Scientology and the Aftermath: Remini is ending “docuseries” after three seasons

Leah Remini is putting an end to her docuseries/Getty.

Leah Remini is ending TV series.

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LOS ANGELES — After spending the past few years putting the Church of Scientology on blast, Leah Remini’s reality TV show is calling it quits. The 49-year-old actress, who used to be a member of the institution, announced the third season of her A&E docuseries“Scientology and the Aftermath” — will be the last. Church officials are absolutely exultant. A representative from the kirk told TMZ the show is a “hate machine.” The church is also holding Leah accountable for the gory esophagus incision of a Scientology roustabout.

“Leah Remini has blood on her hands,” said the rep.

“Her show’s lies, distortions and exhortations to hate and bigotry generated assassination threats against the leader of the Scientology religion, physical attacks on churches, and the murder of a Scientology religious worker whose throat was slashed by a madman egged on by Remini’s horrendous distortions.”

Mike Rinder, Leah’s cohost, denied culpability shortly after the slaying.

“They basically seek to shift the blame to our show for their abuses,” Rinder said through a communiqué. “Their statement that this is all caused by A&E and our show because someone apparently looked at a website that mentioned our show — that’s absurd.”

Leah claims the church is scamming members out of their pecuniary resources. The institution and actor Danny Masterson are also being sued by 4 women for sexual assault and harassment.

Do you agree with Leah’s decision to end the show?

Is Scientology evil?

Do you think it’s a cult?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Using her celebrity for good. Respect.

  2. Truth is Jesus said the Truth will set US free. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to SHIELD YOU. The Holy Spirt is walking right by YOU he created a Spirt of FRUIT.

  3. Crazy cult

  4. There are very very idiotic people in this crazy world!!!

  5. Anti-JeffreyMcCray


  6. So glad you’re out of that cult. How do you have a church without Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the light?

  7. If they can bully the IRS into giving them the tax exemption even though everyone knows they are not a church or non profit organization im confident they can get away with whatever they want

  8. I am so glad you got out

    hope you find Jesus christ

  9. Man… i really wanna respect people’s beliefs… but some of it is just plain crazy!

  10. Any religion that publically and mercilessly goes after a former member IS NOT A CHURCH!!!! The fact that instead of just quietly sitting there maybe making a statement or two they send PIs after their former members and use insane methods to try and bring them back….that’s crazy talk and definitely not making me want to join

  11. I love Leah!! very strong woman standing up for her convictions i used to love Christie alley as well I had no idea she was into this weird cult stuff shame on you. An if Leah and all the others are such liars then why is there so much proof pointing to all their guilt abuse of children sexual and physical The whole concept seems very inhumane way to treat human beings

  12. She’s beautiful and authentic that’s what matters!

  13. Serenity Hansberry

    Good job Leah!

  14. will this bitch get a life, all she does is talk non stop about sceientology

  15. It sounds like a huge multi-billion dollar scam to me.

  16. I’d be pissed too. I want my money back.

  17. Chris Baumgarten

    Leah is such a strong person. I’ll always support her by watching shows/ movies she’s in.
    Tom Cruise? I won’t watch anything with him in it. Not even for free. He’s dead to me…

  18. digitaldirtnap1

    Scientology is a fucking joke. Batshit crazy fools following the creation of a SCIENCE FICTION WRITER for fuck sake

  19. Omg this is a cult!!! Fuck this!!!!

  20. Hot diggity damn she is so gorgeous!

  21. Nothing Churchlike or Scientific as far as I can see. Fucking weird cult at best.

  22. 🤡🤡🤡 You’re a stupid clown to believe in that crap in the first place 🤡🤡🤡

  23. Charles Manson got the bulk of his ideas from scientology…

  24. Scientology is nonsensical garbage, along with those who practice it!..

  25. She was so awesome on King of Queens. I always think it is interesting how an actor can be that good when they are so young. She is also smoking hot, especially in the show. Mmmm… Carrie… Also Doug was hilarious too, it bugs me how he never got better movies. I didn’t even bother watching Paul Blart because I can tell it is weak, and he deserves better.

  26. All religions are man-made cults. Silly and dangerous. Some are more silly and dangerous. Scientology has nothing on Christianity, Judaism, or Islam

  27. Leah was so cute back when she was younger on TV , but the plastic surgery has not been kind.

  28. Society is so stupid if you would only learn the occult books you would know from the start that Scientology was and still is a cult. It’s based on Aleister Crowley’s chaos Magik you have to know the symbolisms you have to understand witchcraft not your Hollywood bulshit but the ancient esoteric.

    Slowly by slowly dumbasses are starting to realize it’s a mind fucking occult. Everybody that’s been in it especially Will Smith son they probably fucked his ass with spikes that’s why he’s all cuckoo in the head.


  29. She’s got the biggest set of balls in Hollywood. Damn i love her !!!!!!

  30. Ten pounds of makeup

  31. Keep it up Leah.You have the balls most lack. Hugs.

  32. Leah is gorgeous. She just gets better looking with age.

  33. david fritzsche

    Leah, your awsome.. The world needs you.. 🤞👈

  34. Leah your a BEAST!!! Dont stop woman

  35. I’d genuinely love to be friends with Leah in real life❣️‼️👏🏻💯🥰👌🏻😚👍🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻💖🌟💞😆💝💓💕☺️👌🏻☺️😊😇💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️❤️

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