to reduce the number of these Wakandans.

  13. Jeffrey Survives

    I told you so! Multiculturalism is a failure! It will destroy the American civilization. Beware! A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. – Will Durant

  14. How TF do sixty black teens have parents that don’t know where their at or doing, I understand most of them are likely from a single mom home but the city needs to look into some real effective policies that will force these sorry single black bitches to raise these little shit better and hold them completely responsible and I bet you it will curve this shit fast because this same time happened down in Florida and Atlanta but wasn’t on this scale of fuckery

  15. This is the results of single black mothers raising kids, I’m a product of it and so was my 11 siblings and 30 nephews and nieces. These kids do shit like this also because they know the consequence will be mild because the media have them thinking their victims as well as retarded and their actions and situations are completely to be blame on the white man. I personally wouldn’t charge them with a crime and would cane their asses like they do in Singapore, caning will give anyone some act right.

  16. “Teens”…….oooooooookay

  17. And I’m sure they will all cry victim like always! If you present yourself like a POS, you will get treated like a POS! It’s real simple to coexist with other human beings…….show each other respect and don’t act like this! Horrible situation they created!

  18. Neka Nostalgia

    How disgusting is this!! You always find obsessed racist white trash on these f**** comments but you’ll find them on their white ancestors and family members condoning the b***** that they spread! Plague of f**** America.

    Nobody condones this s**. You b***** have no room to talk AT ALL!!

  19. This is America?

  20. texally bulldogs

    Black lives matters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Just set us as black people back 60 years 🤦🏾‍♂️ idiots

  22. hope they stole some condoms

  23. ezjapanesecooking

    “How they see us” because of those bad apples acting stupid daily and committing crimes. Take own responsibility and blame those bad apples first before blaming white men!! That’s how you improve own image as people, not by blaming others and never taking responsibility.

  24. I’m really starting to dislike my own kind. These blacks indirectly affect the lives of decent hard working blacks. There’s no excuse for this yet they whine and cry when they get locked up.

  25. Donald Trumpie

    this is totally racist!! the whole group didnt even invite one single white friend!

  26. louis toadvine

    These comments are disgusting and completely ignor the systems of prejudice, inequality, and racism these poor CHILDREN suffer daily. I think white people need to look at themselves and ask “what can I do so this never happens again”

  27. They only thing those kids didn’t take was a job application.

  28. Richard Lionheart

    The only thing they didn’t rob was the birth control section

  29. They took all the Skittles and orange soda pop in sight…..

  30. Kristal Hernandez

    Damn this makes me happy that my parents moved me out of the ghettos when I was a kid

  31. Well I for one appreciate this display of cultural enrichment…

  32. Blacks being black, you will never ever see so many white kids or teens doing this. Cause they have caring parents, morale and a brain. Disgusting. And still they say equal right. Maybe stop doing so many crimes then?

  33. Little black shit stains of America.. and you want to complain about how cruel society is to you!! Your parents must be so proud of you all.

  34. They got their reparations, right? It’s time for martial law. We need to show these shit stains what real oppression is.

  35. Justin Trenter

    This is why blacks are treated differently ! You dont see this kind of bullshit with white folks.

  36. Jesse Jorgensen

    Systemic racism is the reason they act like this

  37. Aw kids having fun 🤗

  38. You might see looters and vandalizers, but I see engineers, physicists, surgeons and doctors.

  39. this is totally normal, it’s part of their culture, don’t be a bigot and condemn them

  40. Took everything except Father day cards

  41. I want to comment on Jase King’s comment, above, from July, 2019. (if you are curious : yes i’m white and my daughter is ivory white! and you can’t get much whiter than that!)
    Jase, i like your statement very much. I will tell you why later, but First let me set down some recent statistics gathered from Chicago’s, the murder capitol of the US..
    71% of murderers there are black. 75% blacks compose 33% of Chicago’s total population. Who, by now, isn’t outraged when they see another video of a cop killing an innocent person. who, by now, hasn’t screamed at the tv or other in outrage but did anyone ever think that at least there are legal avenues set up to hold that cop accountable. But: WHERE ARE ALL THE PROTESTS ABOUT THE 75% OF MOSTLY BLACK MALES BEING MURDERED?? “Oh its probably one drug dler killing another…..” I do not think this is true. My deep anger is fueled by my concern for those blacks like Jase King’s talking about, who aren’t safe even sending their children to school knowing they might not come home? What about the beloved father trying to sleep because he has to get up early to go to work to support his family but the noise of sirens, gunshots keep waking him up OR the bullets zoom in their home and one of these decent black persons are hit in cross fire
    WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS ADDRESSING THIS????? WHY NOT? Each strong, responsible & hardworking black male murdered is a loss for an entire community! This is what the black community cannot afford on more levels than one or two or three, ” What percentage of these murdered black males came from and were raised in healthy, honest, hardworking households? these are who i grieve the loss of.

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