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Duane Martin says ex-wife Tisha Campbell is cuckoo

Duane claims Tisha is mentally unstable/TMZ.

Tisha accused of being basket case. 

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LOS ANGELES — “It’s a thin line…” Tisha Campbell is batsh*t crazy, this according to her ex-husband Duane Martin who told court members she’s a “raging” basket case who suffers from a mental ailment. In case you didn’t know, after 22 years of holy matrimony, the couple got divorced last year. Now they’re in court bickering over marital assets and custodial arrangements for their two children. According to court docs, Tisha accused her former consort of purloining her mazuma. She also claims he has a history of beating her ass. Duane, however, said she’s “fabricating stories that clearly are untrue” due to her parlous cognitive state. Tisha, 50, reportedly had a “severe” breakdown in August 2017 that rendered her paranoid and anxious. Duane, 53, also claims he and his legal representatives had to take multiple breaks during his ex-wife’s deposition because she couldn’t keep her emotions in check.

A source close to Tisha labeled the allegations “nonsense,” claiming Duane’s accusations are merely another example of the “gaslighting” tactics he imposed upon his spouse during the course of their marriage. If it’s true Tisha is nuts, the malady hasn’t impeded her ability to secure employment. The former “Martin” actress will appear in a new sitcom later this fall and she’s also in the mix to land a reality TV show.

Do you believe Duane?

Is Tisha cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. 50-year-old actress, who rose to fame as a television star on shows like Martin and My Wife and Kids, is in deep financial trouble after filing bankruptcy for roughly $14.5 million in debt.

    Her husband of 22 years, actor Duane, is also listed in the filing as a debtor. Together, the couple share two sons—Xen and Ezekiel.

    They also share over $300,000 in personal and real estate property, including a $65,000 Los Angeles house, three cars and five motorcycles, according to bankruptcy papers obtained by E! News. When the couple filed in late January, they listed $15,000 in furniture and household goods, $1,000 in clothing and $2,500 in jewelry among their assets.

    They own Xen Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, Calif and the production and loan out company XE Visions, Inc. However, the couple claims in the filing that the restaurant no longer turns a profit.

    Currently, they bring in nearly $8,000 in monthly income and spend roughly double that amount in monthly expenses.

    The couple currently owes over $14 million in unpaid taxes, loans, car leases, credit card bills and other government debts. As of their January filing, they had $200 in cash and $173 in a Credit Union.

  2. His meal ticket is gone now and his career is yet to show any real work or he’d be boasting about it. Losers often misplace blame. Go your thing.

  3. If she is declared mental, then he gets the children, spousal and child support. Now let’s see if he wins like Usher and Steve Harvey.

  4. I always thought Martin Lawrence and Tisha was messing around and she left him to be with her other boy friend at the time but they said he broke now so she jumping back to martin

  5. Im not surprised like i thought something was wrong with her going back to the martin show after getting him for sexual harassment really Tishsa.

  6. Tisha has always been a trouble maker and she always thought she was a diva. I remember a interview her and Her husband did at their house she was bragging about what this and that cost and he was saying all she did was spend money, When she started dating Duane she tried to start a conflict between him and Martin than she filed sexual harassment charges against Martin which was thrown out of court, they owe so much money now she wants to run

  7. Stop lying Duane. The only thing you concerned about is trying to make Tisha C look as bad as possible for court. Stop this.

    You the one gonna have to deal with your grown man sons who, I promise, will NOT take kindly to you lying and trashing their mother. Plus give her emotions a break. She probably going thru menopause. Tisha still cute but she old now.

  8. She is Mentally unstable and so is my Ex but only when it comes to me. She’s probably just crazy whenever he’s involved. Just back off.

  9. I believe him, never liked Tisha she always seemed fake and a little off to me.

  10. I believe him. Tisha seems like a control freak. I’m glad he is divorced from her. I think he will be more successful in Hollywood without Tisha micromanaging his career. Her career is over, it’s time for him to shine like the true star that he is.

  11. What does Duane Martin even do for money these days? She’s the one continuously getting different jobs. she has a new sitcom coming out on Fox this fall and she just did episodes of Craig of the Creek….

  12. The real reason this is all happening is because tisha Campbell and martin lawrence are reuniting for a martin reboot

  13. She picked the wrong Martin! She need to go link with Tyler Perry and let him revive her career.

  14. Aww man Tisha I pray everything works out for the best..your beautiful talented and a role model plus you can sang! I’m supporting u all the way..find your happiness but spend some time alone to get over that fool..if wish too..

  15. I dealt with a similar situation for 11 years. He’s basically a narcissist, abuser, liar, and most likely a cheater.

  16. simple solution men….. do not get marry (black marriage is the #1 failure of Black men in America)…tape all encounters on your property in and out… Keep your phone on record at all times in and around any woman that your join with.

  17. Y’all so stupid she was married to this man for 20 years. Tisha has always act a little ceazy. And Duane makes money rather he’s relavent or not. Tisha has issues. She claim Martin sexual harassed her but want to do a reboot with him.

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