Rapper Fabolous and baby mama Emily Bustamante ending violent relationship

Fabolous and Emily B are calling it quits/TMZ.

Fabolous, Emily B are severing ties. 

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NEW YORK — You can stick a fork in Fabolous and Emily Bustamante because they’re done. After swappin’ spit for more than a decade, the 41-year-old rapper and his baby mama have apparently called it quits — ending their Ike and Tina-esque fusion. They share two children. Fabolous, if you recall, was caught on video going off on Emily and her dad with a pair of scissors — resulting in a grand jury indictment anchored by one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, two counts of threatening to kill and one count of weapon possession.

Fabolous did, however, strike a plea indenture with prosecutors to circumvent imprisonment. But, child support expenditures could become an issue. Emily, an east coast shoe designer, gave birth to their first son in 2008 before having another one in 2015. Fabolous denies they’re breaking up.

But TMZ caught him breakin’ bread with another chick.

Do you think they’re better off apart?

Or, should they work it out for the children?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I know how fabulous feels of u got ur baby’s mom’s family interfering with everything id be mad too my wife’s mom who raised her always there threatening me and taljing shit when I’m sitting here trying to work it out with my wife

  2. Humboldt Parks Son

    Baby mamas bring out the worse in the most humbling man. I’ve seen way too many times. Dirty bitches know what buttons to push.

  3. Up in come 🎤💯💯

  4. Negro Exciting News Fun 2

    She probably gave him syphalis???

  5. There is more to this story than we know……. thats my take on it.

  6. let’s be honest fab was lucky ray j wasn’t there

  7. Fab was trippin trippin🤨

  8. fabolous….this ain’t a good look fam, you looking bad out here in these streets

  9. You point a scissor and threaten my daughter infront of me, i would slit ur throat open and kill you on the spot!

  10. Fabolous is one of the best! Lady’s always act like the victim!

  11. Daniel † DeJesus

    systematic scissorization.

  12. Fabulous a pussycat doll I’ll smash his bitchass

  13. dont fuk wit a scorpio

  14. Justin Williams

    He needs to get her out of his house. Shes gona be the end to Fab

  15. fabulous gay. he doesn’t like women

  16. Not the scissors lol

  17. THE NO FILTER GUY!!!!!

    Damn his babymomma is fine asf..she thick too

  18. Emily ain’t nothing but a groupie wanting to get wifed up, it comes with the territory, sweetie!

  19. Cerebral Sierra

    Truth be told, Fab went off like that cause her father stole money from him and Emily knew about it. That’s why he was mad that the man was at his house. He found out about it and Emily was hiding it. Emily gave him the combination to his safe. That’s why Fab was heated like that. I hate a thief too. So I wish people would stop trynna paint Fab like he’s a bad guy. He was protecting what he earned.

  20. Lmao he so called knocked out your front teeth yet u still sleeping in the same bed with em 🤔 suspicious

  21. Knock the rest of her teeth out fuck bitches she prolly cheated and deserved it

  22. Plug Industries

    B!thes will take you there. When they’re ready to move on, it has to be some big dramatic scene to justify them leaving.

  23. Yo I’m so mad that he’s even disrespecting her father like even if they don’t have a good relationship the way he threatened him and said whys he in “MY” house … he feels too powerful

  24. Why is he still dressing like that at almost 60 yrs old ??

  25. fabolous is too old for this shit


  27. No therapist or doctor in the world can fix this. There relationship is DEAD☠️

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