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Mo’Nique believes Oprah, Whoopi ruined her métier

Mo’Nique has mental illness/Getty

Mo’Nique talks mental illness. 

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BALTIMORE – Jilted farceur Mo’Nique had lost her damn mind. But the cerebral malady had nothing to do with her. Instead, she suffered from a mental illness — this according to the gray-haired humorist who spilled the beans during a splenetic 4-part confab with Comedy Hype. Mo’Nique, who’s blacklisted in Hollywood, hasn’t garnered lucrative work in over a decade. She may have burned her bridges for good when she insisted that Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry “suck her d*ck” while performing on stage. The 51-year-old Oscar winner also spurned a $500,000 stand-up comedy offer from Netflix before boycotting the bankable streaming service. In other words, Mo’Nique has alienated every big fish in the film industry. Now she’s stressed and depressed. “I was mentally ill,” Mo’Nique explained. “I was raised in a tension-filled home… around women who were mentally ill too.”

Mo’Nique also got some sh*t off her chest. The maudlin comic accused Steve Harvey of lacking a “God damn backbone.” She also said Oprah owes her an apology. “You know what you need to do,” Mo’Nique said to Oprah while gawping into the camera. “Stop hiding… because what people are beginning to do is see you for what you really are.”

In a melancholic twist, Mo’Nique became damn near inconsolable over comments Whoopi Goldberg made about her faltering career. She believes Whoopi “doesn’t give a damn” that she’s blacklisted.

Mo’Nique has clearly hit rock bottom.

Watch her emotional 4-part interview.

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  1. I love Monique she tells the truth and she is well spoken i like Oprah Winfrey but I am with mo.

  2. Mo trust me you’ll still be alive to see that monster get humbled by GOD💖

  3. Never liked Oprah! Geraldo and Donahue were the talk show host that covered racial issues while Oprah was Mammying. She’s just as bad, if not worse, than Whoppi!

  4. Let me tell something , every time you get praised by those people, it is because they get what they want from you not because they love you. I totally agree with Monique. Oprah will have her time. Oprah is not for us. Believe me you, when they won’t make money through Oprah any longer like she grows old and no longer running shows, they will take her DOWN.. that time is coming…..🤔🤔

  5. Mo’Nique is bringing out all the phony people in Hollyweird.Woopie and Oprah the white man’s coons.

  6. Lord Mo, I just want to just hold you girl. I’m so sorry about all this pain you are feeling.

  7. I’m behind Monique all the way! Oprah is a snake. Just look what she did to Michael Jackson after she made millions off him. Putting her name behind 2 obvious liars for money! Disgusting. #canceloprah

  8. Mo’Nique, Oprah doesn’t owe you a damn thing. Stop pimping off of Oprah and work on your own career.

  9. Monique just seems fake to me sorry. The issue she talks about is real but why you only address it after you broke? You had the voice and said nothing until them checks stopped coming.

  10. Time and events is telling Monique that you need to get out and from around these wicked Hollywood peoples while you have a chance. Just look at the people that live there. Where evil resides, there’s no such thing as loyalty, love, and friendship. That city is full of greed, lust, immorality, lovers of pleasures more than their love for God. It’s nothing but a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Never forget the end results of that wicked city! 👿👿

  11. Dear Mo,’ thank you so much for your candor and veracity. Unlike many “stars, ” you did not put a price tag on your pride and self-respect. Oprah’s despicable conduct is very telling, especially because she was also a victim of sexual predation. How dare she seek ratings by exploiting such a disturbing, horrific, brutal crime. I’m very sorry this happened to you. Oprah should have told you the whole truth of her plans. This shows how she cares more about HER pocket than about righteousness. Stand your ground, Mo’nique. You are shinning like a true star. God bless you!!!

  12. Stop it Mo, everybody does not owe you an apology!! I’m so over her over inflated ego . Never ever ever ever ever ever ever heard a WORD from her about people and the COMMUNITY until that BAG stopped.

  13. Love and always respected this beautiful black sista🙏😇👄. I need some real stand up Black Sistas too step up and assist a black women in need ASAP.

  14. I want y’all to observe something;

    How is it that an overweight, unattractive black woman in the 80s became a huge celebrity and the number 1 talk show host throughout the decades, solely because she was that good, and had the support of some genuine white man? Nope! I’m not buying it, especially during that time of high racial tension in the 80s.

    Oprah lacks integrity and is a house *censor*. I’m sure she has done a lot of dirt to get where she is. Or maybe I’m just a hater… But my gut never lies. I never had a good feeling about that woman.

  15. Monique is a loser that realizes that she’s ruined her own career and is bitterly blaming everyone except herself. Hopefully her brainwashed ass will go away soon.

  16. Look what Oprah did to Michael Jackson…smh. Oprah you owe Monique an apology!

  17. Come on, Whoopi been a sell out since 93 with the whole Ted Danson thing. This ish ain’t new.

  18. Meanwhile in the real world where we work 40 – 60 hrs a week. I just saved on my insurance switching to Geico 😂😂🤣🤣

  19. This one of the realist interview Monique and her husband did. Kudos to comedy hype

  20. I’ll say it again, Monique’s problem is that she has integrity in a business that lacks it.

  21. You so worried about people your hair is turning gray.. Them other people you been talking about for damn near a year now ,they are worried about themselves and their family. Not negative opinions. when things goes wrong yall get to blaming hollywood but before yall weren’t complaining when things were going right because yall were playing the same hollywood game like everyone else… You knew what hollywood was all about stop trying to change it, if its fake you should have left the shit along time ago.. you seem and look depressed, focus on yourself and get back to what you want to do before all you do is be on a podcast or people interviewing you at the age of 80. Oprah ain’t worried about people opinions damn lady is a billionaire, you really think she about to stress over anything you say. Really

  22. My thing of it is this Monique when are you going to let that bitterness go this beenn10-12 years ago… If she never apologizes what are you going to do with your life still hold on to the fact that Oprah Winfrey never apologize. Baby let that go.

  23. It is time for her to let go. Oprah is not going to apologise, whether she is right or wrong. Mo’Nique needs to forgive and heal for her soul. Her truth is her truth and going on and on and on about this is insane, nothing is changing. She is more than this Oprah thing but always talking about it keeps her attached to Oprah and the hurt. Eight years and she is still standing still with this. What is she going to do if Oprah never apologises? Complain about it till the day she dies? She only knows her side and it is painful and will remain so as long as she is waiting to be validated by Oprah. By demanding the apology year later she is asking Oprah to validate her hurt. The show is not even on the air any more.

  24. Well note this…not a big fan of any…however if they all should fall…Oprah, Tyler, Lee, Steve and whoever the hell else Monique claims to have slighted her. trust and believe should they all fall…It won’t put her on top so what is her take away from all this? Misery loves company?….

  25. Look monique u might have a point with the Lee Daniels Situation, yet still i believe all of u are getting a payback for what that disgusting movie did to denegrade our black society as a whole! In the least of black households is that shit going on which was Displayed in that movie… Believe me u will suffer for this till the end of time! Lee Daniels is a self hating black men who has serious issues and is a pervert on top the movie is a sick fantasy of his Not no real Problem discussion and u Fell right into his trap…

  26. Mo girl it’s time to move on ,you are never going to get the apology u want out of any of these ppl and pointing the finger constantly isnt doing anything . Stop it

  27. Gay black men HATE strong black women. Let’s just be honest about that.

  28. I’m so proud of Monique for her bravery, thank God for these strong black women who has the courage to speak up for their own rights and the others coming behind them!! ♥️

  29. This bitch is just saying this shit because she’s still angry that Netflix thought she’s only worth $500k and the damn whole world agreed.
    If she got the millions she thought she deserved and had no issue with Lee, then she would be right here calling out Fox for whitewashing and removing all shows with Black leads.
    This bitch fake as fuck.

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