Boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson admits to spendin’ $40,000 a month on marijuana

Mike Tyson addicted to marijuana.

Mike Tyson has cannabis fetish.  

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LOS ANGELES — Iron Mike Tyson loves to smoke weed. The desideratum is so strong, he expends roughly $40,000 a month on marijuana. That’s ludicrous! The 53-year-old boxing legend let the cat out the bag during an episode of his Hotboxin’ podcast. Tyson does the radio show with co-host Eben Britton, a former lineman with the Jacksonville Jaguars. “What do we smoke a month?” Tyson asked Britton. “Is it $40,000 a month? It’s 40, yeah, $40,000 a month.” Britton added, “We smoke 10 tons of weed at the ranch a month. Ain’t that crazy?” Tyson also admitted to spending $7 million on a diamond rivière.

In case you didn’t know, Tyson made a sizable investment in the cannabis industry and he’s planning on opening his own marijuana farm to cultivate high-quality strains of THC and CBD, while “implementing cutting-edge technology to advance the research on the health benefits of marijuana.”

Tyson’s weed ranch is already under construction on a 40-acre plat in California City. Half of the acreage is devoted to agriculture. The remaining land will feature the ‘Tyson Cultivation School’ to help educate aspiring cannabis breeders on how to manufacture and harvest herbal plants.

When asked why he decided to launch a sinsemilla venture, Tyson kept it 100. “I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis,” he explained. “It was a no brainer.” Tyson once tried to pay the New York Zoo $10,000 to fight a silverback gorilla. Now we know why.

He must’ve been high as f*ck.

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  1. Mike Tyson, the biggest fake in sports history.

  2. That’s NOT what he said………….He said he smokes about 40k worth of weed a month. Seeing me owns the farm, he gets free samples………………

  3. PAR-TAAAAAY!!!!

  4. Exaggerate much?

  5. Lung cancer will cost the idiot even more.

  6. Tyson says “we smoke” so he’s not actually smoking 40k per month by himself.

  7. 366 FW Gunfighter

    Even Snoop Dog is saying, “Damn!”

  8. If you were to continually burn blunts for a month straight, 24 hours a day, can you burn 40k? I’m thinking maybe, but maybe not?

  9. Impossible. I smoked about 5 oz. a month to myself for awhile and that was literally smoking all day everyday. It cost me about $1300 dollars and was top quality flower. He must mean that he pays for about 30 of his friends smoking habits or something. Trust me, no one smokes $40K of pot to their dome a month unless they are getting swindled.

  10. Mike is growing Good weed. The farm is called WBC farms. World Best Cannabis

  11. Green means go

    Well—he maybe does but I don’t think he’s using that much, he maybe likes to stockpile the stuff. If you’re smoking that much per month, you’re not doing anything else with your time. You’d be smoking constantly I would think. He’s a bit of a weirdo anyway.

  12. Impossible to spend that much unless you are supplying hordes of people. I have a brother (wink, wink) who smokes it every day a few times a day, and doesn’t even come close to spending over $100 a day.

  13. Not that surprised!!! It might help his brain??

  14. What ever it takes to keep you from chewing on ears !

  15. Must be some good weed

  16. Anyone who is caught smoking weed is arrested, and yet this bozo can make it public and nothing happens to him. what an unfair society we live in!!!

  17. Wish i could get the chance to smoke and have a chat with mike from what iv heard in this video the man understands how life truly is and how weed actually helps people say its bad for you and all that but they have never even smoked it so how could they say it has a bad impact on you!!!

  18. I would love to meet Mike Tyson. not in the old days….I mean now…

  19. one of the greatest boxers of all time

  20. Mr. Scoot Scooter

    I smoke weed for the protection of others.

  21. Mike should put p.c.p. on your weed only way I would even think of smoking dumb weed.

  22. weed is good for some people that have mental problems. In addition, patients use cannabis for neurological conditions such as the spasticity of multiple sclerosis, agitation in dementia, and specific seizure disorders that are unresponsive to standard therapies. Patients also use cannabis to reduce the nausea and anorexia of cancer chemotherapies.and improve their mode.

  23. I fuxxx with Mike!!!

  24. Son Of Thunder

    💯💯💯💯 This show is awesome

  25. shit tyson

  26. 10 tons of weed for $40,000…that’s 20,000 pounds for $40,000 that’s $2 a pound for weed…

  27. The world is going to hell 👿

  28. This nigga mike 😂💪✔

  29. Mike is so REAL…much respect to you CHAMP!!

  30. I wonder if while Tyson is getting really high, he every just thinks, “Holy crap. It just hit me that I’m Mike F**ckin Tyson!”

  31. No lie I’d been so nervous smoking with Tyson . One wrong word and dude literally can kill you with one punch 🥊

  32. Tyson seems cool af

  33. Another uneducated, speech impedimented, black person with marijuana. How typical.

  34. Mike’s Laugh alone is enough to watch a whole hour of his Podcast. It’s legendary and you can’t help but laugh when he laughs

  35. Travis Simpkins


  36. Good Luck Iron Mike! The pharmaceutical industry has KILLED thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of good people in this country.

  37. SellMe YourSoul

    I been smoking for 10 years and I only do it couse Im addicted, it is a drug, and a strong one, and abusing it leads to negative effects, you can see it in mike’s behavior as well, dont forget it also disturbs the sleep pattern (you dont dream) and causes anxiety disorders

  38. I always feel sorry for this guy. He always seems so vulnerable

  39. Valerie Williams

    Good for him,they always digging up the Negative when it’s a great legend of Color. I Love him,I see no Negativity. I see one great Legend, Hero,and Man💪👑🌎✔❤❤❤❤

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