American Airlines caught hell for forcin’ voluptuous black chick to cover her ass

Dr. Rowe’s ass stood out on the plane.

American Airlines pisses off doctor. 

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MIAMI — “Won’t you back that azz up!” Tisha Rowe — a sexy doctor from Houston, Texas — is seeking litigation against American Airlines after two black flight attendants told her to cover her big curvy ass or get off the plane. Their derrière behest transpired on June 30th as Tisha boarded a flight from Kingston, Jamaica to Miami, Florida. She had her 8-year-old son with her. According to reports, Tisha was pulled aside and given an ultimatum to either dress appropriately or forfeit her seat. The voluptuous damsel donned a revealing romper that showcased her chocolate epidermis and Coke bottle frame.

Attendant: “Do you have a jacket?”

Tisha: “No.”

Attendant: “You cannot get on the plane dressed like that.”

Tisha’s kid: “Mommy, follow the rules.” 

Rather than cause a scene, Tisha asked for a blanket and wrapped it around her ass — drawing gawps from nosy passengers as she walked down the aisle.

“I am, like, head down the whole time,” Tisha recounted. “I don’t want to see anybody’s face. I’m embarrassed. I’m humiliated. I did not look up at even a single passenger.”

In case you didn’t know, American Airlines has a precept that mandates passengers “dress appropriately” which means no risqué raiments.

Tisha, however, said a white woman was allowed to board the plane despite wearing much smaller shorts. “If I, being Leticia Rowe, was a white woman in that same body suit, if they thought it’s inappropriate, do I think they would have removed that white woman from the plane?” Tisha explained.

“Absolutely not.”

Realizing they f*cked up, airline officials offered Tisha a refund coupled with a formal apology. “We were concerned about Dr. Rowe’s comments, and reached out to her and our team at the Kingston airport to gather more information about what occurred,” the company said in a statement.

“We apologize to Dr. Rowe and her son for their experience, and have fully refunded their travel. We are proud to serve customers of all backgrounds and are committed to providing a positive, safe, travel experience for everyone who flies with us.”

Tisha accepted the apology.

But she’s asking airline officials to revise their dress code enforcement.

After all…  having a curvaceous ass shouldn’t jeopardize your flight, right?

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  1. The flight attendants are haters, plain and simple.

  2. Curvy? Curvy like a doughnut!

  3. Aint never seen a doctor with an ass like that

  4. You should be ashamed for walking around naked!

  5. That outfit make sense the weather over there is really hot.

  6. Sue them girl, I’m sorry you went through that, same rule’s should be for everyone.

  7. She is mad sexy. Airline is jealous

  8. Youssef Houaoui

    Good this is happy news that fat cow need to cover herself up next time and that goes for all the women who walk outside half naked specially if you are fat nobody want to see your ugly disgusting body
    if i was ruler i’ll make it totally legal to rape any woman walking around naked like that in the streets

  9. HatianHurricane


  10. Sooo, they thought once aboard she planned to strut up and down the aisle for all to observe? Once in those lil azz seats, you can barely tell if a passenger is male or female. Geesh! Btw, curvy women can’t help how they were born and they definitely can’t be blamed for all the women who seek plastic surgery to imitate them so to become more appealing to men. It’s not their fault!

  11. You should be ashamed of wearing something you are spilling out of .. its not appropriate when you are too heavy. And you should be ashamed of yourself claiming this is a race issue. I hope you aren’t as racist with your patients.

  12. Patricia Chaparro

    You fat ughly black there is nobody that wants to look at you. Go back to africia

  13. Nothing wrong with her outfit. Im not one to claim racism right of the bat, but this sure does look suspicious.

  14. 1000% chance no one would have noticed her dresscode “violation” if it weren’t for the flight attendants

  15. Heather Parker

    Ludacris. Nothing wrong with what she had on. Why people!!! Why!!

  16. Soo ridiculous!!. She wasn’t hurting anyone. American airlines should be embarrassed!!!

  17. Peter Paterson

    This country is fucked.

  18. Is she really a doctor, I don’t think so, because a doctor should represent herself in front of people, with a decent dress, not to show her body, to distract Godly people,

  19. This can’t be about race. The flight attendants were black. She is black and there were other blacks on the plane as well. However in the USA we love to scream Victim hoo

  20. no one on the plane wanted to hear the bittches ebonics. that’s a crime until itself. good gawd nggggrs and their ngggg bable. i be, you be, he be. wif , dah poe leece, ax …..what a nightmare it is to hear the amerian nggggr talk

  21. Booty too Risky.

  22. Jenna Von Krämm

    I believe these two flight attendants were being jealous catty bitches. This girl is beautiful and ain’t a damn thing wrong with the outfit she was wearing. Kudos to her for outing this airline and its employees.

  23. She had a nice body, them two flight attendanting probably was jealous with no azz..sisters hating on other sisters, smh

  24. It’s not a black thing people. It’s a fat thing. If I’m flying, I’m in an enclosed space. I cant get away from it. I don’t want to see that anywhere actually., in a plane, a restaurant, or a store. On the other hand,, she would have been in her seat the whole flight n not walking around. Bottom line. This is an outfit for home, the beach, errands, Walmart or even a dollar store. This is NOT something to fly in. The airline took it too far tho I think.

  25. Amina A. Bamalli

    This is nothing but females being jealous of each other. Those African American flight attendants are envious of the doctor’s delicious popping ass. Chocolate bootilicious, me likes.

  26. How the fuck is that racial, should not of happened but shit I’m tired of every one playing the fucking race card everytime shit happens. She even said it the people that confronted her were African american they must be racist against there own kind.

  27. Guess she thought she was on Soul Plane!!😂😂. I wouldn’t wanna see all that.

  28. youngblak Wall Street

    Are you Fucking kidding me right now gtfoh y’all need to stop with the buckdancin snot 👃 I would press charges against American airlines and sue the fuck out of them

  29. the jealousy is so real amongst black women. Thats why they were two africanamerican women who called her out and no one else. You can tell she’s very proper as well. low frequency imbeciles! yes melanin gives you a higher frequency but blacks have mixed with other races and its lowered their frequency. I never judge by race anymore. I ve had whites Stand up for me more than other blacks. colorism, envy amongst blacks, and self hate is so real

  30. What a joke. 25 years I’ve never seen a passenger removed due to their clothing. Ridiculous crew.

  31. Jennifer Carter

    I don’t agree with how they handled it, but it’s not because you were black, get over yourself! Not everything is about race.

  32. Thomas Dellarosa

    Real Doctors don’t wear 9 dollar weaves . hahaha

  33. This woman is gorgeous. I’m sure it was a white woman who put these black women up to confront her! We all know White women have slacked asses with the body of a 12yr old little boy. Lmfao😂😂😂

  34. doglover&sunshine25

    You are a beautiful black woman.

  35. 🎭 AudioXVNVX 🎭

    Kicked her off for being too THICC 😂😂🤣🍔

  36. Man I’ve seen more scantily dressed women on planes before! WTF was this about?

  37. HelloKittyy 143

    A doctor but she still says “aks” its ASK!!

  38. Jayden Arevalo

    That outfit make sense the weather over there is really hot.

  39. Screw the doctor part…..has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I dont like to see butt cheeks and boobs hanging out on women but its accepted everywhere. This romper aint my style but its ok. And if it had been my daughter or granddaughter, i would not be able to describe how enraged i would be!!!!

  40. Bitch brings out the race card. She’s disgusting
    Would not want to see this fat dog

  41. Jocelyn Harris

    boo boo. you a doctor and you couldn’t afford something else to wear? honestly what you were wearing is what people wear at the pool. sit your dumb self down

  42. Chocolate Milk

    This is why the skinny girls in school never got called out for wearing shorts and the girls with curves always did. They’re more “sexual” in their appearance. Y’all need to stop policing other women’s bodies and keep your damn eyes to yourself.

  43. Jealousy. That is a Lovely outfit and Tisha looked lovely wearing it. The only thing that should have been said is would you like to sit in first class because your outfit just made our day.

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