Tyrese Gibson slams “Hobbs & Shaw”

Hobbs & Shaw experiencing box office struggles.

Hobbs & Shaw lands criticism.

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HOLLYWOOD — Tyrese Gibson continues to hate on “Fast & Furious” costar Dwayne Johnson. The 40-year-old actor tossed shade at Dwayne’s new movie — “Hobbs & Shaw” — after the spin-off engendered a measly $180 million last weekend in global box office sales — the franchise’s most diminutive output since “Tokyo Drift” in 2006. By comparison, the previous installment (Fate of the Furious) generated a whopping $1.239 billion. Tyrese lambasted Dwayne’s decision to concoct the oeuvre because it retarded the cinematic release of “Fast & Furious 9.” Thanks to an arduous custody battle and subsequent child support devoir, Tyrese is in dire need of remuneration.

If you recall, he posted a video of himself crying like a lil bitch two years ago.

Nevertheless… after learning the pecuniary shortcomings of “Hobbs & Shaw,” Tyrese talked trash to the former WWE star. “I have to show my respects for one thing … He tried,” Tyrese wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. “Folks called me a hater … And attacked me for speaking out.”

“Breaking up the family clearly doesn’t have the value that one would assume it does,” Tyrese added. “You know what… maybe, just maybe … The Rock and the crew will come dance with us again for #Fast10. We can all hug it out and get back to giving the true fans who have supported this franchise for 20 years WHAT they want … Not hating. I’m just pointing out the facts.”

Again, sounds like Tyrese is short on mazuma and he’s blaming Dwayne for it.

A damn shame.

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  1. Who cares

  2. In related news: Tyrese still isn’t working. At all.

  3. OneNationUnderGod

    Tyrese is not handling aging very well. He need some to sit down and take some notes from his pal Johnson. Unlike Tyrese, he has more going for him than a tired franchise that needs to be put on the shelves.

  4. Tyrese is going to talk or tweet himself out of a job, His big mouth is going to get him in trouble / put him into unemployment. It is kinda fun to watch a total idiot drive himself off a cliff being totally oblivious to it. Yes make fun of the big star of the series when you are a bit player…. yeah that will keep you in the series. Hmmmm whom will the producers keep in the FF series The Rock or Tyrese………hmmmm????

  5. Had a stronger opening than all but TWO, had only a partial opening in the UK and still waiting for China, Korea, France & Italy openings. Likewise, just because it doesn’t beat out the highest grossing movie out of this franchise doesn’t invalidate its existence or success (or that it shouldn’t have been made).

    The reality is, Tyrese is simply rear-end hurt because of Dwayne’s success and the only reason he has a job as an actor (and gets a decent pay check) is because he lucked out and was casted into the franchise to begin with.

  6. What has Tyrese even done lately? The Rock has been making money while he makes videos of himself crying, I mean he hasn’t even made any music! Guess somebody a lil jelly smh.

  7. Tyrese go away you can never ever compare yourself to Dwayne, Remember envy looks good on no one.

  8. No i’m pretty sure Paul Walker tragically being killed is what “broke up the family” The one with the tribute to Walker is the last one i’ll ever watched. They should have stopped it there. Everyone knew if you went any further they weren’t going to be good.

  9. Jealous much?

  10. He is just jealous…jealousy is unbecoming Tyrese…Get over it

  11. The Rock ✋ said Tyrese Gibson’s face taste good smack

  12. Who’s Tyrese Gibson?

  13. Bet Tyrese Gibson doesn’t want to talk about where the big money #’s count. Why doesnt he compare bank accounts or lifestyles? Oh wait thats right. LOL

  14. Dwayne Johnson is a mediocre action “star”. Can we please stop putting him in 35 films a year? Every role he plays is dumb and uninspired.

  15. We watched the movie. Totally different from the rest but it was quite interesting. Would I watch another sequel? Sure why not

  16. News flash all those movies suck! Dwayne just get your money man and don’t worry about broke actors who’s glory days are over ! He is always crying about something! Let people make money ,that’s what it’s there for! Now shut up and go and get yours . Fast 10 ,man please stop!

  17. The family was already “broken” after the death of Paul Walker. You can’t do a proper FNF without him. RIP man.

  18. The “spin off” is utter garbage! Pay everybody and pull the plug out the socket! Please don’t torment the fans any farther😥

  19. Tyrese…. you mad cuz your singing career is done bruh….. i can smell what your cookin… HATE! have a glass of water cuz you mad salty. Lol.

  20. Tyrese stop being a bitch. You know damn well the headliner of any movie has nothing to do with release date of the film. Only the executive producer makes that call. You’re just pissed off because after the F&F run you because irrelevant……again.

  21. What a loser

  22. Former Democrat Never Agn!

    Tyrese Gibson is one of those black guys that Absolutely has to show off and showboat and try and prove that he is cool when he is just a silly 3rd rate actor.

  23. Tyrese gotta chill. Hollywood doesnt like the “angry black guy”. They want u to be gentle and stoic(sidney poitier,denzel washington). All this ranting is only making directors NOT want to even see u attend an audition. Chill out…when u guys finish this series (if it finishes) it will prolly go down as the greatest collection of movies EVER (at least by box office standards). Imagine how much money will be made by YOU tyrese on the back end when you are old and gray and little kids run up to u at comic con in the year 2040 saying “HEY THATS ROMAN!!!!”

  24. Bro the spin off was great I love hobbs and Shaw

  25. I still believe they should have ended this franchise with Furious 7.

  26. Gibson is mad that he can’t ride the Rock’s coattails to another easy pay check.

  27. We want a Ludacris and Tyrese Fast and Furious combo, Something down to earth, real like Waste deep and exciting, use them to bring people back into the franchise

  28. I just Saw the film and is amazing just like the other Fast and Furious ❤

  29. Christian Morales

    This mf will always be a fucking hater, go make another crazy video 📹 bro lol

  30. I saw it last night. Great fucking movie.

  31. Tyrese threatened to leave if the rock returned then stayed after “talking to the producer” lol gtfoh… we all know he stayed because he would be out of a job… no way the FF franchise would choose him over the Rock. 😂😂

  32. Christopher Moore

    The one thing you’ll never see the Rock do is whine about how someone else is compounding his life problems. In fact, he doesn’t talk about his life problems, because he’s not a lil bitch. He just overcomes obstacles and tries to encourage others to have that same tenacity.

  33. Selena Hernandez

    It seems to me Tyrese is just jealous of Dwayne😂

  34. Richard harris

    This man has no Pride! I mean he just put all his business Front Street

  35. Someone salty af! He just mad because he doesnt have his own movie with his name on the title. Go ahead and quit. Least favorite of the crew anyway since his character is a freakin pussy

  36. The mad man cryresse gibson

  37. Boo hoo.. 😄

  38. Yeah Tyrese is hating so much. Like shut up negro. It ain’t up to The Rock to live his life for you.

  39. Tyrese just hating on dywane…who already established himself as a bonifide Hollywood star before he was added into fast franchise..

  40. Paul Whitehead

    Tyrese is a cry baby get over it

  41. Man just my opinion but I loved the Hobbs n Shaw movie regardless of the amount made on opening night it had 3 of my favourite actors Jason Dwayne and idris so what if its a spin off shit they made Tokyo drift its like TG complaining about the rock doing his job geez can’t he just be supportive of the franchise as a whole instead of setting fight club standards play your supporting role mate like fast 7 your the comedian not a alpha

  42. Just saw the movie, what an entire let down. Fell asleep almost through the entire movie. This didn’t feel like a fast and the furious movie at all. Kevin heart, mmmmmmm. Central intelligence, jumanji. Ryan Reynolds. Dead pool From my opinion this movie should have never been released. The general public have doubts about the franchise. Don’t mess around with Paul walkers memory.

  43. Slaughter Them

    They’re both absolutely garbage actors.

  44. Jonathan Bronner

    Roman is literally one of the worst characters. No one gives a crap if he leaves

  45. What I don’t understand is you were a MODEL, singer, and now you’re an ACTOR Tyrese. You’ve made MILLIONS. What the hell did you do with the money?

  46. He can go fuck himself. Hoobs and Shaw was huge success + it’s gonna get bored with just cars

  47. Chris De La Cruz

    This is some bs everybody is taking Dj’s side while tyrese is the only person with any morals you guys are sick. Fuck Hobbs and Shaw

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