Rap Diva Nicki Minaj and her inamorato, Kenneth Petty, procuring marital status

Nicki and Kenneth are tying the knot/TMZ.

Nicki Minaj gets marriage license. 

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BEVERLY HILLS — Nicki Minaj is gettin’ hitched. But she’s keeping her impending nuptials on the hush hush for now. The “Beez in the Trap” rapper and her flagitious inamorato, Kenneth Petty, were spotted procuring a marriage license at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Monday. Witnesses said they even stood in line like regular patrons at the bureau’s customer service window that reads: “marriage licenses and ceremony appointments ONLY.” In an attempt to be incognito, Nicki donned a baseball cap over her knee-length cerise hairdo.

Kenneth, a registered sex offender, dressed as himself because nobody knows his ass.

In case you haven’t heard, he once used a knife to purloin nooky from a 16-year-old girl.

Kenneth also served time in the penitentiary for committing murder.

If you recall, back in June, Nicki announced on her “Queen Radio” show that the couple had already purchased their marriage license. But, that’s apparently not the case. As of now, they have 90 days to tie the knot before the certificate expires. Nicki, 36, and Kenneth, 41, rekindled their romantic flame a year ago. They dated off and on as teenagers. This will be Nicki’s first (and hopefully last) marriage.

What’s my take?

It’s no secret the pool of eligible bachelors is diminutive at best — forcing many single ladies to lower their standards. But, damn. Nicki, who’s filthy rich, is engaged to a registered sex offender with a murder conviction. Ladies, it doesn’t matter if you’re affluent or penurious.

You better settle for what you can get or be alone.

After all, bachelorettes have negligible options.

Nicki’s engagement is living proof of that.

Conversely, if you’re a bachelor, the singles market couldn’t be more immense. Fellas can literally vet and choose what type of chick they want. There’s really no excuse for a man to go vulva-less. If a homicidal rapist like Kenneth can secure a piece of derrière, anybody can.

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  1. And will get their divorce papers in Compton.

  2. this should be the hood rat wedding of the year

  3. Pelosi OWNS 🍄rump

    This will not end well.

  4. @Pelosi OWNS 🍄rump: You kidding? This guy just bagged the easiest meal ticket of his life 😂😂

  5. I used to actually think she was hot. Now she looks like a freak

  6. I expected more from Nicki Minaj. She usually dates guys that are super cool like Safari and Meek Mill. This guy is not cool at all. He’s really plain Jane. I don’t think this relationship will last long. Nicki can do much better then Kenneth Petty.

  7. MotherOfDragons

    He looks like a real winner

  8. two zeros!

  9. Commodus the unmerciful

    Her biological clock ⏰ is ticking

  10. Someone Somewhere

    I took a shower after looking at this photo….then got a check up for stds.

  11. Satan Is A Liberal

    Reception at Popeyes

  12. I think I just got an STD looking at this.

  13. Her boyfriend always has a stupid smug look on his face, that makes him look so unlikable. Why cant Nicki realize that he’s using her? It’s so obvious to everyone else how this will end. At the end of the day exactly what is this loser contributing to their relationship? I dont know what she sees in him at all. For her to wait this long to get married you would think that she would’ve chosen someone way better than this bum.

  14. warren22theape

    Nicki Minaj come on! This guy is a complete loser. You can’t do better than this?

  15. @warren22theape: no she isnt. niki is trash they are perfect for each other

  16. 🙅🏾🙅🏾🙅🏾🙅🏾🗣️DON’T DO IT 🙅🏾🙅🏾🙅🏾🗣️DON’T

  17. The dude look like he never worked a day in his life …@nikki smh

  18. Nikki can do whatever she fucking wants too doesn’t mean she’s getting married tbh she should have already been had her license tho

  19. Who cares but her die hard fans, really? People have moved on.
    Cardi B. took her place a long time ago. Yall can report on someone
    relevant, stop reaching for stories.

  20. I hope she made him sign a strong prenup. If not she has made a huge future error.

  21. Nicki do WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! Nobody knows why you love that man the way you do and everybody will share there opinion

  22. Oh Nicki.. what is happening😏

  23. Alonzo Castoire

    She married a peddy alright,
    A pedophile/rapist.

  24. He’ll do her in fa sho🤦🤷😲

  25. Now I know the guy IS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER (that’s FACT) but who he killed though🤔

  26. That relationship is doomed, LOL!

  27. Maria Slavinski

    The name fits her well Nicki Petty or Petty Nicki!! Yeah she is def petty!!! O the clowning she gonna hear bout herself the pettiness will come out!! lol

  28. Dontrell Johnos

    Let y’all know Nicki Minaj have a fake booty

  29. Natalie O'Brien

    everyone deserves a second chance.
    except pedophiles.
    they can rot.

  30. Is this a joke?

  31. Nicki has lost it she can do waaaay better than this smh…

  32. They both petty lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Morenike Campbell

    fuck you nicki

  34. Sorry guys, but I would lie of I said “I think she should marry this guy” and he makes me feel hella uncomfortable 😕
    I love her, and it’s her life and she can do whatever she wants and she can marry whoever she wants.
    I know she loves him a lot, but I think Kenny will break her heart..

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