Reality TV bailiff Renard Spivey allegedly murdered his wife over sexual frustration

Reality TV bailiff Renard Spivey murders wife.

Reality TV bailiff murders his wife.

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HOUSTON — How’s this for flippin’ the script? Renard Spivey, the 63-year-old sheriff’s deputy who served as a bailiff on the reality TV show “Justice For All with Judge Cristina Perez,” was thrown behind bars after he allegedly murdered his wife because she wouldn’t give up the derrière. The uxoricide went down around 3 a.m. Sunday morning inside the couple’s home in Houston, Texas. According to court documents, Renard experienced a series of contretemps with his 52-year-old wife — Patricia Spivey.

The quarrel stemmed from Renard’s sexual exasperation and steroid use.

In other words, he wanted some booty.

Moments later, Renard and Patricia got into a scuffle over a firearm. “We was arguing and tussling with the gun,” Renard told investigators during the interrogation process. “We had been arguing all day.” As the struggle intensified, the gun went off three times. Two bullets hit Patricia and another struck Renard.

The former didn’t make it.

The latter suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

Patricia’s cadaver was found inside their bedroom closet.

Renard was arrested and charged with murder.

Those close to Patricia still can’t believe she’s gone. “She just loved life. Always smiling. Always loved photography. Loved to take pictures,” said her brother, Ezra Washington. “I know where she’s going. I know the life she lived. You know, she did well. Gone too soon but she did well.”

Renard claims the shooting was an accident.

Do you believe him?

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  1. This is beyond sad😔prayers to her family

  2. Maybe she had it commin.. She did shot him in the leg

  3. Takman Klan Killa 187

    Its a crazy world we live in

  4. Raquel Brickerson

    So sad!! Wow

  5. He may be big but I am only 5 feet 11 inches and 148lbs but me I whip his ass.

  6. Send his ass to prison! Typical killer ass cop. 🖕🏾

  7. Nesha Britwood

    Is this really real?

  8. Francisco Guzman

    This is so shocking. I can only imagine how judge cristina perez feels . She’s probably in shock.

  9. Innocent until proven guilty isnt a thing anymore? Almost all the comments saying he did it or something to that extent. Why? How? I haven’t seen any evidence on this yet.

  10. Can’t even confront your spouse for cheating might end up dead…

  11. I never feel sorry for cops. Guilty or innocent, IDGAF if he goes to jail.

  12. Shooting somebody twice is no accident.
    And look at the size difference he easily could have took the the gun away from her he’s trained too.

    He murdered her

  13. This is like the oj Simpson thing all over again but a different plot twist

  14. Why does everything happen at 3:00am

  15. Horrible. You just never know…

  16. Accidentally shot his wife my ass.

  17. Clearly she pushed him too far. And i know my comment will get backlash but if this was a female killing a male they would say the same thing. “He pushed her to her breaking point” 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. He’s a good looking dude, but looks ain’t everything!

  19. End of The Maafa

    this is why i don’t deal with black women

  20. How do u accidentally shoot someone 2 times????

  21. Dude was making good money

  22. Boku No Hunter

    Accident ? TWICE ? …

  23. He’s 63?! Nigga looks 36!

  24. MisterTripleESS

    Wow I remember seeing him on court tv.

  25. This show was not popular stop it 🙄

  26. Too much steroids 🖕🏻

  27. I have horrible taste in men! Ive always thawt he looked so patient and gentle.lord let me have no control over who my husband is,let it be all u.

  28. I smell bullshit on his breath

  29. At least his victim wasn’t white

  30. RussiaNukesAmerica3

    U.S. cops aren’t playing with a full deck, especially brainwashed Negro cops.

  31. what was he doing reaching for his gun in the first place

  32. Rondell Joseph

    Wow. He went from being the bailiff in “Cristina’s Court” (2006) to being behind bars himself.

  33. Road work ahead

    Oh how the turn tables

  34. Ruthless Lover

    pussy will make a nigga do crazy shit

  35. thats a big nigga

  36. HE’S A GOOD MAN.

  37. Where is the side chic

  38. Im not saying he didn’t do it but what if the wife pointed the gun at the husband with anger when she found out he was cheating on her. He reaches for the gun in attempt to disarm her but he or her actually accidentally shoots two rounds killing the wife???

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