Former CNN honcho Larry King & Shawn ‘calling it quits,’ it will be his 8th divorce

Larry King seeking his 8th divorce/TMZ.

Larry & Shawn calling it quits.

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LOS ANGELES — “Papa was a rolling stone. Wherever he laid his hat was his home…” After 22 years of holy matrimony, former CNN host Larry King and Shawn Southwick King are calling it quits. Yep, they’re gettin’ a divorce. Larry, 85, filed dissolution paperwork with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, roughly 5 months after he suffered a heart attack. Shawn, a 59-year-old actress, is his 7th wife. Larry married Alene Akins twice. So this will be his 8th divorce. Damn! Larry and Shawn’s two sons, Cannon and Chance, are both adults at ages 19 and 20. So child support won’t be an issue. Alimony, however, could become a factor.

If you recall, the couple tried to get divorced back in 2010.

But they decided to double Larry’s Viagra dosage and reconcile.

Then, in 2016, the couple addressed rumors of infidelity.

Should Larry consider getting married for a 9th time?

If he does, should the elderly rascal wed someone closer to his age?

Share your thoughts.


  1. He can’t get it up anymore?🤔

  2. Look out ladies! Sexy is back!

  3. Energy n Stamina Booster

    I can help him regain his manhood..🔥

  4. He doesn’t want to cheat but wants his booty eaten before death.

  5. all white caucasians get divorced. 3 out of 4 will get divorced in their lifetime only to marry another divorcee with kids . All caucasians have step fathers/step mothers , step brothers/sisters. My dad tells me because they are fake christians. They don’t speak the language jesus did, or read the bible its in original text. All other religions speak the language of its founder and read their holy books in its original text. FACTS. They use to worship idols. Very bizarre creatures i tell you. Look at this old white caucasian so old and crusty looking about to die and he wants a divorce now. Just look at this stupid caucasian smh

  6. Larry King isn’t dead YET?!!!! Holy shit. I’ve seen fresher looking desiccated prunes than this dusty tapeworm, king.

  7. Married 22 years!! She never expected him to live this long. She sure earned whatever she gets.

  8. Alonzo Castoire

    Lazy, money hungry, no skill or talent having disrespectful female. Not to mention she’s injected way too much botox.

  9. Old man smell!

  10. God bless him he’s still getting some. All of us could be so lucky.

  11. Everybody that comments is gay except me.

  12. He needs a walker

  13. Don’t worry Larry she wasn’t a Gold digger.. She loved you because of your low dragging ballz and the smell of your old man breath..

  14. She had one job 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. Noway does this guy get a boner

  16. ivan forget about me

    What the fuck happened to Larry king

  17. Ruthless Lover

    Shes sick of that nigga’s old balls

  18. No sympathy for Larry King or any other old men who take up with women decades younger. Shawn didn’t marry him for his looks or personality.

  19. Of course , Divorce and get SUED ! well done and congrat ex WIFE you will be RICH !

  20. If i had his money i would only “date” chicks 18 to 21

  21. Im surprised this idiot has any money left. They dont love you Larry.

  22. He provided her with a beautiful life of luxury. She has an affair when he’s 85? Evil bitch!

  23. Barbara Bueno-Welton

    No matter your age everyone deserves happiness in a marriage!

  24. Geez, Larry King is like Rasputin. 8 marriages, two massive heart attacks, and still going lol good for him.

  25. 85 it the new 55 ? I’m 43 an I’ll shoot myself if I live past 70.

  26. probably will die sooner before divorce is finalized.

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