Rumor has it Jamie Foxx ‘traded in’ Katie Holmes for younger, mo’ beautiful model

Jamie Foxx teaching Sela Vave a thing or two/

Jamie Foxx has sexy new friend. 

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LOS ANGELES, Cali — Like Stella, a pair of middle-aged entertainers are gettin’ their groove back. First, 49-year-old Diddy was spotted dating Steve Harvey’s 22-year-old daughter, Lori. Now, we’ve learned 51-year-old Jamie Foxx is shackin’ up with 19-year-old singer Sela Vave. Even though he has a half-naked popsy sauntering throughout his crib, Jamie insists there’s no hanky panky going on. Instead, he swears it’s all business. So how did we get here? Well, sh*t hit the fan when paparazzi caught Jamie holding hands with Sela last weekend at a popular nightclub in Los Angeles. At the time, nobody knew the “Beat Shazam” host had severed ties with 40-year-old actress Katie Holmes, his inamorata of 6 years.

In an effort to propel Sela’s music career, Jamie moved the prepossessing damsel into his Thousand Oaks mansion. The Oscar winner gave an elucidation on their impolitic living arrangement via Instagram video. “When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Adam,” Jamie explained.

“He slept on my couch for six weeks. Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he used to sleep at my old house … everybody [came] to my crib. I did the same thing with her … We took her under our wing … We wanted to treat her the same way and give her the opportunity.”

Jamie said he spoke with Sela’s mom prior to moving day. “I spoke to that girl’s mom and she put her trust in me,” he said. Since unpacking her bags, Sela said she’s been called a “whore, slut, homewrecker, thot, gold digger,” but “it doesn’t matter to me [because] I’m out here to work and do what I love most.”

Jamie’s daughter Corinne, 25, is around Sela’s age.

Do you find their cohabitation inappropriate?

Did Jamie pull an R. Kelly by hoodwinking Sela’s mom?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Good job, Jamie✊

  2. Is he going through some sort of midlife crisis or something?

  3. Terrence Pierson

    Aww that’s too bad. I really liked them as a couple…

  4. Gross geriatric perv! Why Katie even touched that disgusting Wanda looking freak…plus I still believe he a closet Queen.

  5. She is too young for him and she’s high/drunk as hell.

  6. Pushing 4Better

    Katie Holmes loves black cock?

  7. Blame it on the alcohol

  8. Charisma Dixon

    Next thot, who cares. Is Jamie still playing basketball naked with dudes?

  9. Mann i tell u these celebs.
    Makes u wonder they must have these women on stand by. Because as soon as thhey break up is reported they get shown already with someone else. Crazy

  10. Yes ladies, youth is a value to men with options. So stop wasting your younger years being shallow thots, or go out like Katie did! 😂

  11. Katie Holmes had some big ass feet

  12. What the hell did he see in Katie Holmes anyways? Lol

  13. Midlife crisis, shes younger then his daughter

  14. If i was rich and good looking jamie fox i wouldnt have that problem like him. But instead im broke ugly and no girl wants to date me.

  15. Jacqueline Perry

    Jamie probably gone thru 1000 women they don’t want one woman and he will pass her off to when he done with her.

  16. She look way better than Katie Holmes
    Katie look old n borin n bed

  17. He’s not trying to help that young girl he’s trying to help his Johnson🍌 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Trade that ol bucket in

  19. Sometimes you just need a thick ass booty.

  20. Doesn’t surprise me she is so young. Katie got too old 💗

  21. These comments are hilarious!!

  22. He just smashin her! She trying to fuck her way to the top, like most industry women!!

  23. I hope she takes all of Jamie’s money. That’s the right way to treat these type of Dogs.

  24. jamie made a trade for some new young pussy

  25. On to the next white girl

  26. Jamie did this to get her $100k worth of PR.
    Wow, are you guys naive? This is the new way of getting free PR.

    C’mon you guys… you should know this?

  27. why is it that most rich black man dont want a black woman, but as long you’re broke, you love black women. something is really wrong with us. other races talk about us like a dog, most of them anyway. but as soon as we get rich, we be like where’s Becky with the good hair. I just want to let black women all over the work no, I love you, an i will always love you. somebody please make me understand, how do you watch black women struggle for 4,5 hundred years, I mean working like dog, feet an hands all swollen up, come home an sit down from one of her jobs, an fall out, sleep right there in that chair. an then one of her kids wake her up 4 hours later, to go to her 2nd job. an soon as you get a little money, you go marry a white woman. How soon we forget

  28. These comments are hilarious!!

  29. Groupies of Danny Glover

    About time i thought he was crazy wanting a white lady with another man’s kid. Get a young tender with no kids with all that money.

  30. Midlife crisis, shes younger then his daughter

  31. What the hell did he see in Katie Holmes anyways? Lol

  32. Jamie Foxx YOU LUCKY CHAPY..!! .. I know why you called it QUITS to KATIE HOLMES.. (I would like to Second that Motion… (IMMEDIATELY) !!!! I want to be an ACTOR now even though I’m getting on in AGE 51(You guys have “All the LUCK” And if you are adamant you don’t want to POP this SEXY young thing “BUBBLE”..!!!!! with this delicate 19 year old… please just CALL ME. I will give a OSCAR nominated performance and WILL NOT require a FEE or any monies in kind OK..!!! (JUST CALL.. I’M WAITING) I just want to be your SIDE KICK..(That’s All..!!) . (Honest.. 😱!!).
    Breaking News.. I’v just learnt that she is calle(d “HELL ON WHEELS”
    Probably i won’t NEED to be that delicate AFTER ALL..!! 😀 )

  33. Smdh damned if you do and damned if you don’t 🙄 the man helps talented ppl, both genders and age doesn’t matter but young artists are preferred in the music industry 💯% Facts 😌. The media needs to fall back with their BS period 🤨. Always ready to publish print and post a negative story (fact or fiction they don’t care ). If Jamie says he not dating her I believe him bc he has never lied about a relationship. Keeping his private life private by not entertaining questions nor answering them is not lieing.😌✌.

  34. another R KELLY…………………….THE real r kelly get locked up and another comes out the closet…..

  35. Frank Higareda

    Sela Vave, you are so damn hot and you end up wit trash like Jamie Foxx? How low can someone go?

  36. Deborah Harris

    Maybe psych. prob. coming back out. Why buy the cow if yhethe milk is free ? Both need to be TRANSPARENT. The saying goes if you will lie , you will steal, they go hand in hand!!! It’s their business. If the shoe fits, wear it. POSITIVITY VS NEGATIVITY !!!

  37. Erick Williams

    Damn she bad

  38. Jamie Foxx wanted his snowflake, he got her, used her, and is now throwing her away. It’s typically what all black men want and do. Now that Katie Holmes went down that dark path, who’s going to want her now? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we saw Katie Holmes wearing a durag and smoking meth. She could be headed down that Lindsay Lohan path. (Once you go black, you’ll be smokin’ crack).

  39. Angela Robinson

    Jamie is a 50 year old hoe!!!

  40. What makes him different from Rkelly🙄

  41. R kelly jr like a mufucka

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