Eddie confirms “Coming to America 2,” scheduled to hit theaters August 2020

Coming to America sequel coming soon.

Coming to America sequel on its way.

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LOS ANGELES — Rose Bearers get ready! His royal highness Prince Akeem is “Coming to America” again. Except this time he’s not looking for a bride. After a 31-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy and company are in the process of concocting “Coming 2 America.” The African-based sequel is scheduled to hit theaters on August 7, 2020. Officials with Paramount Pictures confirmed the good news. Eddie, who portrays Prince Akeem of Zamunda, will be joined by costars Arsenio Hall (Semmi), James Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer), Louie Anderson (fast food worker), John Amos (Cleo McDowell) and Shari Headley (Lisa McDowell).

Age, however, could play a factor.

Eddie is 58-years-old.

Arsenio is 63.

James is 88.

Louie is 66.

John is 79.

And Shari is 55.

That’s an AARP lineup for your ass.

West African comic Michael Blackson, a native of Ghana, announced his commitment shortly after receiving a personal invitation from Eddie. Directed by Craig Brewer, “Coming 2 America” will pick up where the 1988 film left off. After learning he had a long-lost son in the United States, Prince Akeem travels back to America to meet the improbable heir of Zamunda’s throne.

Are you excited about the sequel?

Did they wait too damn long?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. A Positive Lifestyle

    It won’t be the same or magical I can assure you. Leave it alone too much has changed

  2. Put terry crews somewhere in that movie maybe he could be the girl that tries to pick them up on thier first night out ”I’m gonna tear you up…your friend too”

  3. Christopher Brooks

    Anybody whos not excited about this movie is a diseased rhinoceros pizzle.

  4. General_Buttcrack _Naked

    I want to see the Royal Prince of Zamunda again! Plus I wonder if Randy Watson will do a concert

  5. When I was a kid and saw this film…..I really wanted to visit Zamunda, a rich, peaceful African nation with happy people ruled by a benevolent King. Then I discovered that no such place exists 😔

  6. To Release is To Resolve

    I got $5 it is going to suck ass. Consistently when they do these comedy sequels years upon years after the original it is trash.

  7. Charles Stevenson

    Its IS TOO LATE.. Everyone will be disappointed…Eddie&Arsenio have not been funny in along time..they should not do it.. They should just guest star In Black Pather 2

  8. Andre Tresvant

    Yes!! Do it!! Even funner now with everybody older” they still look a lot the same though” they can do it! Make it more modern!

  9. Just let your soul glow. Feelin’ oh so silky smooth.

  10. Oh that’s pretty damn hilarious. Trying to make a sequel to Coming To America in the era of Trumpism? Good luck.

  11. This is America Jack! I’m goin to put my foot up in your royal ass! Never gets old lol 😂😂😂

  12. Dr malachi Love

    Sexual chocolate!

  13. Sheeeeees yoooour Queeeeen toooouuuoooo beeeee 😄😂😂


  15. Michael Blackson would be funnier than Kevin Hart imo.

  16. They better make this shit right because Coming to America & Harlem Nights is my top 2 favorite comedy movies ever.

  17. Let’s hurry up, James Earl Jones isn’t getting any younger.

  18. In the sequel Eddie Murphy will sing
    “My queen likes to party all the time, party all the time”

  19. Sexual Chocolate !!! “they play so fine, don’t you agree?

  20. Sal Dimarchese

    i wonder what jackson heights own, mr randy watson is up to these days, i’ll always remember his cameo in “thats my momma” damn that boy good.

  21. Michael Knight

    Eddie Murphy should make a Boomerang sequel.

  22. Incredible Love

    Best movie eva! Late 80s Eddie yes! “That ‘ll b 8 dollars” & “ ok now wtf do u want” 😹🤣 2 of many of my fav lines from the movie

  23. They’ll screw it up…

  24. 31yrs……🤔

  25. Keitra Sanders

    Hey Fuck you,Fuck you, & Fuck you…who’s next😀

  26. Jewel justjewel

    There can never be another coming to america.. The time period has passed People dont think the same way anymore… America has a different cultural climate than it used to have -It can never happen in the same way and the story finished..

  27. Oh man! I can’t wait for CTA 2.

  28. Why do we need a sequel? The original was perfect as a stand-alone movie! You don’t need a sequel for EVERYTHING! Stop being lazy and start writing original material!

  29. No coincidence on the timing. They see black panther get all that over hype so they think “hey! What another movie about African royalty we can make? Yeah! We should win an Oscar for this! Or a Nobel peace prize even!!!”

  30. General Buttcrack

    I want to see the Royal Prince of Zamunda again! Plus I wonder if Randy Watson will do a concert

  31. … Cue black on black hate. Black people never fail to destroy each other. 😢

  32. Eddie Murphy, would you kindly consider casting some real African actors in Africa like Frank Artus, Genevieve Nnaji and O.C Ukeje and Wunmi Mosaku, please?

  33. The original had so many iconic lines: “What is that, velvet?”, “I have a date with Lisa!”, “In da’ FACE!”, “I THOUGHT IT WAS THE TRASH!”, etc.


    I watch this movie 12 times a year since 2014.
    Never get tired

  35. Eddie, please don’t do this.

  36. Samuel L Jackson better have a cameo

  37. Mickle In a Pickle

    Bring back the “Soul Glow”

  38. The royal penis is clean your highness . . . . Every boy from the 80s favorite scene from any movie ever LOL

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