Victoria’s Secret hires transgender model Valentina Sampaio to re-establish image

Valentina Sampaio makes history with Victoria’s Secret/Getty Images.

Victoria’s Secret goes transgender. 

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Victoria’s Secret just unleashed a big secret! The renowned lingerie corporation will cast its first transgender woman as a nightwear model. On Monday, company officials announced the employment of 22-year-old Brazilian fashionista Valentina Sampaio who’ll make her Victoria’s Secret debut in a photo shoot for the VS Pink catalog. “Never stop dreaming,” a thankful Valentina wrote on Instagram. Her agent, Erio Zanon, confirmed the shocking news saying Valentina “believes that this is a great opportunity to break barriers” in the fashion industry “and to contribute to a bigger representation for everybody.”

Transgender actress, Laverne Cox, echoed a similar sentiment via Instagram.

“Wow finally!” she wrote.

However, not everybody’s on board with Valentina’s rise to vogue stardom. Ed Razek, the company’s chief marketing officer, said he wasn’t in favor of showcasing “transsexuals” in Victoria’s Secret extravaganzas. So it’s probably no coincidence he retired the same day Valentina got hired.

Do you think he was pushed out?

Are you happy for Valentina?

Should women be pissed?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This trans woman looks better than those Instagram model on VS

  2. The endtimes are here

  3. So weak. I cant believe this. Make your own lane! Stop impeding on our culture.

  4. So basically they hired a man to model women’s lingerie because a small group of people who probably don’t even buy their products got mad.

  5. Disgusting!

  6. They’re all trannys to begin with!

  7. VICTORS SECRET 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Watchwoman For Jesus Christ

    This is a NO for me. hmm

  9. Wow she’s stunning!!

  10. @Leroy Lavea: He’s a guy you mong

  11. LBGTQ = mental illness and less than 3% of population. Please do not Promote it.

  12. Parker Delattibodier

    A lot of these transgender models are from different countries like France one from playboy, which was the first one for playboy and now victoria secret from Brazil. The only one that I know of in the United States of America is Bruce Jenner.

  13. As a heterosexual male, I hope this lady-boy would be honest with a man as to its origins.

  14. So lets get this straight…..A Man in Victoria Secret, A man in the Miss Universe Pageant, Men dominating in Women’s Sports and a Man wins woman of the year. And the feminist support this?

  15. I just threw up in my mouth. Talk about false advertising.

  16. Victoria’s secret: Their secret is that they have trannies already and lie to us that they are real women and made many women insecure about their bodies because they have to compete with a person who is biological born male and grew up with surgeries and hormones acting like a real women and making us believe it

  17. Victoria’s secret makes lingerie for women – it fits some, it doesn’t fit others, however this is ridiculous! Valentina is “tucking” her Johnson, and has a boob job. God knows what other plastic surgeries exist. Valentina doesn’t need a bra nor a g-string. Is this “body positivity” for women, or just another man taking a woman’s job? Not diversity at all…

  18. She is beautiful, To all the females whales & cows congratulations you have been outdone by a non biological.

  19. Eeww no thanks You wont know if your looking at a female or a modified male. The trans agenda sure is ramping up to blurr the lines between genders

  20. I wish this openly transgender model major widespread success! We need more open minds and diversity!

  21. i don’t think this is really the first transgendered VS model. She only happens to be the first openly transgendered person in VS. I have always thought VS models were too masculine looking. I wouldn’t not be surprised that there were already transgendered in VS before. You can tell by the large hands/feet/ adam apple and extremely wide shoulder narrow hip. There are clearly breast implant basketball shaped on these in the closet trans model.

  22. It's Me Carlos

    victoria’s secret hires bitch with a dick……… hell has frozen over

  23. Nitroracing71 Ho-Boa

    First and foremost first secret, he’s a fagget dressing in girl cloths!

  24. They hire her when VS is tanking and stores are closing

    She should have declined….if she wasn’t good enough to model for them when they are at their peak then she’s not good enough to model for VS when their at their lowest

  25. seeyouagain911

    I bet all the men are going to stop watching the runway models. Lol! Well done Victoria Secret! Regular women can finally have their men giving attention to them.

  26. Real women are not shaped like a man. Their fake curves are disgusting. You can’t change your DNA. Their agenda is simple,to make straight men lust after other men and make straight women lust after other women. So now in our culture,a man only becomes a woman if he puts on lipstick and a dress. That’s all it takes to manipulate and deceive the masses. Real women everywhere should be humiliated and infuriated. To lose a contest to a man. What has this world become? Sodom and Gomorrah never ceased to exist.
    Take a fruitcake,cover it with delicious chocolate frosting. You can’t pass it off as a chocolate cake.

  27. This title is false. All models in Victoria’s Secret are men. That’s the secret. This person is the first to be revealed as a man.

    Lipstick on a pig. Nasty abomination in the eyes of God Almighty. These men are pushing real women and girls out of everything.

  28. wtf is wrong with the people in this comment section lmao. you all act so deeply hurt and let down because they decided to hire a transgender woman like if it’s going to directly affect your life. quit worrying about other people’s success and get on your own shit. no matter how much hateful shit you all write she still modeling and making way more money soooo

  29. The transpocalypse is here 😱

  30. Jocelyn Thompson

    Honestly wasn’t expecting so much transphobia in the comment section. A lot of you don’t even know what you’re talking about. 🙄

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