Are female rappers too raunchy?

Jermaine Dupri unloads on female rappers.

Jermaine Dupri slams she-rappers. 

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ATLANTA — “So So Def” mogul Jermaine Dupri is under fire for a series of comments he made regarding the risqué deportment of contemporary female artists. During a recent interview with People Magazine, the 46-year-old producer referred to today’s ladies of hip-hop as “strippers rapping” — drawing both the ire and vitriol of popsies in the rap industry. When asked to evaluate the lyrical aptitude of rappers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, Jermaine didn’t bite his tongue. “I feel like they all are rapping about the same thing, and I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. For me, it’s like strippers rapping,” Jermaine said.

“As far as rap goes, I’m not getting who is the best rapper. I’m getting OK, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club. OK. All right. Cool. Who’s going to be the rapper? At some point, somebody’s going to have to break out of that mold and talk about other things.”

As you’d expect, Cardi lashed out in response. “First off: There are more successful women in rap right now than at any time in the genre’s history, and a whole lot of them are truly great,” said Cardi, an ex-stripper who admitted to drugging and robbing her clients. “Second: Maybe the guy who got famous for introducing Kriss Kross to the world is not the ideal defender of the sanctity of rap. Just saying.”


I agree with Cardi.

Jermaine has a lot of nerve.

If you recall, he and rival producers were largely responsible for concocting the masculine fad that besmirched  the image and perception of female lyricists in the ’90s. Hip-hop artists like Xscape, Aaliyah, SWV and the Brat dressed like dudes in their heyday.

We’re talking skully hats, baggy pants and Timberland boots.

There was nothing feminal about those chicks.

Jermaine is partly culpable for that.

Today’s talent is much sexier and that has to count for something.

That said, do you agree with Jermaine?

Are female rappers too raunchy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. These women basically get naked and then rap like they’re grinding… licking their tongues out, fake nip slipping and they get mad when dudes don’t respect that… chill. He’s just being HONEST

  2. Sex sells. Female artists CAN do well, if people stop supporting overly sexual content. Female rappers like Cardi B make sex their identity. There’s more to life than that.

  3. More respect for him . He finally said what most of us think.Da Brat is my favorite woman rapper💖💖✌️


    I Agree with Jermaine Dupri And I’m A Female Rapper My Self All Dat Rapping About pussy and dancing on the pole is not real rap and that shit is pure garbage hell I don’t even listen to cardi B Or Nicki Minaj Type Rappers I Like That Real Gangsta Shit And Real Lyrical Bar For Bar Type Rap Music And I Do Make Bar For Bar And Gangsta Real Rap Hip Hop Good Type Music Here Is A Song By Me if You Wanna Hear Some Hard Core Rap music bar for bar hit this link and listen

  5. Jermaine was is exactly right. Now j lo and cardi b making a movie about how cardi use to drug and Rob niggaz 🤣😂🤣😂

  6. He’s in the music industry that’s his opinion but you can be a hot female rapper and don’t have to talk about ur pussy I mean I like the music but I also like female rappers that just rap

  7. FuFu’s Cupcake’s

    Jermaine dupri needa gone somewhere bald ahh head -_-

  8. Red Dyemond Red

    I think the entire problem is: RAPPING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. You can clearly see all these people trying to do what IS NOT FOR THEM. If you really about something you not gonna sell your true self short to get money.. and if it ain’t for you we can clearly see you as a follower..that’s y jermaine said that . These people are just in it for money instead of giving people what they need they playing roles and giving em what they want* but that’s stupid because they looking dumb for money. We want content. We want people that we can clearly see :: * this is what they do* tired of all the made up rappers.. niggas just trying to rap cause it’s the new thing.. or something.. enjoy ya shine cause it won’t last. I think we as a race are pretty much on a path of awakening

  9. He’s right don’t none of these females have real bars that can spit that’s why I listen to Lil Kim Foxy Brown Eve Queen Latifah and other rappers I can’t listen to these rappers not a day cuz all they talk about is money holes and how they used to strip on the pole and f*** for money and they got fake ass and titties and got their body done and nose fixed

  10. Israel Baltodano

    Niqqas been rapping bout the same thing since 1992… females been switching it up since the late 80s

  11. Jermaine said it’s like a bunch of strippers rapping lmfao there are female lyricist out there that are amazingly 🔥

  12. I honestly feel like Cardi raps about a lot of different stuff she may not be lyrical but she’s diverse!

  13. Herminaw Williams

    I think Jermaine is comparing what female rappers such Queen Latifah and Da Brat and so many others use to rap about versus rappers today. However Jermaine, the way he voiced his opinion was wrong. I’m surprised Lil Kim did not jump and slam Jermaine for his comment. Some people don’t know how to THINK before speaking.

  14. I agree with Jermaine 100%! All the other artists named are not even in rotation on the radio at all and Like Cardi said no one wants to hear conscious rap. I also realize that America is a capitalist country still ruled by colorism. Most top female Artist will never have very Dark Brown skin, Afro hair displayed and a broad nose. It’s not the image America wants to portray.

  15. I get what he was trying to say but he lost me when he said “a bunch of strippers rapping” that was really disrespectful. Regardless of what they used to do don’t try to down play their talent.

  16. I understand where Jermaine Dupri is coming from, I agree that the female artist that doesn’t get enough recognition deserves it. However it’s sad to say but sex sells. If a female rapper isn’t twerking in videos, talking about their vagina, and giving blow jobs then it appears as boring. The same with fake bodies. If she doesn’t have big breast/butt she will eventually get her body done in order to be accepted by the public eye… SAD.

  17. Rodney Jenkins

    Jermain Dupree is right the rappers that are famous look like strippers.You can’t argue that.THEY HAVE TO SELL SEX BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DON’T WON’T TO LISTEN TO A MESSAGE OF THINKING Who support them.Jermaine was talking about popular female rappers.I notice all the rappers you showed are unknown are dark skin.Why do think that’s the case? WHY ARE THE RAPPERS FROM BACK IN THE DAY THAT WERE POPULAR WERE DARK SKIN OR BROWN SKIN.Figure that out.

  18. Nobody wants to admit that sex sales… you have to look good enough for the women to want to be more , or look like you. Look good enough for the men to want to fuck you, that’s part of what’s going on.

  19. Cardi Garbage B stole Nikki’s gimmick and they’re both hoes.I agree with Jermaine.Right male rappers rap being ganstas pimps and thugs damn it when is enough is enough.Cardi Garbage B you’re wore out smelly pussy have too many miles on it nobody what to hear your pussy hoe bitch raps.Sistas please raise up your rap game without using your pussy.

  20. Straight facts. These hoes will stay hoes and will rap about their hoe life lol

  21. Cardi b acts like she wasnt gettin paid 10$ a song to twerk on niggas dick lmao if iwas her id shut up

  22. Isn’t Cardi B a stripper who raps???

  23. JD is right!!! They ain’t talking bout shit!!!

  24. Don’t include nicki she was never a stripper nor does she talk about stripping

  25. Cardi B is a talentless stripper hoe, the man was dead on the money💯

  26. He’s 100% right 🙏

  27. GoddessLightTarot


  28. Ricardo Austin

    There is nothing to clarify…..he was right. We not talking about Queen, MLove, Lyte, Salt and Pep….that generation- we talking about THIS GENERATION. Name one that’s out now that wasn’t a stripper before………we waiting

  29. Andrea Ratkovic

    Jermaine “I feel like they ALL rapping about the same thing” like he listens to ALL female rappers which he obviously DOESN’T. He’s a clown.🙄. Young MA and MOST female rappers aren’t strippers, and who cares if they are cuz ALOT of male rappers are thugs and all they rap about is drugs, money, prostitutes, STRIPPERS, and how they disrespect women etc so sthu.

  30. Jurmain Dupri hasn’t been able to make a hit song for Mariah Carey anymore so hes hating on strong woman rapping about there sexuality sorry JP but its not a mans world anymore we are living in the year 2019 now woman are taking over. Cardi B making money and is famous and has won a Grammy so he should sit his not famous ass down and be happy for others.He said that all female rappers rap about the same thing which means he doesn’t go out of his way to listen to the female rappers that don’t rap about sex and wants to say that people only hear female rappers about stripping yea because people like him don’t go out of there way to listen to female rappers that don’t rap about sex. But it would be very ignorant for him to say there are female rappers that only rap about stripping because Cardi B not only rap about her pussy she has other rap songs that don’t talk about only stripping.He has to get out of that hole what a hater. He sounds like a those men that wants a nun for a wife and treats them like crap anyways.Wake up its not a mans world anymore. woman can vote now and they can work too and we earn more than before.

  31. Lumpung Kalambay

    Are we holding male rappaz to the same standards as women…no we aren’t.

    We have no standards for male rappaz but have the highest standards for women. If we held male rappaz to the same standards as we do women, same expectations. Man it would be very different

  32. sharmilla brown

    People are blowing this up…lol
    He was asked a question and that was his answer. He wasn’t asked about his favorite or current male rappers. He was asked about his favorite current female rapper. And what do he wanna see.

  33. Shanine Gittens

    This man aint telling no lies

  34. I bet he like P**sy and probably have paid for it and that’s why they rap about it because people pay for it. Plus dudes rap about the same thing – how much they spend on it, what they do for it, what they try to do to it. lol !!!

  35. Dajuana Millner

    I disagree with him I support everyone Cardi b my girl 🖤

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