Dunkin’ Donuts manager jailed for hiring fictitious employee & cashing paychecks

Markia Nelson busted for hiring fake employee.

Dunkin’ Donuts manager busted. 

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LARGO, Florida — This week’s “I F*cked Up a Good Job Award” goes to Dunkin’ Donuts manager Markia Nelson who was thrown in jail for hiring an imaginary employee and cashing payroll checks the fake worker received. The spurious ordeal went down at the franchise’s fast food location in Largo, Florida. According to police reports, the 29-year-old supervisor hired the “fictitious” worker on May 15th then proceeded to uphold the charade by clocking the employee in and out at an hourly rate of $8.65 for a total of 235 hours.

Rather than open a separate checking or savings, Markia had the worker’s paychecks deposited into her personal bank account; good for an aggregate of $2,032.75 before taxes. Company officials grew suspicious and launched an investigation. Markia was taken into police custody shortly thereafter.

“The employee never actually showed up to do any work, and when they researched the employee’s clock-in and clock-out times, they saw that it was her inputting it each time,” said Pinellas Park Police Sgt. Lonnie Lancto. “She had the information [for the phony worker] who she said … was a friend of hers, so the information for the person was an actual person.”

Markia faces charges of larceny and grand theft.

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  1. Not gonna lie… that was kind of a smart,dumb idea

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  4. Creativity on 1000💯 this could’ve been a netflix series🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Kolade Akinsegun

    Now that’s smart, good for her!

  6. Say what you want that chic was smart 😂😂😂 creative as hell

  7. Rel the Artist -Topic

    Damn…she beautiful tho

  8. LeiAnns Corner

    She shouldve just sold weed

  9. She was being greedy she should have let her fake employee work overtime for a while then let her go because business was slow.

  10. Shiit. If she was doing the extra work. Then why is she guilty of theft. Someone had to be there doing the work

  11. Probably got caught because she ran her mouth

  12. Hell she shoulda just stole the money from the register

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  14. The Legendary One

    8.65 an hour wtf no wonder why ppl crazy in Florida how can u possible live off that

  15. “Round of applause for the creativity” lmao

  16. Nelson is about that Dolla!

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