TMZ Video: A$AP Rocky is incarcerated following ‘beatdown’ of a Swedish guy

A$AP Rocky jailed for assaulting Swedish guy/TMZ.

A$AP Rocky is thrown in jail.

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STOCKHOLM — Uh-oh, A$AP Rocky has “F*ckin’ Problems!” Despite President Donald Trump’s injunction to have him exonerated, 30-year-old rapper A$AP Rocky remains incarcerated inside a Swedish correctional facility pending an investigation into his alleged assault of a pedestrian who appeared to taunt and attack him first. While on tour, Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) and two accomplices were caught on video beating the sh*t out of a Swedish guy on June 30th. All three were thrown in jail and have yet to be released.

Multiple members of Congress, including U.S. Rep Adriano Espaillat — a New York Democrat responsible for Rocky’s hometown of Harlem — are calling for his liberation.

Many believe racism is involved. “This incident serves as yet another example of the racially motivated focus and prejudices young men of color are subjected to around the world,” said a joint statement from House members. Karin Olofsdotter, Sweden’s Ambassador, said racism is not a factor.

As far as she’s concerned, “black people shouldn’t fear visiting the country.”

If convicted, Rocky faces 2 to 6 years in prison.

Does he deserve it?

Is racism involved?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. There really is no place in the world you can go without n**** f**** it up.

  2. Man… if it wasn’t for these videos, he’d probably have been released the next morning.

  3. The guy wanted the fight.

  4. Oozy9Millimeetah

    Free ASAP!!! Im not even a fan, but im super pissed off because this is injustice and political hostility from the swedish cuck government. Boycott Sweden!!!

  5. Good… They fucked their arab asses up! Congrats Asap and his Crew!
    Asap, visit Hungary instead. Aint nobody gonna harrass u i guarantee u that much. And its way more beautiful than shitty arab sweden!

  6. larry spratley

    They got what they had coming Asap and his boys begged them to stop following/harassing them. Even bystanders asked them to stop. I dont see the issue. Plus one of those guys attacked Asaps security and they still tried to walk away. Sometimes u just have to give a mf what they think they want.


    I’ve never seen a more deserved ass whippin than this!!! Good shit!

  8. Chance Washington

    Well deserved

  9. I hope he gets 6 years in jail. What an embarrassment piece of gutter trash

  10. Thug life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Andrew Cavendish

    Sweden is now a 3rd-world ghetto

  12. AAAHH Yes good old fashion a$$ whipping and well DESERVED!!! those fucking punk ass idiots deserved that and A LITTLE EXTRA!!! how many times u have to be told GO THE OTHER WAY!!! now you pay the price… woulda been nice to see some good face stomping few teeth on the floor woulda served them a lesson!!! This is what these refugees migrate for TO START PROBLEMS and act like they deserve special treatment… shoulda curbed that kids mouth on a sidewalk

  13. Rocky literally told those dudes to “get lost” a million times lol. Some people don’t have any actual conscience till they actually get hurt. After all the warnings.

  14. God Dammit…. All of it is bullshit. United States Of America is more racist than Sweden. It doesn’t matter what they were saying. This is violent, no one should fight. Asap Rocky is in custody because of the fight. Theres no escaping that….. he deserves jail time

  15. After seeing that the kid started it and threw his headphones at one of ASAPs guys, I’m glad they beat his @ss. He just wouldn’t quit trying to blame them for his headphone and following them. The Swedes better handle this sh*t properly because so far they are looking bad.

  16. He ain’t in jail cuz he black. He in jail cuz he jumped dude

  17. He should not have got into no altercation. His status in the US is not going make that jail time go away. Just stupid decision know he has pay the price.

  18. Robert Williams

    The man he attacked was a middle eastern or afghani “refugee” . Immigrants are a protected class now and this is just part of international identity politics, it’s just one of the democratic weapons applied at a higher level ! Remember the illegalimmigrant that killed that young black football player here in the U.S. and nobody cared ..problably don’t . I can list 100 more cases easy.

  19. Damn Rocky 😂😂😅

  20. Just face the facts, he stomped that idiot and thats illegal. He will end up in jail and will do his time like everybody else who assaults someone in Sweden.
    He should simply not have assaulted that dude. It is perfectly just to jail someone who beats someone senseless. “Pull the race card”?? we are talking about
    Sweden (!!), not Texas or some other Hillbilly state, this is Sweden and there most are treated for what they do not what they look like at least in the courts.
    The best course of action is simply to admit to what happened, say you are sorry for stomping the guy after he harrassed you and take the penalty like a man.

  21. Free Chicken For Da Hood

    I wish Trump gets 90% of black votes in 2020.

  22. Racism is a global issue. It’s disgusting how people treat one another period.

  23. I hope Sweden makes the right decision. Free ASAP Rocky ASAP.

  24. Sweden on some bs….

  25. Other countries don’t give a shit who you are , make um pay Sweden , make an example outta this clown

  26. Please SUB to be HAPPY

    I live in the inner-city I’ve never seen a fair fight.. and I have seen thousands…

    I think he should be locked up..

    You can’t assault somebody because they’re following you..

  27. Eric Hernandez

    Fuck Sweden… that’s why Tom Green has his bum on the Swedish‼️💪🏽😎

  28. I’m gonna say this is because of 3 possible situations. 1) He’s American and nobody likes us even tho we pretend they do. 2) He’s famous and they just making an example because laws are strict out there. This is more press so people can be afraid to do what he did. 3) Race card.

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