Indianapolis Colts star Andrew Luck said injuries drove him to an early retirement

Luck blindsided Colts with retirement/

Andrew Luck abandons Colts. 

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INDIANAPOLIS — After spending the past few years rehabilitating one excruciating ailment after another, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is calling it quits. The 29-year-old signal caller blindsided everybody Saturday night when he announced his retirement during the Colts’ preseason matchup with the Chicago Bears. The natives are understandably pissed. As security guards escorted him to the locker-room, Luck was serenaded with a loud chorus of boos from the jilted home crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium. “It hurt,” Luck said referring to fan reaction. “I’ll be honest, it hurt.”

The fans weren’t the only ones upset at Luck. Fox Sports analyst Doug Gottlieb lambasted him on Twitter, saying, “Retiring cause rehabbing is ‘too hard’ is the most millennial thing ever #AndrewLuck.” Ouch! CBS footballl analyst Steve Beuerlein echoed a similar sentiment.

“I am a HUGE #AndrewLuck fan… always have been,” Beuerlein tweeted. “But this I cannot defend or justify… To do this to his teammates, organization, fans, and the NFL 2 weeks before the season is just not right. I love the guy but this will haunt him.”

Speaking of hurt, it’s been an agonizing seven years for the Stanford University alum. Since entering the league as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Luck has suffered from injuries to his ribs (cracked), calf, ankle, kidney (lacerated), abdomen and throwing shoulder.

He’s undergone multiple surgeries.

Luck was also treated for a concussion.

Damn, can’t blame him for quitting.

His body is f*cked up.

Rather than endure another season of wear and tear, Luck has decided to forfeit $24.8 million in salary and bonuses. Fortunately for him, Colts owner Jim Irsay said he can keep the cash. Luck’s last game was a 31-13 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the 2018 Playoffs.

Career backup Jacoby Brissett will takeover as starting quarterback of a team once deemed a Super Bowl contender. Without Luck, the Colts are staring at a last place finish in the AFC South.

No wonder fans booed.

Retirement sucks, especially when it’s done abruptly 2 weeks before the season.

Season ticket holders are already demanding refunds.

If Luck didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.

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  1. My Prayers are with you Andrew…
    Great Man, Great Prayer!
    Your Life is more important then football…
    Be Blessed!!!

  2. He’s gotta drinking problem if he doesn’t address it now his next infraction will be a year suspension if he ignores the drink problem it’ll come back worse and worse hill b completely out of the league his drink problem is really advanced for his young age

  3. Jermiel Mitchell

    He had a Horrible offensive line for his whole career there

  4. Fuck the Colts franchise for derailing this would be all time great’s career

  5. 2018:Comeback player of the year
    2019:Doesn’t come back
    Luck good luck in Life my man!

  6. Thomas Gassett

    The Colts fans that booed … will regret it for the rest of their lives. It was the shock of his retirement, that left fans thinking about what they lost, instead of thinking about the man that left it all out on the field for them.

  7. This dude got beat the fuck up! I don’t blame him for dipping out before he ends up a cripple.

  8. Good for him. He knows better than we do what his health will allow. Let him go out leaving mostly good memories instead of a crippled benchwarming joke. There’s nothing worse than watching someone try to play when they should have retired.

  9. orphanedhanyou

    Booing nowadays is usually out of anger, I doubt it was a more nuanced reaction just booing him leaving not at his choice to be healthy. Can we separate those sentiments and know even though fans are mad most aren’t mad AT him?

  10. William Powell

    The fans booing were probably the ones who drafted him for their fantasy team.

  11. He has the right to retire and the fans have the right to boo his ass!!!!!!!

  12. Man really making me hate my team, quitter, punk, pussy, let down. Enjoy your money you balding piece of shit, don’t say he loves it when he JUST FUCKING QUIT BECAUSE OF HIS BOO BOOS

  13. Really should not boo this guy he was a fucking warrior behind a shit line and still had success and took a beating for your fanbase appreciate the time you had with him you could of done alot worse than having Andrew luck for the time you did. And honestly who’s to say he dont take a year or 2 off and actually heal and comeback hes still super young by nfl standards for a qb instead of him getting all the push and pull to rush back and risk an even more serious injury

  14. Bad luck ,🤔 get it

  15. Grover Phillips

    The fans are the example of this country’s current condition. Emotional thinking and reacting instead of rational.

  16. MORE nfl players should look at gettn out while they can still have some health left

  17. Sheila Robinson

    Those fans are sooo ignorant and ungrateful. He’s tired! Hurting! 4 Major injuries. Probably on the way to becoming a drug addict to fight the pain. A class act who just wants to be available for his new baby that is on the way. How dare people who have never played a down of football denigrating a man who just wants a normal life without constant pain. Congratulations to a real man🙏🏽

  18. William Powell

    This is why you invest in an offensive line when you draft a franchise quarterback.

  19. The NFL has the worst fans period. They feel like they’re entitled to have these guys play until they’re crippled or braindead.

  20. John Gutierrez

    Colts fans booing a guy who got them to the playoffs and was consistently one of the top 5-10 QBs. Wow. Just a bunch of loser fans that have not faced adversity since Peyton was drafted.

  21. He may have avoided dementia and extended his life a decade or more just by avoiding concussions.

  22. Dallas Dee Jordan

    This man was getting killed yr after yr….He said im done . His Choice “RESPECT” it and move on colts fans….BOOING him wont change his mind ! ! !

  23. Fuck colts fans

  24. This is exactly the type/genre of people that elected the cancerous ‘4’ and a freaking plague on society 😡. Gonna boo this soldier of a man …g.t.h.o.h.

  25. only reason i’d boo him is because he’s on my fantasy team this year

  26. Low Tier Trash

    I can’t believe RG3’s and Luck’s career ended the same way:
    Both had bad O-Lines.
    Also,why the hell they boo Luck?
    After sacrificing his body for these people,they treat him like sh*t?
    The man is making a smart decision.
    He didn’t graduate a valedictorian for nothing.
    He knew what he had to do.
    Just be glad you had someone who at least kept you afloat after Manning left you all.

  27. thekingbradable

    He didn’t win any SuperBowls, so unfortunately, that will be his legacy. It’s sad, but the truth.

  28. He’ll be the man who knew when to walk away and he did with grace and honor. I congratulate Andrew luck for knowing when to listen to his own body and knew when to step away like a man! the fans don’t give a fuck about his health… the fans want him to die on the field

  29. Luck sucks

  30. People booed him. The kid has mental health problems. It’s serious. He wants to play. You can see. It’s his livelihood. But depression is serious man. You can see it in his eyes. Hope he goes away and lives life and gets around people that love him. I sense a comeback after a few years. That will be a great story. Colts fans 🖕🏾

  31. Swerve Too Chill

    I think Andrew Luck will return to the game he loves in due time but right now the man is hurting physically. Let’s give him a chance to take a full year to heal, and then we’ll see what happens. I think he loves the game too much to just completely give up on the game. He just needs some time to heal and recover. I believe he’ll be back as the best version of himself physically and mentally.

  32. andrew luck (Peter King): “I’m going to be ready for week 1 and we’re ready to go for a SB.” Quits 2 weeks later and media eats it up and put him on pedestal LOL.

  33. Luck isnt done… Hes taking time away to heal and then come back.. He used retirement as a way to get out and allow the Colts to make decisions without him hanging over their heads.. Once he is 100% he will be back in a Colts uniform again and all those butt hurt people will shut up.

  34. @Jason Street: Andrew Luck is done playing football. This man has had a lot of injuries over the last few years and at some point there’s only so much one person can take.

  35. American masculinity please come back and save this country we missed you

  36. Bryon Letterman

    It’s football. Everyone understands how rough it is.

  37. The obvious reason why so many players are suddenly retiring early is simply because Millennials are soft.

  38. Luck has every right to retire. But waiting until a week before the season ends? When fans have already paid good money for season tickets in anticipation of their team possibly contending cause of Luck being under center? Luck at the very least owes the fans an apology. And I’m not a Colts fan.

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