2019 NFL Hall of Fame: Chiefs star Tony Gonzalez shows Kansas City appreciation

Tony Gonzalez joins NFL Hall of Fame.

Tony Gonzalez finally enshrined. 

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CANTON — If you’re a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2019 NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony held special meaning. Three former Chiefs — Johnny Robinson, Ty Law and Tony Gonzalez — received their effigies Saturday night in Canton, Ohio. The latter delivered the final speech. After years of harboring morose feelings about his many playoff failures in KC, Gonzalez articulated several innermost moments while delineating his 12 years of experience as Chief.

“From [the University of California] Berkeley to the Kansas City Chiefs,” Gonzalez boasted during his lengthy oration. “[I was the] 13th pick overall [in the 1997 NFL Draft]. I want to thank Lamar Hunt, Norma Hunt and Clark Hunt for taking a chance on me. I really appreciate you guys.”

“I want to thank Carl Peterson, general manager, for trading up to number 13,” Gonzalez continued. “Thank you for taking that chance on me. I know we had our battles during contract negotiations. But we always got it done… thank you for paying me… I appreciate it.”

Gonzalaz also paid homage to Chiefs fans. He even vocalized KC’s distinct rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” which concludes with “Home of the CHIEFS!” Gonzalez did, however, slip up when he accidentally pronounced Marty Schottenheimer dead. But he effectuated a swift amelioration.

Schottenheimer, former head coach of the Chiefs, suffers from a severe case of Alzheimer’s.

But he’s definitely alive.

Gonzalez, 43, is the only tight end in NFL history to become a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Did you watch the enshrinement ceremony?

Are you surprised Gonzalez showed the Chiefs so much love?

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  1. his wife had a look of can I get the credit card to go shopping.yes latter.

  2. Remember 2003 Chiefs playoff lost Colts and Tony G spoke to KC Star in tears about how he felt like he let vets Will Shields Willie Roaf Tony Richardson down bc he knew they were soon to retire. Dude was passionate about the gams. Go CHIEFS.

  3. One of the best TE ever to lace them up.🎖

  4. Greatest speech I heard all night!

  5. Daniel Brokmeier

    #GOAT #Legend

  6. Jonathan Torres

    Best TE of all time

  7. Hector Rodriguez

    Congrats Tony Gonzalez The GOAT

  8. Definitely better then rob Gronkowski

  9. Tony G! Miss seeing you out there brother. Thanks for everything.

  10. This man is garbage shouldved never been in the hall

  11. Tony is a real one! 💯. Such a class act. GOAT TE

  12. @Chachi: Really? Your comment don’t belong in here!

  13. TG=Greatest TE ever, Gronk=Best

  14. Just imagine if Tony came around this era of football. Unstoppable

  15. Chiefs Kingdom

    GOAT not even a question. Was able to put up a show with no name QBs and Matt Ryan.

    For those who think Gronk, Gates, and Sharpe are the GOAT (one of the three)

    You’re retarded
    -anyone who watches football with an iq above 10

  16. GOAT!!! Tony did everything the right way on and off the field and truly is an inspiration

  17. Tony Gonzales was a great player but parts of his speech were kinda corny. That bullying story was so exaggerated. However his speech turns around when he’s speaking from the heart. Hall of Fame player, Great person, Mediocre speech writer, Poor commentator lol

  18. Chris Dropulich

    Congratulations again to Tony Gonzalez, he really deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He changed the game when it comes to tight ends and how they play the game.

  19. I am a Bronco fan and I could not wait to see Tony Gonzales inducted into the HOF. The man is and was incredible! He was a nightmare for me and I suppose there is no greater compliment I could give him. I love and respect you Tony. Congratulations! Stellar players like you make football so awesome!

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