Graphic Video: Felon sucker-punched his attorney in front of the judge and jurors

Lamont Payne punched his attorney in the face.

Convicted felon punches lawyer. 

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PHOENIX — Lamont Payne, a convicted felon, received an extended prison sentence after he sucker-punched his legal practitioner in court. The smite transpired in front of the judge and jurors in Phoenix, Arizona. It was also captured on video. According to court docs, Attorney Vladimir Gagic — a public defender — was busy representing Payne on a 2016 charge of assaulting a corrections officer. Payne, who was visibly incensed, complained to the judge about the remiss caliber of legal representation he was receiving from Gagic. As Payne continued to speak out of turn, the judge warned him to shut the hell up.

About a minute later, the judge had seen enough. Payne was ordered to stand up and exit the courtroom. Rather than egress peacefully, Payne turned around and thwacked Gagic smack-dab in his countenance. Payne did, however, avow his wrongdoing in the crime. He also pleaded “guilty” to numerous aggravated assault charges since the late 1990s.

In other words, he ain’t one to f*ck with.

Watch the assault.

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  1. I can’t stop laughing, I’m not a lawyer or, expert, but I’m just pretty sure the judge was instructing the jury and explains the concept “Presumption of Innocence” .
    This bozo thought he was addressing the defense and not the courtroom in general. He misledly took his poor public lawyer silence as intentionally sabotaging his trial.
    This is just a great comedy of errors!!!! Fucking Seinfeld can’t write this stuff.

  2. You know I am not a big fans of thugs and the absolute last thing I want to ever do is defend this guy. However, when I try to look at both sides of the story, I can see why this thug felt he was treated unfairly. First, he felt his attorney, most likely a public defender, should of spoke up during the proceeding. The attorney ignored his client while his client tried to get his attention several times. This made the thug angry because he was confused on what was going on in court and his attorney was ignoring him. The judge, who is also an attorney, then patronized the thug and scolded him while also warning him that a penalty would happen if the thug kept speaking up. WHAT SHOULD OF HAPPENED is the judge should of stopped for a moment of his precious court time and tried to speak to the thug to ask him what was his concerns. Its the judge’s ultimate determination to see if people are fit for trial and under what is going on in court. Either the judge should of explained to the thug what was happening at that moment in time or the judge should of ordered his attorney to explain what was going on. That is how things are supposed to happen. Now the thug shouldn’t of hit his attorney but I understand why. Someone should file a complaint with the court and the state bar. It doesn’t matter if this guy is a saint or a cold hearted killer, everyone has a right to a fair trial and a right to understand the proceedings. Terrible!!

  3. Well, enjoy your consecutive charges.

  4. Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha, wooheee her hahaha hohoho haaaaahhhhh Haag hah

  5. Gypsy Traveller

    Overwhelmed by the complexity of words spoken around him, the native grew restless.

  6. If only more lawyers got that kind of treatment…

  7. He probably just did what a ton of convicted criminals wish they could have done to their lawyers. However, even with a sucker-punch he couldn’t knock the old shyster out. Now he gets to ponder his screwup with a few additional charges, and probably one big lawsuit —– From his lawyer. From now on, he will probably have to defend himself, because no lawyer will sit within fifteen feet of him. Maybe one will if the crim is chained, shackled, and gagged.

  8. Dalton Langsmith

    Ouch! That had to hurt! Enjoy JAIL NUMBNUTTS

  9. I hope they get that bully off of the streets. HE behaved in a completely inappropriate manner. But that lawyer was a jerk. I would not have wanted him defending me either.

  10. %12 of the population commits %50 of the crime

  11. Lamont, you big dummy!

  12. All American Dream Chaser

    Men like this defendant is the reason we have prisons.👮‍♂️🚓

  13. So he’s on trial for attacking a corrections officer, then he assaults his attorney in front of the judge and jury. Probably not the best legal strategy.

  14. Caleb Mandrake

    If he behaves like this in front of a judge & jury as he’s professing his innocence, imagine how he behaves on the street.

  15. Public pretenders I mean defenders of the court’s monetary gain. People are never allowed to defend them self in court.the public defender works for the court
    Good for him the attorney deserves it. Court is a joke it’s nothing but a place that steals money and freedom from poor folks.

  16. That punch might get him a few more years tho. Hope it was worth it. That lawyer’s body language was like he did not give a fuk.

  17. This is why we enslaved them

  18. Muscle Hunkster

    Most blacks have an IQ of 80-85

  19. Thys VandenBos

    Just WHY was his own lawyer, probably just court appointed “public pretender” that’s not good enough to get on a law firm, so rude as to not pay attention to his own client when he RAPPED HARD on the table to pass on a paper? Where’s the decency in that? The fucking asshole lawyer deserved it!

  20. It chimped out.
    Plain and simple.
    Hang it at the nearest park.

  21. what he did wasn’t right, but his attorney clearly and deliberately ignored him when he tried to get his attention. Racist attorney or something.

  22. never sit next to a nigga in court

  23. The comment section is full of cowards behind keyboards. Just a bunch of racists that want to use this situation to justify the insecurities you have.

  24. Well, finally after all these years of selling your clients out and not even paying attention to them and the many complaints that has been filed against you for not doing your job as the video clearly shows you would not even address him just ignoring him instead of trying to explain to your client you ignore him completely and he had enough I think you were the one at fault here provoking him.

  25. What a piece of shit lawyer.

  26. Animal should have chains on. Shackled.
    The Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton would be defended this wrongfully accused guy.
    Chain the wild animals next time. He’s guilty.

    This is why I’m so happy #45 to Bring Law and Order back to our Country.

    MAGA which includes our justice system.

  27. His prison record is available online.
    Not pretty.

  28. the lawyer did nothing wrong, the black dude assaulted him for no reason.

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