Road Rage Video: Raw footage shows fat motorist pummeling a dude in the street

Violent road rage incident captured on video.

Road rage fight caught on video.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

PERTH, Australia — A brutal concatenation of fisticuffs transpired on Sunday as part of a road rage incident in Middle Swan, Australia — a suburb roughly 20 kilometres northeast of Perth. The scuffle took place in broad daylight at the intersection of Roe Highway and Toodyay Road, causing a lengthy delay for other motorists. The ruction was also captured on video and uploaded to Facebook. Raw footage shows a corpulent man pummeling a scrawny guy in the middle of the street. First, he squashed the poor fella on the bitumen.

Then, with the crack of his ass showing, the fat dude grabbed the little guy underneath his arms and slammed him against a car. Several thwacks to the cranium quickly ensued. After a crowd of spectators stepped in to intervene, the macilent weakling hurled a sucker punch to incite round two.

A lady eventually positioned herself between the adversaries to halt the affray.

Watch the crazy fight.

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  1. fatty vs the meth head , fatty wins .

  2. Smaller guy displayed poor judgement by throwing the first punch, not once, but twice. Say no to drugs, because they will entice you to do stupid things boys and girls…

  3. If he is coming up to my window in a rage, he had better be armed!

  4. could narrow down the search by looking for Sumo wrestlers living in the area….

  5. I thought people in the US of A were the only ones that went NUTS!!!!

  6. neither of them can fight for #$%$ LOLOL

  7. That is one fat guy, couple more minutes of activity and he would have had a heart attack


  9. Brave woman

  10. Don’t be too critical of him, he was late for his court ordered anger management class.

  11. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Republicans should not be allowed to drive motorized vehicles anywhere, anytime. They are simply not evolved enough to deal with complexity.

  12. Relax everyone, it’s just a fist fight….#$%$ is everybody crying about??? Oh this is Britain…….ok I get it!

  13. Fat man couldn’t do that in America because he’s likely to get shot. THAT is why you should carry.

  14. Fat slob trying to show off for skinny chick…

  15. A few days in the pokey will settle everyone down.

  16. When taking on a fat slob like this guy never try to go toe to toe. Instead punch and back off. Being overweight he will lose his stamina quickly.

  17. one question comes to mind. Why is that fat guy wearing those gay little shorts?

  18. Why post an Australian video on Mass Appeal?

  19. Road rage is wonderful and is needed in large quantities.
    Bad drivers should feel fear that they’re going to be injured/killed.

  20. DifferentDaySameOleSht

    There are some people who are so uncivilized

  21. Alluring Bliss

    He’d be shot here

  22. The lesson of the day: Stay in your weight class.

  23. All ya had to do is pull down those little black skivies.

  24. “Oh, hell no” in an Aussi accent loses serious street cred.

  25. that fat nigga can box

  26. damn australia just as fucked up as the united states

  27. Ruthless Lover

    that fat nigga represented

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