‘Fast & Furious’ star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson marries ‘baby mama’ in Hawaii

Dwayne and Lauren are husband and wife/Instagram.

Dwayne Johnson cements nuptials.

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HONOLULU — “I’s married now!” Sorry ladies. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is officially off the market. After 12 years of knockin’ boots, the former WWE star finally tied the knot with his baby mama, Lauren Hasian, on August 18th in a secret littoral ceremony in Hawaii. For starters, Lauren was hotter than a fried baloney sandwich. The 34-year-old actress turned heads in an ivory Mira Zwillinger gown that featured a low-cut neckline coupled with backless detail. Lauren’s hair was styled in a concatenation of loose waves that flowed elegantly underneath her sweeping veil.

Dwayne, 47, kept it debonair in a white Ralph Lauren ensemble accessorized with ceremonial leis. The lovebirds announced their weekend nuptials via Instagram. “We do,” the couple wrote on Monday. “August 18th, 2019. Hawaii. Pōmaikaʻi (blessed).” Dwayne and Lauren hooked up in 2007.

They share daughters Tiana, 1, and Jasmine, 3.

Congratulations Dwayne and Lauren!

Is there a third daughter on the horizon?

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  1. ……..she aint even all that

  2. The Rock risking all his wealth for marriage . Men are stupid you’re women are running a scam on you. You sign a paper ( marriage certificate where you take all the risk and she takes none ) You gain nothing from marriage you’re women can’t even do basic domestic things. Marriage now had a 70 %divorce rate . If I tell you to get on a plane and that plane has a 70% chance of crashing would you do it ? But I see me. risking it all for marriage. Can’t wait to hear what she gets in the divorce .

  3. Wow, congrats to both of them.

  4. He has a Great big smile on his face and she’s happy but I am sad the rock is gone he’s married I only wish it could’ve married a beautiful black queen but that’s not what he wanted May God bless you and your family beautiful children

  5. God Bless you both Till God do you part.

  6. Well he can’t bloody act..must be good at something…he’s black & she’s white…😡👎🏻

  7. Shirlene Gaines

    Congratulations 🔥👏🏾🏆💍😁

  8. Life Shortcut 101

    Have 2 daughter already and married later?? I’m so confused

  9. Wow! She’s beautiful. Great looking couple.

  10. Omg why!!!! Dude no!!

  11. if Johnson doesn’t lay off of the steroids….

  12. El Negro Fantasma

    Once that she hit him with the people’s divorce settlement and take half, he’s gonna hit rock bottom.

  13. kathy jilardino

    Congratulations to the biggest movie star and his beautiful diamond!❤🌷🌹🎊😍
    Best wishes for many years to come!😍😍😍

  14. Ms . Butterfly Lady

    Congrats to the homewrecker!

  15. He’s a nice guy and I love his movies. I wish them all the best.

  16. That is going to be one BIG MONEY divorce. 💯

  17. Another Hollywood marriage? $100 says it doesn’t last two years.


  19. I give them 5 years, tops. I’m sorry, Rock, you’ll be divorced by 2024 and ruined/raped in court. Really sorry, such a shame… 😢 But anyways – good luck and congrats, if you’re happy, we’re happy 👍💪🙂

  20. I am a legendary person

    I hope they get a divorce

  21. Of course a white girl

  22. This marriage is not going to last the Rock is a dog he’ll cheat on Lauren like he cheated on his x wife Dany Garcia. Please people whatever!!!!!. And Lauren is a home wrecker she purposely messed up the Rock’s first marriage to his x wife Dany Garcia. Now some woman will come along and mess up her marriage to the Rock. Go figure!!!!

  23. There is 1 divorce every 36 seconds in this country with over 80% of those divorces being initiated by women..Not the best business decision on his part!

  24. JJ Squirdle Supastar

    I respect the rock. Hes talented and not afraid of commitment. He has peace in his life. That has no price. Its because his ex and current wife are supportive of him. Kudos to the rock. Hes a real man

  25. I hope she can handle the “People’s Johnson.”

  26. Sonya Williams

    Lauren is going to end up taking care of the Rock’s old ass. Something is just bound to happen soon. Enquiring minds is just waiting for it.

  27. kathy jilardino

    Congratulations to the super sexy groom and stunning bride!🎊🎊🎊❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹
    I wish them all the best!🙏🏾❤
    God bless them!🙏🏾❤

  28. Sheila Hutchinson

    I am happy for them but it’s sad we as women have to wait 7 and ten years to marry you when we already have kids. This is why I am single it is not in my dna to wait 2 and longer.

  29. What!?!?! He wasnt snagged up already? What a lucky woman. Congratulations Dwayne!

  30. He cheated on his first wife.

  31. His wife is too white…..I expected a latina or a bright chocolate woman like himself, a young Halle Berry perhaps….kinda disappointed with DJ a lil

  32. Love birds😍

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