Tyreek Hill Audio Recording: 11-minute uninterrupted version provides context

Lengthy audio surfaces in the matter of Tyreek Hill/ClutchPoints.com

Lengthy recording provides context. 

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KANSAS CITY — On Tuesday, 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City unleashed an 11-minute audio recording of a colloquy that took place between Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill and his baby mama, Crystal Espinal, that provides supplemental context to a disturbing situation. KCTV5 released a portion of the audio in April that made Hill look bad. However the lengthy, uninterrupted version contains a confab about the broken arm suffered by Hill’s 3-year-old son and the infamous domestic battery by strangulation incident in 2014 that resulted in his arrest and dismissal from the Oklahoma State football team.

The 25-year-old speedster pleaded guilty to the crime. But the conviction was expunged in August of last year. While chatting at a Dubai airport earlier this year, Espinal recorded their conversation without Hill’s knowledge. Both the Chiefs and NFL officials have heard the audio.

HILL: “You ruined my life and you lied on me in 2014, bro…and if you want to rewind that night we can rewind that night too, [bitch]. You was in my house. And did I pick you up and slam you? Hell no, I picked you up and put you out my door and after that you left. And on my son you did that, bro. And then you get in the courtroom, you want to sit up there and cry on the stand. ‘He hit me, he hit me.’ Man, come on bro.”

ESPINAL: “Then where did the bruises come from, Tyreek?”

HILL: “Did I hit you? Did I hit you, though?”

ESPINAL: “I’m asking you where did the bruises come from.”

HILL: “Did I hit you? Tell me the truth in my eyes right now. Look at me.”

ESPINAL: “We’re not thinking about that. Right now the issue is [our son].”

HILL: “My life is supposed to be a whole lot easier right now… 2014 wasn’t supposed to happen. None of that [sh*t]. But I broke my son’s arm? Come on, let’s be real, bro. You know how I am with kids. You know how I am with [our son]. I’m very hard on him but I would never hurt my son in life.”

After listening to the extended version, looks like Hill got set up. You also get the sense he tried to dump Espinal but went about it wrong. Calling her a bitch, picking her up and putting her outside like a sack of trash is not how you go about business.

You’ll only piss the woman off and make her vindictive.

Instead, if you’re looking to jettison a chick, you’d be sagacious to espouse Blog King’s modus operandi which is: Show up in bed with a limp penis.

Allow me to elucidate.

When severing ties with a chickenhead, think of something so squicky, your d*ck won’t get up.

Sh*t, one time I thought of Florida Evans naked.

Phallus gone.

Do this two or three times and the woman will run for the hills.

Is there a good chance she’ll circulate rumors about you?


But that’s better than going to jail or getting your tires slashed.

Hate to say it, but it appears Hill did it the wrong way. Now he’s paying the price. Hill and Espinal have 3 children together, including a pair of twins, and she’s seeking full custody and child support.

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  1. Threatening his GF is jacked enough. Fuck that toxic bitch

  2. Kamau Quiet Warya

    I knew he was innocent.
    I knew she was loco.

  3. I would be so happy if he’s innocent

  4. Bear Archambault

    They are both scumbags. He’s denying an incident (in 2014) that he pleaded guilty to. He doesn’t even flat out deny that he hits his boy.
    People need to start worrying about the kid, and stop trying to give either one of these “adults” a pass.

  5. I say cut his ass. So cleveland can scoop him up 😄😄😄 dawg ✔

  6. Capital punishment for her.

  7. Even if he didn’t break his arm he still has issues, he punches him in the chest as a way to discipline him.. that’s ridiculous

  8. These bitches can’t be trusted the media and the system is set up against men and especially black men

  9. Only a true piece of shitt tells his kids mother that he wished he never did anything with her, you only wish that because you’re in trouble now for hurting your son, you piece of s*** I wish somebody would knock you to f*** out just like you hurt your little boy I hope you get jail time and I hope they give you exactly what you gave your son f**** child abuser the worst kind of person other than a pedophile

  10. I truly feel bad for Tyreek. I hope he can get away from this woman and have the life he deserves.

  11. Poor child…that’s the only thing wrong here, that poor child in between this mess

  12. Brambo KcCheefin

    ✌✌CHEETAH ✌✌ We love you✌✌

  13. The problem is that the news had the full audio and deliberately edited it to make it sound bad for Tyreek. ???and Why???…. Cuz… believe women… smh …F – KCTV5

  14. The real problem is the bullshit media. They cut and chop everything for a story. Watch the movie nightcrawler. You’ll see what they do. They are worthless reporters that don’t obtain real stories so they make a story fit what they need for ratings. Damn shame. That goes for TV, fake ass Bleacher writers especially Dov.

  15. He still punches the kid in the chest and both use the belt on the kid 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ the kid must be taken away from these 2.
    Remember: you should be terrified of me too…..dumb bitch.
    He is a nice guy give Him 100 M

  16. Tyreek need to cut ties with this Nutty chick …supporthis kid..move the fk on there MORE coochie out here to get…feathers up Soowoo…

  17. They both are fucked, regardless who’s guilty, they both are to blame. If he’s hitting their child cause he cries (and he admits to it in this tape), what says he didnt brake the boys arm? Then tells her she needs to be terrified too? She’s just as guilty sticking around for knowing this shit was going on, and was ok with it. His attitude all around is shit, and he sounds nothing like a man. If I were a chief fan, I wouldn’t be any more after all the drama the last few years, this loser would just top it. Sad how powerless he feels, and it’s so evident in his voice and actions.


  19. The new audio wasn’t released. KCTV5 released the edited audio to make Tyreek Hill look bad. KCTV5 should have no relation with the chiefs at all.

  20. Wow! The ones who put the edited version of this ain’t 💩 Frfr. I think it was TMZ. So sad!

  21. @pudge27t: It was KCTV5. They are a bunch of assholes.

  22. She was upset that he didn’t want to be with her, not saying he didn’t touch her but saying that her story is pretty questionable and can’t be trusted because she recorded this man and tried to put the kid stuff on him and it came out that the kid falling is what broke his arm but she still tried to set him up! That’s scandalous.

  23. If I was Tyreek I would already have a lawsuit against kctv5

  24. FUCK KCTV5!! Fucking Dirty Fucks!!

  25. Even if he was guilty as can be. The KCTV5 team just divided the discussion and hurt all victims in the future.

  26. Erezell Huddleston

    She is f**** lying bipolar ass b** I know one when I hear one dealt with a couple in my days

  27. This fucking cunt just cost us the Superbowl.

  28. She’s recording him without him knowing, so obviously that means Tyreek is telling the truth, and since Crystal knows it’s being recorded, she is lying.

  29. That Girl is Poison

    BBD: “Never trust a big butt and smile!”

  30. I totally think she’s lying she just wants him in trouble

  31. He has to be on Facebook Live when he around her… She A Hole Snake 🐍🐍🐍

  32. David Nordstrom

    Fuck both of them! LIARS

  33. Elton Williams

    She ain’t shit

  34. They need to get a lie detector test

  35. The NFL cleared Tyreek. He will not be suspended. Yahoo! Suck it haters!

  36. Time to drop suspension against Kareem Hunt too

  37. If the Chiefs were smart they would learn from last year mistake cutting Kareem Hunt cost them the Super Bowl in my opinion. I’m tired of the narrative that sport athletes are held to some moral high ground I wish people held athletes to the same moral high ground they hold Rock stars too yeah I said it. If Rock Stars were held to the same standards we hold athletes too it would be nobody in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. I don’t need my athletes to be good people and choir boys just saying

  38. How blind is the NFL? Hill abuses his girlfriend in 2014, done deal! His kid ends up with a broken arm and who do you think would be more likely the abuser? Enter the audiotape. Come on now NFL! That abusing mofo should not be in the league. I wonder what role Andy Reid played with this latest decision and the NFL. A scumbag is a scumbag i.e. Derrick Thomas fathering all those kids and Kareem Hunt physically abusing his girlfriend. I would have cut ties with Hill in a second.

  39. “This is a fantastic day!!! Tyreek Hill did absolutely nothing wrong and the NFL finally gets it 100% RIGHT!!!!! I APPLAUD THE NFL!!!! Excellent job NFL!!! You did a incredibly wonderful job handling the Tyreek Hill situation. Only punish people for actually being guilty. There is 100% ZERO evidence against Tyreek Hill, so you have ZERO case PERIOD. GOOD CALL NFL!!! BRAVO 👏”

  40. Tyreek So Innocent 😇!!! LEAVE TY ALONE!!

  41. Noah Lancaster

    The only reason chiefs fans are making excuses for a known woman abuser is because he plays for them.

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