Despicable parents arrested, jailed after ‘strangling’ newborn son at the hospital

Andrea and David murdered their newborn son.

Wicked parents murdered baby.

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LOS ANGELES — Andrea Torralba and David Villa are rotting behind bars after the Hispanic couple asphyxiated their newborn son shortly after giving birth. The filicide went down Friday afternoon at St. John’s Medical Center, just north of Los Angeles. According to reports from the Oxnard Police Department, officers were dispatched to the hospital after medical examiners learned “a newborn infant was in critical condition with suspicious injuries.” Doctors effectuated CPR but it was to no avail.

The little boy was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Detectives with Oxnard’s Family Protection Unit conducted an investigation which led them to believe Andrea and David strangled the baby comatose just hours after she gave birth. During the interrogation process, Andrea and David told investigators they didn’t want the neonate.

Rather than give the infant up for adoption, the bastards did the unthinkable.

Andrea and David are charged with assault on a child (by means of force resulting in death.)

They’re looking at 25 years apiece in the penitentiary.

Man, some of today’s parents are batsh*t crazy.

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  1. Send them back to their damn country ther criminals

  2. Kill them both

  3. Ugly mexican mofos 😵👿

  4. this is why I wont eat at taco bell


    Seriously tho.. this is feminism at work.

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  7. Why not give the poor angel up for adoption….smh

  8. They cool with me

  9. Build the wall, Deport them all!

  10. But they were already at the hospital. Just tell the hospital u want to give up your rights and sign the paper.

  11. Amanda Brookman

    I want to kill them both, I hope they get killed.

  12. Just kill them. They are disgusting! So many people would have been happy to adopt the baby.

  13. If there is a 7th level of hell, drop them off 🤬

  14. Send them back!!

  15. They shouldn’t have let such animals inside the country

  16. I am actually sick to my stomach! Wtf!!!!!!! There are millions of loving families who would have taken that sweet boy in seconds! I am completely dumbfounded. What horrible people… low life losers! Why aren’t they being charged with 1st degree murder?!?!? Ca has a surrender law that would have allowed them to hand the baby to a nurse and walk the F out of there no questions asked. Simply evil. True sick evil.

  17. fuck them

  18. Thanos can u pls snap these two scumbags out of existence along with all the illegals and dreamers in the us

  19. Look its not a person until like 7. And, they are likely illegal so its their culture to snuff babies, probably a Aztec game. And its California, so abort everything and say its women’s choice

  20. Build the wall

  21. Close the Border

    illegal immigrants are killing this country

  22. They have an eternal hotel reservation in hell

  23. President Trump, if you need a volunteer to help build the wall Im your man

  24. Both parents look like idiots. They are evil and should be jailed for life. Poor baby

  25. crossed the line

    send them back to mexico

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