1. Me when I get 20 dollars and still have 6$ left a week later.

  2. My Rihanna❤❤💕💋

  3. Rihanna is like real life Harley Quinn, a really good bad person. Except she’s not so bad at all.

  4. Letters ToGinger

    L E G E N D A R Y 🔥

  5. Correction Codes

    I bet Trump Plays this while Melania is on the pole in their play house ( Maralago)

  6. Carlos Geovanni

    My love ❤️💋 Ri beautiful

  7. This music video makes me questions my sexuality

  8. Rebecca Washington

    Love it lol me on payday…….

  9. Jamie Kensington

    In the f#*king money heels…. Mah bitch

  10. Huge respect to all Strippers out there. 🙏

  11. Fiasco on my mind👃smelly problems

  12. Throw it up, throw it up
    Watch it all fall out
    Pour it up, pour it up
    That’s how we ball out

  13. my hoe anthem since 6th grade 👅✨

  14. Vitoria Fernandes de Assis

    Sexiest video ever

  15. Shyne Marjolyn Rosales

    My pockets deep and they never end. HOW I WISH 🙄

  16. Itsbella015 W.

    Card b can’t touch this .

  17. BEEEEEECH . 🇷🇸

  18. Queenhanna!! ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. This song is perfect to sex

  20. Bad bitch

  21. Nicolas Ortiz Robles Benitez

    Tomorrow i will quit my job and go being a hoe

  22. If I just lost some weight ,grew some ass and learned how to do all that stripper shit it would be OVER FOR YOU BITCHES!!!!

  23. I dont wanna be a stripper but I still wanna dance on a stripper pole to this music and feel sexy and happy about myself

  24. thats one pussy I wanna eat

  25. The Blonde Auntie wig is EVERYTHING

  26. Rihanna is the reason i love short haircuts😍

  27. those pole dancers doing some crazy moves bruh

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