Suicidal father shoots, kills 3-year-old daughter then turns the gun on himself

Cherish Jackson shot and killed by her father.

Suicidal father shoots daughter.

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ESCAMBIA — A Florida community remains in lamentation after 22-year-old Terrence Jackson shot and killed his 3-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself. The filicide-suicide went down Saturday afternoon in Escambia County, Florida. “Both bodies were laying in the street,” said a neighbor who witnessed the tragedy. “It was horrific.” According to multiple reports, Terrence stopped by his ex-girlfriend’s house to spend visitation time with his daughter — Cherish Jackson. “Cherish ran out to the car crying, ‘Daddy, Daddy,’” said the neighbor.

“She was all happy to see him.”

A few moments later as they walked down the street, Terrence said something to Cherish before shooting her twice in the head. He shot himself seconds later. “I know he said something to Cherish right before he shot her because I saw her look up at him,” said the neighbor.

“That image of her looking at him is etched into my mind forever.”

Terrence was dead by the time paramedics arrived. But Cherish was still alive. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she ultimately died from her injuries. “She fought hard to stay here with us,” said Casey Scott, Cherish’s mother. “It just wasn’t meant… to be.”

A motive remains unclear but Casey and Terrence recently broke up.

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  1. Haggis O’Faggis

    It’s official: Black lives do not matter.

  2. Perhaps the mother said something to threaten his visitation rights. It was obvious he loved his daughter and she him. Could be in his mind separation would be unbearable so he did the unthinkable. Story leaves one feeling gut punched and numb and wishing there was some way, any way to turn back time and save her.

  3. Florida!! Is there something in the water or in the air??

  4. I hope the last thing he said to her was, “I love you.”

  5. Child support

  6. why didnt that nigga just kill himself?

  7. What? Why? Was he crazy? He could have killed himself not his daughter. A tragic event. How horrific? God bless the family!

  8. What is wrong with the 13%? Always something violent, or very troubling, and always in the news. This is where people judge races because of this. Sorry.

  9. you can never understand this kind of thing. that little girl should be playing on a swing or something other than this.

  10. @Defense Dept: White men do this often so please do not make it a racial issue

  11. this poor child is with Jesus now…I doubt the dad is.

  12. This man is like too many men in our society. They consider women and children to be property, and can not stand the idea that they have lost control over a former wife, girlfriend or children. One can be glad that he will never again walks the streets and do such a horrid thing again.

  13. What an absolute coward, may he rot in hell.

  14. There are no words for how heartbreaking this is. I can’t imagine why this man decided that killing a precious baby was the right thing to do. He had to have been sick in the head in a major way. That’s alright though. Where he’s going there will be no mercy for what he did.

  15. OMFG! What evil could possess someone to do this! NOTHING in life is so bad that you have to kill a child!

  16. How very tragic! Rest in peace, little one.

  17. Oh my goodness. This is heart breaking😢😢💔

  18. I feel sorry for the mother

  19. Cadillac Kadafi

    she was such an adorable little girl. May SHE rest in peace

  20. You could have just killed your self but nope you had to kill her to PEOPLE ARE CRAZY

  21. That evil dude went straight to hell…. That’s F up..

  22. Why!?!?

  23. A crying shame a young life lost.

  24. Useless pieces of shit popping out kids and kids like fucking animals. Depopulation now.

  25. He’s roasting in a fiery pit.

  26. Fuk him burn in hell took this girl life his own daughter women need to stop getting with these no good thugs

  27. Jordan Marques

    This man is sick how could you hurt a beautiful little girl like that or a beautiful child. Over a woman because the mother did not want you sick.. I have a daughter 4 years old I love my daughter with all my heart there’s nothing I would not do for my daughter I sacrifice my life for my daughter as any parent should

  28. Sucks should’ve just killed himself

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