Spinderella ‘pushin’ infringement lawsuit against former groupmates Salt-N-Pepa

Spinderella suing groupmates Salt-N-Pepa/TMZ.

Spinderella sues Salt-N-Pepa duo.

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DALLAS — “Push it good!” After nearly 35 years of working together, Spinderella is ‘pushin’ a trademark infringement lawsuit against longtime groupmates Salt-N-Pepa for skulduggery and breach of contract. The 47-year-old DJ believes she was swindled out of millions of dollars in purloined royalties and withheld performance wages. According to court docs, Spinderella is accusing Salt-N-Pepa of collecting $600,000 in royalties within the past decade without giving her a dime. The record spinner also claims the rapacious duo reneged on their promise to pay her $125,000 for their ‘Best of Salt-N-Pepa’ album from 1999.

In addition to embezzled royalties, the lawsuit alleges Salt-N-Pepa ostracized the DJ from a VH1 television show to eschew paying her a third of the earnings. Spinderella (real name Deidra Muriel Roper) also told the court she received no remuneration for the group’s appearance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

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  1. ” SOUR GRAPES” 🍇🍇🍇

  2. There is no salt and pepa without spin period 💯

  3. Spin should have been a much better business person & had her own management team & representation from the time she rejoined! (if not sooner!) smh …she grown but clearly needs to grow up!…she’s not the “lil sis” no more!

  4. Lawrence Malloy

    Sad very sad I am so glad Spin is still doing her thing without them show them

  5. I dont respect them no more 👎😡 Spinderlla much love to you ❤🌟

  6. Lynette Patrice

    They always seem to wanna remind Spin that she’s “just the DJ”, and needs to “know her place”. They probably made her feel like she had no place to speak up? Maybe it took her this long to finally demand her worth? I dont know…but I believe her.

  7. Why didn’t Spin do what every other successful DJ does? Producing and find another group to put out. She had 30 years to prepare for this.

  8. Nurse Rawkii Joy

    This is what you get when the group doesn’t want to see your WORTH but you do. Salt said (in the show confessional) “early in their career, they negotiated their contracts but “obligated” (which she meant to say was: we pitied her) to throw her a bone: both of them received 3mil a piece but gave her 1.7mil”. They’ve treated her bad since the very beginning after they fired the last dj.

    You have an: Aries, a Scorpio and a Leo so of course when the Leo feels disrespected and makes it known, it’s nothing but “oh she’s in her feelings again!” 🙄 If it’s the same shit creeping up then you need to address it: like ladies, equally but they never saw her as an equal, just an opportunity so I get why she left in 2010.

  9. Marcia Davidson

    that is a low blow coming from them to her. and they r not worth a ticket if she not there

  10. @Marcia Davidson: YOU ARE 💯💯 correct and I won’t go to see them if Spinderella is not there.

  11. I lost mad respect for Salt N Pepa, they really gonna do Spin like that after 30+ years? That’s fucked up frfr


  12. It’s sad how Spinderella was treated but life and death is in the power of the tongue. She came into the group as a third wing. Her name is Spinderella, which is a play off of “Cinderella” Cinderella was the rejected step sister who turned out to be a Princess in the end. Spin was always a reject to the group members. They treated her as an outcast. I hope now Spinderella will become the Princess she deserves to be! These are clearly not her friends. It’s a business contract with some females she has known all her life.

  13. Christine Harris

    It’s very DISRESPECTFUL, how they’re treating spinderella ,
    I wouldn’t pay to see them, if it’s not all three members.

  14. Its sad… I’m sure Salt is behind this!

  15. Its never gonna be the fuckn same now. GOT DAMN IT. SALT & PEPPER!!!!!!!! JUST FUCKED EVERYTHING UP Y’ALL BUILT!!!!!! WHY????😥😢

  16. First the fat boys break up and now this?

  17. The Grand Unchallenged Sword

    Spinderella is a staple of the culture and history of our music. I frown on Salt and Peppa for this shit here. This is one reason we have a disconnect between generations. The youth looking at how we as the elder statesmen and women of Hip Hop treat each other is definitely leaving an impression. And not always a good one…

  18. I hope she gets all her money

  19. The Proverbial Hater

    How you have Salt-N-Pepa with no damn Spinderella? That’s like having Run-DMC with no Jam Master Jay… That’s like having Michael Jordan with No Scottie Pippen… That’s like having having Peanut Butter and Jelly with no got damn Jelly… KYS.

  20. It hurts my heart to even witness the public beef between Salt n’ Peppa and Spin; I hope they settle out of court#BlackGirlMajic🖤🖤🖤

  21. William Carter

    Salt and Pepper pay Spinnerala 😒Stop being greedy, it’s not a good look 😒

  22. Georgette Williams

    Salt n Pepa always treated Spindarella wrong in my eyes.

  23. Yvonne Delories

    Spinderella better have proof that she didn’t get what she deserved cause Salt and Pepa ain’t just gonna say yes we cheated you Sis.
    Stuff like this happens all of the time. Sad.

  24. I’m not surprised that Salt and Peppa forgot about Spins contributions to the Duuo’s presence. Pepa has no morals, she was a sad mistress and her man left her and went back to his wife!. Salt would leave the group several times and didn’t even tell Pepa , so clearly there is no loyalty amongst them!!!.

  25. She deserves a third of the pay. She was also left out of the limousine with Biggie.


    with Spin OFF. S&P is finished KAPOT!! they too old to fire n hire

  27. Tanya campbell

    I hope she get All her money they wrong for dogging her


    In the 80.s the dj was everything….2019 the dj isn’t in the front like that anymore, however the dj is STILL important…your dj’s job is to have that music jumping entertaining the crowd and transitioning it along with sometimes being your hype man..one slight mess up can mess the show up.. Djs are still very important to artists today

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