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Through hell and back: Michelle Obama discusses adversity at Essence Festival

Michelle Obama talks adversity with Gayle King/FilmMagic.

Michelle Obama talks adversity. 

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NEW ORLEANS — “Ain’t no mountain high enough…” Michelle Obama raised eyebrows Saturday night at the 2019 Essence Festival when she drew parallels between black women in politics and mountain-climbing. Donning a sexy curly fry hairdo, the former First Lady told CBS News anchor Gayle King she traveled through hell and back during her husband’s 8 years in the White House. Michelle said she was labeled an “angry black woman” during the embryo stages of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The 55-year-old Harvard law graduate also caught flak for emanating a prolix oration at an Atlanta gala in 2008. A Clinton advocate said, “Her speech was very long and inappropriate for that occasion.”


In addition to that opprobrium, Michelle was often lambasted for upstaging and/or “emasculating” the president with her expansive wardrobe of flamboyant raiments like in 2009 when she turned heads in a sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez garment during his State of the Union address.

The list goes on and on.

Now that she’s no longer under the microscope of a presidential moiety, Michelle feels compelled to share her trials and tribulations. The way she puts it, “The best way to [attack me] was to focus on the one thing they knew people were afraid of, [which] was the strength of a black woman.”

Are you shocked by Michelle’s comments?

Should political women of color anticipate censure?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. First Lady Michelle Obama, A True Gem 💎. I Love this Woman❤️✨💖💕🥰💋🇺🇸.

  2. OMG everything she does and is, she wears it sooo well ❤️❤️❤️

  3. You poor downtrodden thing…constantly keeping up the racial division. President Trump is dismantling the policies that BHO implemented because he was systematically destroying our country via Cloward and Piven, but I think the first thing he did was put food back in the cafeteria that the students would actually EAT. Does that ring a bell? Then he brought jobs back, then the lowest unemployment rate of ‘your’ people in history, along with Hispanic and Asian and now BHO is taking credit for it. #MAMGA2020

  4. Good observations My First Lady!!! You Hit So Many Nails on the Head!!!! RIGHT ON!!!

  5. Melania is the most elegant, graceful, fashionable, Intelligent beautifull First Lady! President Trump is the Best President in all American History.

  6. @Angelica Creek: LOVE this lady, and I do mean LADY! No scandels or naked pic, chain migration parents, or callus derogatory statements slapped on her back as she visits immigrant children! This is Michelle Obama has more class in her pinky toe, then Melania has been trying to BUY, since she came to America! Melania can wear all the brand name and Couture clothes she wants but will never measure up this beautiful woman!!

  7. Michelle Obama is an awesome woman. She was the best First Lady in modern history. She made this country proud.

  8. Look at what we have now for a First Lady. An ex stripper that can’t speak English, and has done absolutely nothing.

  9. Amazing. I miss Michelle. And Oprah’s friend did a good job too.

  10. She finally found her best hairstyle! I want it for me!!!! Love those expensive but worthy curls!!!!

  11. Why does everything revolve around race? Race cards being played everywhere all the time. It’s cheap. Whoever plays the race card alienates your race to all others a bit more every time. If we see a race always complaining about race, no matter how well off they are, you know what happens? We all start to not like that particular race. Truth.

  12. Michael , I mean Michelle, Congrats for being the first Transexual in the White House .

  13. I love how free she speaks and dresses; all dazzled up new hair, I see you.

  14. Michelle Obamna is a disgrace, as a former 1st lady of the U.S ! She needs to get over herself! She somehow got the impression, that people care what she has to say or even her opinions! We don’t care Michelle, stay out of the public view! We, the people of America are feed up with your whining ways! You have caricaturized yourself Michelle Obamma, as a self serving, selfish person! Do all of America a favor, stay home, & out if sight, & take care of your family! They need your opinion, we Americans do not!

  15. Some of you MFs are such pigs! Some of your mothers should look as good as Michelle Obama does! A bunch of low life’s on this thread

  16. Broke many camera lenses with it’s ‘beauty’. If she is so natural, what is it with the straight hair?

  17. This woman thinks everything is about race. Melania didn’t get the benefit of the doubt either. She was referred to as a call girl. It was questioned whether she really spoke five languages, etc. She worked hard? She rolled up her sleeves? She wore no sleeves for eight years? She’s graceful? She was so rude and at Trump’s inauguration. There were no scandals, Ms. King? You are so biased. You are also a liar. There were plenty of scandals.

  18. The Obamas have inspired millions and millions of us all and Lord knows we miss them dearly……and I must add, I love watching Gayle interviews, such a wonderful woman as well.

  19. Swinging Mike! Our First Tranny and Barry Soetoro’s Boy Toy!! Tape that thing down….Dang! Swinging all over! I’m surprised that Skinny Barry can take all that swinging meat….Might explain his odd walk.

  20. She is right, as a black woman myself even though I am very smart woman I feel the same what she said

  21. comments toxic as usual 🤷🏾‍♀️ dealing w the slurs and racism she mentioned in the entire interview. proved her point 🥰

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