Alabama dad gets the death penalty after shooting 1-year-old daughter in the head

Lionel Francis gets death penalty for killing daughter.

Psycho dad gets death sentence.

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HUNTSVILLE — Lionel Francis, the Alabama imbecile convicted of murdering his 1-year-old daughter, will suffer the death penalty. Circuit Judge Ruth Ann Hall rubber-stamped the verdict on Thursday after the jury voted 11 to 1 in favor of killing his ass. According to court docs, Lionel committed the filicide in May 2016 following a series of contretemps with his baby mama — Ashley Ross. After shooting the child in the forehead, a flagitious Lionel told Ashley: “Now you’ll have to live with what you made me do.”

When asked if her baby daddy planned on shooting her too, Ashley said “no” but he told her he “wasn’t going to have a baby with you, either.” Ashley told the court Lionel didn’t appear choleric at the time. When she turned her head, he cocked the gun and fired a shot.

Madison County Assistant District Attorney Tim Douthit sought the death penalty.

He eventually got it.

“I cannot think of anyone more deserving [of the death penalty] than somebody that executes another human being, let alone a child, let alone a toddler, let alone his own biological one-year-old,” Douthit told court members. “If you think that some people just deserve death, this is the guy.”

Lionel plans to appeal the court’s decision.

Do you agree with the death sentence?

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  1. Good judge.

  2. How ridiculous that it took more than three years to sentence him when there was a witness and evidence of his guilt. Something needs to be done regarding our legal system.

  3. Kill Him He Deserves Death…That Poor Baby And What That Sweet Innocent Child Went Through Before HE KILLED HER!!!!

  4. shouldve been a 12 to 0 vote

  5. Excellent Obviously a monster.

  6. It’s about time the death penalty was meted out for an absolutely savage, senseless crime.

  7. Just think about all the times we had to look at Charles Manson’s evil face when he made news from prison, (getting married, interviews, etc) it went on for almost 50 years! That’s how long this dirt bag Manson lived behind bars! He should have been promptly executed for heinous and evil crimes, which included stabbing Sharon Tate and the infant in her womb to death!

  8. That’s not a punishment. They should have gave him life and let the general population have him. They would punished him good. Now he gets put to sleep like an old beloved pet. #BanTheDeathPenalty

  9. I’m glad Trump made death sentence a federal sentence again. Some things like this thing should not be here. The last thing that poor little baby saw was her own father killing her.

  10. Death penalty is too good. Long and suffering life of hardship is more a punishment.

  11. I want to know who that one jury member was, and what was going through their mind?

  12. Just plain evil…no other excuse.

  13. This guy deserves to die… tomorrow!

  14. What a lowlife. So heartbreaking. RIP

  15. always the 13%

  16. Who would have a baby with that thing in the first place?

  17. One person voted against death penalty? How? A toddler. Was murdered.

  18. Black Lives Matter

  19. Watch who you reproduce with people are vindictive to the point that you would think they would never take out they’re anger out on a helpless child or animal but they absolutely will. This man has to repent and ask forgiveness from his father in heaven though I wouldn’t expect the mother or the child’s extended family to ever forgive him I don’t think I could either.

  20. A small cage full of photos of the baby has been built in hell…hurry up and get there!

  21. Now WE have to pay for this guy’s medical, entertainment, clothes, food, housing, education for the next 50-70 years…..GREAT

  22. There is no doubt that these people are animals. We see stories like this all the time . 13% comitting 50% 0f all the murders in this country and the naacap doesn’t care one bit. The liberals don’t care one bit. If they did they would at the very least address this matter. if they don’t care why should anyone care? I don’t. I say let the killing continue. It is the perfect form of population. control.

  23. Because many times you CAN judge a book by its cover!! He should have been executed by the end of May, 2016!!

  24. Most would wonder, how can someone be so evil? Don’t bring up race. This thing is not a race, it is the devil.
    Thankfully with the death penalty, it won’t get a chance to do it again.

  25. He deserves the death penalty now don’t make the tax payers pay for years housing this trash !!

  26. The way death penalty cases go anymore, he’ll probably outlive us all.

  27. Chief Pantsonfire

    He should’ve claimed he was performing a post term abortion….then all he would’ve been sentenced with would be practicing medicine without a license

  28. Black Lives Matter?

  29. Most would wonder, how can someone be so evil? Don’t bring up race. This thing is not a race, it is the devil.
    Thankfully with the death penalty, it won’t get a chance to do it again.

  30. I think a slow, painful, televised death is warranted for this monster.

  31. Bracefaceshari Cutie

    That is just so sad 😞 cause every day somebody is Dead 💀 in that is just so sad to me pray 🤞🏾🤞🏾😭😭😭😇😇🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  32. What a lowlife scumbag , he kills his little girl and blames it on her mother ! There is a special place in hell for creatures like him !

  33. TheRedCapitalist

    It’s a black guy, what a surprise. Guess little black daughter’s life didn’t really matter

  34. JHutch Tha Beast

    let me guess, its white peoples fault

  35. flip the switch

    piece of shit doesnt deserve to live another day

  36. Guns at home are whack.

  37. no pain no gain

    they should shoot him in the knee caps then pull his fingernails out one by one

  38. My Cousin Carlos

    fat piece of shit deserves to rot

  39. the fiery pits of hell await

  40. Fuk him burn in hell took this girl life his own daughter women need to stop getting with these no good thugs

  41. Eric Corvinelli

    I dont get it. Why man. Poor girl/mother.

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