1. Demetrious Wilson

    This sound better then the music today

  2. Damn she got a big ass forehead, look like Tyra without the pretty face!

  3. jessica rosario


  4. Renea Mckenzie

    I Need Love ❀

  5. Ayezzy gettin it right

    I lost count of how many times her hugged her and let go and hugged her again🀣

  6. Samia Williams

    The girl in the video looks like Gabrielle Union.

  7. I got high as fuck and this song came to my head lol

  8. Translation: he needs half naked females twerking right in his face

  9. Ruthless Lover

    that bitch fried

  10. Only real G’s admit they need love

  11. At leasthe showin love to a sistah for a change!! Lo

  12. Ain’t no rappers busting a slow jam rapping like this this day in age.

  13. Christine Lynk

    Being real to the lady😘

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