2019 ESPYs: Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is crowned “Best NFL Player”

Mahomes named Best NFL Player/FlipBoardcom.

Mahomes named “Best NFL Player.” 

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LOS ANGELES — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is gonna need a bigger trophy case. He’ll also need a new pair of shoes. During Wednesday night’s ESPY ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the 23-year-old phenom took home the award for “Best NFL Player.” He even wore floral designed slippers to the event. However, ESPN blindsided everybody (including Mahomes) by making the announcement on the red carpet rather than wait until the main broadcast.

Chiefs vs Rams won “Best Game.”

Mahomes took the NFL by storm in 2018; throwing for more than 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in his first year as a starter. The Texas Tech alum also earned league MVP honors, beating out Los Angeles Rams lineman Aaron Donald, Rams halfback Todd Gurley and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

Mahomes appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live roughly 24 hours before the ESPYs (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) to discuss football, a bachelor party and switching over from baseball.

Congrats No. 15 on a job well done!

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  1. No white guy would wear shoes like that.He is pure niggroe.

  2. First off, Patrick Mahomes is at least half white. Second, have you seen the way
    Travis Kelce or Anthony Sherman dress.

  3. Sosá BourneSuárez


  4. Froylan Acevedo

    Mvp, he played outstanding

  5. if ur reading hold this L

    Patrick The Faggot Mahomes

  6. Fuck what the team’s doing, he proved he was the best QB in the game & contributed a lot to his team’s wins instead of being a system QB…hate him or love him he’s the MVP & PoY for the league.

  7. Hey let’s go chiefs

  8. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict this guy will never throw 50TDs again

  9. Nathaniel Byers

    He’s got an opportunity to be the GOAT.

  10. GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  11. So why did they rush a bunch of award categories? To fit in a bunch of bullshit speeches that put people to sleep that have absolutely nothing to do with sports???? Like seriously, if these people care so much about social justice, give up your millions of dollars and go run for political office… I’ll be waiting 🙄🙄🙄

  12. This nigga hair inspired a whole generation of lil niggas I swear they all rockin that hairstyle.

  13. Sean McClelland

    this is what happens when new QBs that wait and learn from NFL vets the game and how the NFL works compared to college and they work hard and be patient, then the next year they get their opportunity and impressed tons while having a good supporting cast around him and because of this talent, this is what NFL teams should do with certain draft players, even if they get drafted in the 1st round, if you desperately need a new QB then play him, but if he doesn’t have the support around him he will struggle. that’s the problem with NFL in my opinion, they throw them out to the wolves when they are not ready and mess up and then the following year they look for a new QB, its just stupid. congrats on mahomes getting the award, he waited his turn a whole year, from TTU, then did awesome on the field the year after.

  14. Eduardo Simões

    Lets go Patrick, u got it in the bag this season!!!

  15. THE WORLD is fucked

    BRADY 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  16. That’s my quarterback

  17. He is not the best quarterback yet💯💯

  18. Jermaine Mitchell

    He will be the highest paid quarterback when his time comes book it…..💯

  19. They need to throw him in jail for wearing those shoes.

  20. He’s a great young man and great football player. Those of you who dog him are just jealous or insecure. Can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all

  21. Giving an award on red carpet interviews is such a cheap move! Wait for the stage!

  22. Pat was a little nervous. I don’t blame him with all that crowd. He’s being asked to do a lot at such a young age. Part of the grooming process. Go Pat!! Go Chiefs!!

  23. The GOAT

  24. Best football player in the NFL? I think not. That’s Aaron Donald

  25. Patrick mahomes I love you so MUCH your the best 💏💟💟💟💖💖💗💗

  26. How is he the best when he lost all his prime time games and lost both games to the goat Tom Brady

  27. I thought patriots chiefs was a better game

  28. mahomes is the shit

  29. Me and my buddies saw Mahomes at a bar in Kansas City. He caught us filming him across the bar and he waved and said high to us. From that moment on I knew without a doubt that he really does love and enjoy KC and it’s people. Not even really a football fan but I sure as hell am glad that he’s playin cause that kinda thing isn’t too common in KC. And the people here love him for it!

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