Jay-Z & the NFL form ‘alliance’ for social activism and league-wide entertainment

Jay-Z forms partnership with NFL/Associated Press.

Jay-Z & NFL teaming up.

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NEW YORK — Rap mogul Jay-Z, a huge apologist for Colin Kaepernick, is teaming up with the NFL on social activism and event planning because, according to league officials, his Roc Nation agency will “strengthen [the] community through music and the NFL’s Inspire Change Initiative.” The alliance was announced Tuesday. The change initiative was concocted after Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem in 2016 in protest of police brutality and systematic oppression. Like Mo’Nique, the 31-year-old quarterback has been blackballed ever since. As a corollary, Jay-Z was among the many celebs to spurn the NFL.

He even declined to perform in the Super Bowl.

In an effort to make amends, NFL owners have agreed to donate up to $89 million over six years towards a handful of socioeconomic issues that matter most to players; namely criminal justice reform, improvements in law enforcement, economic growth and educational progress.

Kaepernick was also paid “hush money” by the league.

The partnership with Jay-Z is icing on the cake.

“Roc Nation is one of the most globally influential and impactful organizations in entertainment,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. “The NFL and Roc Nation share a vision of inspiring meaningful social change across our country. We are thrilled to partner with Roc Nation and look forward to making a difference in our communities together.”

The collaboration, however, has received ample obloquy.

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren lambasted the move on Twitter, writing, “apparently the league doesn’t hate America and law enforcement officers at a level satisfactory enough for the former drug dealer.”


Another user tweeted: “So we say boycott the NFL for what they did to Kaepernick but celebrate when Jay Z pens a deal… confused #explain.”

Jay-Z, who’s expected to become an NFL owner in the near future, said he spoke with Kaepernick prior to teaming up with the NFL. Are you okay with the union? Is Jay-Z a sellout?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Jay-z has been a racist for along time. Roger Godel is killing the NFL. And needs to be removed. Football has been a great sport ruined by a racist attitude by the player’s. You get paid to play ball not protest. If you’re not happy quit. If I was an owner I wouldn’t put up with that crap. My stadium my rules of conduct. Or be benched.

  2. It’s time for change ! 👏👏👏

  3. One more reason to not watch the NFL anymore. You idiot NFL owners are actually doubling down on what has cost you ratings and money. Get the politics and fake outrage over fake social justice out of the sport or lose it completely!

  4. Bloody Constraint

    The NFL has become a shithole country………..

  5. Social Activism with Jay z? lmao. He only care about the greens.

  6. The nfl should stay out of the whole social justice bullshit

  7. Whites don’t want to live with Blacks…form a new, Black country if you want “social justice”…otherwise it isn’t happening.

  8. Shocking ! These black activists be talking a bunch of nonsense bullshit but shut up real quick when money comes up . Money solves everything people

  9. 52% of all homicides in the United states are committed by black people….Even though Blacks only represent 13% of the population. Also: 94% of blacks were killed at the hands of other blacks…. 82% of white homicides were at the hands of other white people. Facts.

  10. Money talks 🐍💵💰


    So a bunch of cry baby millionaire black guys get together and piss and fucking moan so the NFL hires a fucking racist piece of shit “rapper” to consult for “social activism”???

  12. People need to realize these celebrities are full of shit

  13. “70% of NFL players are black, 0 own the NFL…”
    you know why black people are easily bought? Because black people are not united, and do not retain wealth. Isn’t that a crazy looking statistic? You think Jay-z is going to miss out on some money because of some shit with black people? Kaepernick and his fake self is probably getting NFL bread on the side from Jay-Z. Black celebrities are not black like the rest of us; they’re green until it’s time to sing negro spirituals and even then, they use it as a marketing strategy.

    Does anyone remember the SNL skit where white people realized that Beyoncé was black? This was in her “woke” phase. It is profitable to be woke.

    Look at the black NFL/NBA players with money. Who do they marry? Who did the richest black man in America marry? You see a theme? Black people with money only care about themselves. When you see a black celebrity doing something for the culture, understand this: someone cut them a check.

  14. Matthew Mockabee

    jeez–what a surprise. its a shame but dam its like everybody sell out

  15. Wilsonia Langlois

    Jay Z already has a billion dollars, what now, he needs more money??!!

  16. Britannica Martin

    In theory, this would be a great move because it’s easier to dissemble something from the inside and it’d be an awesome way for Jay Z to get in just to take the whole pie. Too bad the world doesn’t work the way society would have us believe, this is Jay Z doing what he has to do to get richer.

  17. Pittsburgh Steelers

    What little respect I had left for the NFL is now gone. Being associated with this ugly beast is the worst thing the league ever did. What’s next fried chicken, malt likka and lottery tickets sold at NFL games

  18. Let’s just be clear about something: Jay Z and Kap both shat on the NFL, then got a check and haven’t said shit negative about them since. Kaepernick supposedly risked his entire career over his views on police brutality, but when is the last time you heard Kap say anything about police brutality, or anything period? He settled his case, got his money, and hasn’t said shit. Hov wasn’t fucking with the NFL for real, but he got a bag and now they’re alright.

  19. A Low Down Dirty Shame

    niggas love sellin out

  20. Jason Voorhees

    Lost total respect for Jay z. I stand with the people I stand with Kap.

  21. ivory phillips

    So is the NFL going to put fathers in these black households or are we going to act like this isn’t a problem

  22. This is turning into a menstrual show! JAY Z should be ashamed of himself, if the NFL and Jay really cared Colin Kapernick would be playing!

  23. Larry Hinderman

    Money makes people happy😜


  25. We are witnessing the fall of the NFL. Glad I made the move to college football.

  26. Jayz is not doing this for anyone but his pockets he sold out and made a mockery of Colin’s social issues awareness protest and threw him under the bus……..if at anytime this was genuine he would have included Colin because this was not Jayz’s movement it’s Colin’s and in essence he is now aiding the NFL to blackball Colin and send a message to anyone who wants to do this in the future that this will be the outcome………money is everything for these guys so those of u who are saying give him a chance know that the foundation of this partnership is built on deception so trust cannot be given out………

  27. I’m so disappointed that Jay Z he is a dancing for the White man they are using him he is very greedy this is all about money they don’t respect him do you really think Roger gives a fuck about a Jay z? he only cares about what Jay Z could do for him. At the end of the day all these white people know that without us US meaning black people they have nothing they need our strength on the field they need black players in the games they need our black talent for the halftime show they need us without us they have nothing and here goes Jay Z being the typical leader of the kiss ass negroes. I’m just over the whole thing. Did you see how he kind of smirked and laughed at the whole kneeling issue and then the owner too he laughed about it like somethings funny it’s disgusting

  28. Jay-z pulling a Rodney king on US….WoW!!

  29. At the end of the day LMAO all any of these dudes are loyal to is the green race!!! They act like they are all “Brothers” but the all mighty dollar wins everytime. People stop thinking your “race” will stand for you. All people of all colors will sell you out. Put your faith in God not man

  30. jay Z isn’t about the betterment of black people, he his just about the betterment of himself…for me that’s a problem. Kap didn’t kneel for social injustices(that’s too vague), he knelt for racial injustices (he was specific) .Not once did Jay Z mention “black” or “racial.”
    Jason Black(The Black Authority) has a rule. Ask a black man what he thinks about a subject matter, in front of a powerful white man, or white people, by doing this, you will see the black man’s true feelings, how he really feels.

  31. Jay z sold out point blank period

  32. Jeyroc 420 Gucci man

    @Ian Johnson: As we speak Jay-Z is now a 50yr old man. Who’s been rubbing shoulders with the “Elite” for the last 25yrs. He is no longer the “Jiggaman”.
    So, please stop expecting a 50-year-old businessman to be that person.
    He’s living out his American dream.
    I’m sure he’s taking some with him but I hope you truly didn’t think he could save everyone.
    No, I do not think he selling out. He’s doing what anybody else would have done, if they were in that position.
    Please stop with that Bull shit.

  33. JAY-Z is a business man fuck all that bullshit.

  34. Jay-Z is a snake. He told Jermaine Dupri not to take the deal, that it would be a bad look and now you turn around and take the same deal? Bro you a snake, we’re not pass kneeling when the police is still out abusing their power. This was a money move.

  35. Jay Z shouldn’t join them but it’s ok for Colin AND ALL OF HIS FRIENDS to go back and join????? DUMB IGNORANT SHIT

  36. What does Jay Z Have to do with football? oh wait…. $$$$$$$$$

  37. What? Fuck rap. And, fuck football too. Gtfoh.

  38. Curved Johnsin

    Colonizers knows that Negroes have the power over them if they’re just use their minds and come together as one….. they only got that token up there for color they don’t give a f*** about his money or who he is

  39. Michael Bobkov

    Kaperndick is a goof, and if you support kneeling and you don’t love this great country,,, leave !!!
    USA baby!!!
    No black or white, just Americans…
    Race bating loosers

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