Video: Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman purchases a ‘new house’ for mom, but…

Mecole buys mom a new house. What about dad?

Mecole’s mother gets house, but…

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KANSAS CITY — Just weeks after signing a 4-year deal worth $5 million, Kansas City Chiefs rookie receiver Mecole Hardman bought his mom a new house — telling her: “It’s my turn to take care of you now.” While encircled by a throng of family and friends, the 21-year-old speedster pulled a Russell Wilson by showing his mother the residence after removing her blindfold. The special occasion was captured on video and posted to Twitter. Many are calling it a tear-jerker. “I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy I am,” Mecole said.

“I love you ma x100000000. It’s my turn to take care of you now.”

Big Momma’s House contains a large swimming pool, a spacious kitchen, a big backyard and, most importantly, no mortgage. The home is paid off. “I’m just blessed,” mom said. “I mean, it makes you feel good as a mother to know that… your kids would go to this step.”

Mecole was selected in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

His career is already off to a helluva start.

Now the million dollar question: Should he do the same for dad?

Well, the deportment of black athletes is a microcosm of what ails the urban community. Conventional wisdom suggests that if you’re black and living near or below the poverty line, you should date outside your race. If, for whatever reason, you decide to date within the race, please don’t procreate.

Based on what shows up in the news on a daily basis, it’s clear penurious negroes don’t belong together for the following stereotypical reasons:

1) If you’re a black man, word on the street claims she’s gonna eschew your trust, spew opprobrium, show disrespect, invade your privacy, infiltrate your cell phone, send you to jail, derail your ability to secure decent employment, manage an unfit household and undermine your manhood.

2) If you’re a black woman, rumor has it he’s gonna beat your ass, ruin your credit, leech your earnings, provide sporadic employment, loaf around the house, make you gravid, disrespect your friends, alienate your family and pop off excuses when things go off schedule.

Now, we’re speaking in generalities.

So there’s certainly some anomalies here and there.

There’s also no guarantee interracial dating is a better option.

Hell, in some cases, it’s worse.

But, for the most part, there’s veracity to the stereotypes.

Why is this information important? Because many negro athletes are bred in impoverished, fatherless households. So they realize the pecuniary significance of dating outside the race. Not convinced? Google a prominent black athlete and chances are he has a beautiful white girlfriend or spouse on his arm.

So don’t be surprised when athletes like Mecole side with their mothers following a big payday. Ramifications of the Civil Rights Movement made that a certainty. Remember, the U.S. government purveys destitute moms with free food and subsidized housing as long as there’s no fathers around.

Black athletes are merely a byproduct of the system.

Look, cycles continue.

They don’t evanesce.

The Civil Rights Movement started 55 years ago.

Yet, we’re still contending with the feculent residue.

It’s a deep, deep game man.

Thank your boy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope you’re enjoying that day off on his holiday.

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  1. Chief NeedaBeer

    We here in KC are looking forward to seeing what this kid can do. From his Georgia highlights he is going to be great. Put him out there with Hill on kickoff and punt returns and who are you going to kick to? Both are blazing fast and will burn you!! Put him on the line with Hill, Watkins and Kelce with our MVP QB at the helm and watch out!! 2019-20 is going to be a spectacular season!!

    Now let the haters hate……..

  2. Beautiful home, lovely mother, and good son.

  3. I love stories where celebs/athletes buy their mothers houses.

  4. Hope she has it in her name, he will be broke within 5 years of the last year of his contract

  5. What did he get for dad?

  6. @Roger Oooga: Money on his prison canteen account.

  7. Young Executives

    @August Jones: He does not have an absentee father. Why be so negative? Hardman Sr. is very active in his son’s life and was actually a great football player too himself 🦶 🏈 throughout high school and college. Just as his Sr’s dad taught him prior, he taught this Hardman Jr. They each come from a football family passed down generation to generation. It’s no surprise this kid is doing so well from the male influence on his life. Way to go! 👏

  8. Niiiice!! Beautiful House!! That’s what I’m talkin about PAID IN FULL!!

  9. Notice he done nothing for his father. Because the birth certificate says ‘we the people”.

  10. what a very thoughtful son she has for him to do that, god bless them so sweet,

  11. Awe right on good for him..if I had big money best believe my mom would be the first to benefit 👍🏼

  12. do niggas have fathers?

  13. Congrats to the homie…welcome to Chiefs kingdom LETS GOOOOO!!

  14. mocha princess

    What a beautiful thing!!! He should be very proud of knowing he did a wonderful thing for his mother.😎😎😀😀👍👍🙏🙏

    Wish you well in the upcoming season😎😎

  15. Waiting on my moment !

  16. nigger will be broke in 5 years

  17. his father should be pissed

  18. mecole got a bright future

  19. Mecole for president 2020!

  20. Nickels & Dimes

    save your money

    you havent got that big contract yet

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