Movie Review: Live-action ‘Dora’ doesn’t disappoint in Bobin’s “Lost City of Gold”

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a hoot.

Live-action Dora delivers on-screen.

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HOLLYWOOD, Cali — Darn it Will Smith! Look what you’ve done. Thanks to you, we have a live-action cinematic trend that shows no signs of going out of style. First, there was Smith’s “Aladdin” remake. Then Jon Favreau’s “Lion King.” Now we have James Bobin’s “Dora and the Lost City of Gold,” a family-friendly escapade that seeks to retain the energetic pneuma of the animated series. In case you’re oblivious, Dora (Isabela Moner) is an ingenuous, yet plucky Hispanic protagonist who partakes in exploratory adventures with the succor of her pet monkey (Boots), a singing map, her talking backpack and a coterie of thrill-seeking friends. The live-action feature, however, incorporates a few diminutive polarities. Yes, Dora still exhorts viewers to repeat things after her.

But her backpack is taciturn, her map was purloined and her accomplices ain’t friendly.

As a matter of fact, the surly teens can’t stand her and for good reason.

After spending her childhood as a home-schooled jungle inhabitant, Dora is forced to attend high school in urban Los Angeles with her cousin Diego (Jeff Wahlberg). Dora’s parents (Eva Longoria and Michael Peña) are professors on a wild treasure hunt in Peru and they don’t want their nosy kid taggin’ along.

However, Dora’s acclimation from wildlife to city life is exigent at best. She often mortifies Diego in front of his peers and she’s become an instant target of mockery by rival students. Heck, Dora’s initial saunter through a metal detector was an adventure within itself.

Her chicken gyration at the school dance certainly didn’t help.

During a scholastic field trip, Dora, Diego and two classmates — Sammy (Madeleine Madden) and Randy (Nicholas Coombe) — are kidnapped and used as bait to help locate the Lost City of Gold. Dora and the crew ultimately escape. But they find themselves astray in the wilderness.

Much to the chagrin of her classmates, Dora has a song for each adversity — regardless of how parlous they are. She even concocted a melody to help a constipated Sammy defecate behind a rock.

“Dora and the Lost City of Gold” is a lovable, nostalgic film with Tomb Raider-esque sequences. It’s really funny in spots and promises to ensnare a broad movie audience whether intentionally or not.


Blog King’s Rating: 4 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. Wait- how old is Dora in this movie??

  2. Who knew cartoons grow up to be human.

  3. Cousin Diego looks like a young Mr Obama 😂

  4. I’m going to the movies tomorrow so I can watch the new Dora movie and I’m so so so happy so I’m sneaking in some candy some hot Cheetos and it’s going to be the best movie night ever it’s ever been and so you guys are missing out in the movie at the movie theater bro it’s going to be the very best movie night I’ve ever been at we’re going to have pillows covers so many things oh my gosh and we’re going to be eating so much popcorn drinking so much soda and watching a cool movie

  5. …oh, look, it’s another Tomb Raider prequel?

  6. I watched the movie it was great!

  7. martina parsons

    Parents in this movie are divorced from reality. They made Dora out to be a weirdo & the characters. Hollywood weirdos 😞Not a movie recommended for kids.

  8. Radhika Vishwanath

    Teacher: “Where did you transfer from?”
    Dora: “The jungle!”

  9. Ugh! no more live action movies…you are ruining my childhood

  10. The movie is okay. I give it a 6/10.
    The begging is funny but then 40 minutes into it it gets a bit boring at some parts. But it’s a very good family movie 🙂 biggest plot twist at the end though lol

  11. Gisel Something

    I watched the movie and it’s actually really funny… it’s for little kids and teenagers/adults

  12. Dora was actually childish, but I liked the movie (even though some parts were cringe) it was still funny.

  13. ASMR Relaxation

    Wow Dora went through puberty

  14. So I guess Dora has tits now

  15. Janelle Nevarez Gomez

    Boy does Dora look old! Add the 8 year old haircut and we get downright creepy.

  16. What is this? Tomb raider for kids?

  17. I love how this movie is clearly making fun of the old Dora and I love it😂

  18. Oh look

    dora brought a knife on the fieldtrip everybody…

  19. Omg I used to think Dora was annoying but now I like her 😧

  20. wolfy and the krew


  21. 81% on Rotten Tomatoes

  22. Loved this movie!!! I’m going back with my niece tomorrow

  23. She bought dynamite to high school..

  24. Bloxs For Bears

    She looks like a 29 yr old and her friends look 32.

  25. This movie super sucks…just seen it today and I at least thought it would be like Jumanji…nope sucks

  26. just saw it and it wasn’t too bad, minus the shit jokes which are never funny 🙃

  27. Dora the tomb raider.

  28. The most trashy movie eveeeerrrrrr.

  29. -Wow, for some reason, Dora looks a lot like a grown up hippie, especially when she is wearing those old clothes.
    -Boots Can’t Speak?! D:
    -Did Dora just lust after Diego?!!
    -She’s portrayed in my own words, a “School Noob”

    -She apparently transferred from the J U N G L E.
    -But hey, she is now more busty and hot!

  30. So you’re telling me. That a show from NICK JR turned into a movie?

  31. They made Diego look like a school shooter

  32. chloe the wierdo

    Wow i regret saying dora is annoyong…. Now shes so…………..COOL

  33. Saw this movie last night and was surprised how good it was !

  34. Detective Hawk

    These Niggas really made a Dora movie…

  35. Bruh I would be embarrassed to be part of this movie…..fckkgn gag ass movie

  36. Peachy Peachworth

    Dora should not have TITS! It’s in the Ten Commandments!

  37. B!tch looks good for a 4 year old

  38. Tomáš Macháč


  39. I saw the movie today its so cool i want to see the movie again!!!!! 😃😃

  40. Dora is kinda bosomy

  41. Whats next? Live action Barney the dinosaur?

  42. peceminecraftjem

    dora is ten, but in the movie, she literally a teenager

  43. i’ve watched this movie AND ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER 😭😭😭😭💓💖💕💞💕💕💖💖

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