Jealous husband pulls a “Lorena Bobbitt,” utilizes scissors to sever neighbor’s penis

Alex Bonilla cut off a neighbor’s penis.

Husband severs neighbor’s penis. 

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GAINESVILLE — Alex Bonilla, 49, is busy putrefying behind bars after he allegedly cut off his neighbor’s penis because he had sex with his wife. The Lorena Bobbitt ordeal went down Sunday in Gilchrist County, Florida. According to police reports, Alex infiltrated the paramour’s residence and tied him up at gunpoint. After talking a bunch of sh*t, Alex pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the victim’s dick off. Testicle juice reportedly leaked on the floor. The neighbor’s children were home at the time.

The deranged hubby was seen running down the street with the severed phallus in hand. Law enforcement officials busted his crazy ass shortly thereafter. When asked to expound upon his salacious wrongdoing, Alex said he caught the man bangin’ his wife a couple months ago.

The nutty bastard is charged with breaking and entering, and severing a wiener.

The cock-less victim remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Still no word on if he got his dick back.

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  1. He circumsized him

  2. That’s not crazy that’s Justice If you wanna be a hoe don’t get Married He was the real victim the wife and the back stabbing neighbor was The real criminals fu#k them I really hope homeboy doesn’t do too much time Let this be a lesson to the rest of you Hoes

  3. FaithwalkerTodd

    An eye for an eye.

  4. Lol he should been given a medal 🤣

  5. man ppl crazy

  6. Real thug how sick cut another man’s peepee

  7. Well done 👍

  8. let me guess he took the penis so he can sew it on to his which will ensure that his wife never have to leave home to see the neighbor ever again.

  9. I honor this man.

  10. the great all mighty G

    Should had cut her pussy lip too

  11. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife nor her man’s penis…. Hahahahaha!!!!!!

  12. What about the wife? Wasn’t he upset with her too?

  13. He won’t be sleeping with married women anymore! LOL


  15. Well then😱

  16. Richard Williams

    I’m sorry gun or no gun we would’ve been fighting to the death! Ain’t no way I’m let you cut off my manhood 😡

  17. Charlie 'n Charge

    He’s gay. Straight men dont touch penis.

  18. Lenetha Oquinn

    Welp now he has a


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