‘Black Lightning’ stars talk season 3

Black Lightning cast discuss season three/Comic-Con.

Black Lightning actors open up. 

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SAN DIEGO, Cali — Is there an Arrowverse crossover on the horizon? During a recent appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con, the cast of “Black Lightning” made themselves sedentary to confabulate on the metahuman skirmish that looms this fall on season three. The 5-member D.C. Comics panel was comprised of lead thespian Cress Williams (Black Lightning), China Anne McClain (Jennifer Pierce/Lightning), Christine Adams (Lynn Pierce), Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III (Tobias Whale) and Jordan Calloway (Khalil Payne).

China shaved her hair off, shocking many in attendance.

In addition to conveying a précis on Markovia’s invasion of Freeland, Georgia and the potency of Tobias’ metahuman trafficking business, Cress said he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Black Lightning and his daughters — Thunder and Lightning — end up forming alliances with Arrowverse superheroes.

We’re talking a crossover with “The Flash,” “Arrow” and “Supergirl.”

Super cool!

Season three of Black Lightning premieres Oct. 21st on the CW.

Watch the panel discussion.

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  1. ⚡🖤Look at My Boy!! Kron… the DON!! Chillin ‘ !!!!🖤❤️🖤♥️🖤⚡⚡⚡⚡

  2. 💕♥️💕💘💝🔥China looks Great with low hair!!!😍😍❣️❣️💝🖤❣️💟❣️💔💝💞💓💋💞💟💓💘💯

  3. Black lightning is a great show season 2 was incredible but what I love is the women in black lightning they are beautiful and great to look at 🤷🏽‍♂️💯💯💯

  4. aryansweetsongs



  6. Seriously, I love them all

  7. Roderick Turner

    Well that was cool! 👍😁👌

  8. I love black lightning and the whole cast 💯❤️ I want a crossover of supergirl and black lightning 🌩 make it happen CW

  9. Misses Mandarin

    Kahlil, Kahlil, the sex appeal

  10. Black Chocolate

    These black sisters are beautiful, so glad they have preetty, gorgeous black women, an the young guy is a chocolate treasure

  11. I smell a crossover episode. Supergirl and Black lightning👍💯🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Supergirl sucks

  13. Desmond Lawson

    Love black lightning, arguably the best dcw series. Flash is my second and can be argued to be 1 as well.

  14. Just WhoTheFuckAreYou?

    People need to start giving this show credit

  15. Can we finally have a crossover with the other Arrowverse shows?

  16. Alex Kartwright

    The show is really dope. Great cast

  17. Yeh, season 3 please 💕

  18. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

    Black Lightning is not Arrowverse.

  19. Alefunzo Uzzle

    Best show on TV with the best cast!

  20. Miss them so much. But China looks so good with her hair short.

  21. Season 3 Let’s Gooooo!!! Can’t wait

  22. I love this show!,Its positive, and uplifting.Cast,and writers are on point!

  23. Spiritually Chantae

    Can we appreciate how beautiful China is 😍😍

  24. The Anti-Monitor

    We need the crossover of BL and Supergirl.

  25. Lala/The Tattoo man better return… something tells me those new tattoos of his could give the pierce family a run for they’re 💰

  26. The MOST #Racist show on TV #💩

  27. Dark God Darkseid

    Black Lightning is back baby ❤️

  28. Shinelle Joyce

    In season three I need them to really develop Jennifer’s character. I get she’s still a teen, but she must realize the powers she harness’ and stabilize her emotions. There were too many occasions she’s almost gotten herself and her family hurt or revealed who they are.

  29. Pain Killer is my favorite boy character 😍

  30. amariyah valentine

    Kill agent Odell


    Season 3 Why?? This show has been rated a 55 out of a 100 sense season 1. Guess there to afraid to cancel a show with an African American as the lead!!!

  32. Cress Williams is soo fine ❤❤❤❤❤ Also Nafessa’s body is BANGING

  33. hazardousone79

    Best live action super hero tv series hands down!!!


    I thought this show was supposed to be cancelled.

  35. Love Love This Show; Not only this is all black cast but black natural beautiful women who hair, makeup and style is always on point!!!!!!TY for representing black woman well!!!

  36. The most blackest cast ever. Need more diversity on that group tho😂😂😂

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