Rape Case Video: Ex-NBA player Mateen Cleaves is caught tussling with woman

Mateen Cleaves beat his rape case/AP.

Mateen Cleaves’ video surfaces. 

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DETROIT – Last week, former NBA player Mateen Cleaves eluded up to 15 years of incarceration after he was acquitted of 4 counts of rape. But surveillance footage may indicate otherwise. A newly released video shows Cleaves grappling a young white woman twice against her will at a cheap Knights Inn motel in Flint, Michigan. First, he grabbed the chick by her wrists and pulled her towards the venue. After the popsy broke free and attempted to run away, Cleaves chased her down and carried her into his room.

There’s no audio in the clip.

The incident transpired in September 2015.

A jury comprised of nine women and three men descried the video but still chose to let the 41-year-old defendant off the hook. “Thank you for giving me my life back,” an emotional Cleaves told the jurors. However, an eyewitness said the accuser was being assaulted.

“She looked at me and she said, ‘Help me, help me, help me,’” the witness recounted while testifying in court. “And I had the phone in my hand and I told her I’m on the phone right now calling the police. I looked Mateen in the eyes, he didn’t say one word.”

The accuser also told the witness Cleaves raped her.

“She said that he got on top of her,” the witness said.

“She couldn’t fight him off and that she just laid there.”

Rumor has it the alleged victim was drunk as hell.

Do you believe Cleaves is guilty?

Watch the video.

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  1. Stevie wonder can see that this dude is guilty.

  2. SouthSide Chicago

    She’s dumb and deserved everything that happened to her.

  3. When will niggas learn. Shouldn’t have been with no white woman anyway.

  4. NO MEANS NO….PERIOD!!!!!!

  5. Blastbeat Apologist

    Black privilege

  6. This is horrible

  7. Oh what a prostitute…..😂😄😂

  8. Wow, the jurors must be rotten and evil inside.

  9. God's Elect Renee

    If a woman is running away from a man and she’s nude that means no ,even if they were suppose to have sex and she changes her mind ,she’s still saying no ,no means no !!! He raped her,if a man has to struggle with a woman to get her to have sex with him ,that is rape!!!! I cant believe this man got away with his wickedness!! Yep this world is getting darker indeed where people can do evil and get away with it.

  10. Shes actually guilty of resisting rape

  11. Black man and his one night stand dick at it again………..same shit over and over again. SMH

  12. sorry racists its not illegal for black man to have sex with a white women anymore.

  13. Lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas

  14. No means no brah 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Chris Bellevue

    Wow! That’s some fuck shit!

  16. How in the hell did he beat that! He’s literally dragging a woman into a room…Twice! And a witness saying the woman asked for help…c’mon man…I’m pro black…but I’m also still rape smh our justice system at it’s best!!!

  17. It was rape! I don’t give a shit about race, I’m not backing a fellow Latino if he or she is accused and we’re shown clear proof of them chasing down their victim! Who cares if the jury found him not guilty? We got jury’s that help let a cop who murdered an unarmed man go without an indictment! Even with all these videos they still find an excuse to say what they are seeing is not a a crime! The jury is not always right, they are still humans who make fucked up decisions!

  18. I’m wondering how many people actually watched the video and picked up body language? One time she wasn’t running, but calmly walking. Was she drunk? Perhaps high? It seems to me he was trying to keep her from running down the street partially clothed after being intimate. He’s big and strong, if he hadn’t wanted her to get away she never would have made it out, looks like she keeps wandering off in a state of confusion. I’m all for justice but common sense and ALL facts have not been fully shared. I expect hate for my opinion but I don’t really care. Facts over feelings.


    the people need to speak up and get a second PROSECUTOR that isnt fuckin CORRUPT.

  20. No sympathy for that White skank. She was a coal burner and she got burned.

  21. Where are all the Women’s rights activists? They make a big deal about a white president talking about grabbing a pussy with a group of friends one night but a poor black ‘oppressed minority’ dragging a woman back to the motel to be raped is not that bad???

  22. Ruthless Lover

    that nigga guilty

  23. The jurors were paid off

  24. Gee Buttersnaps

    They let him go after this video…….

  25. I thought he was guilty, till I seen the video of her on the stand, his lawyer asked if tried to stop him when he made advances on him did she try to stop him she said no an she new she fucked up when she said no,im sure that played a factor in why the case got drop.
    I wonder why they didn’t mention that 🤔

  26. I don’t believe this, I need all evidence and facts. It’s two sides to every story. I’m not gonna convict a Brother over a tape that could have been altered in this digital age. I say that’s that 🐃💩

  27. He didn’t rape her. She was just running from his BIG ASS BLACK D! 😂

  28. If u play sports u can do whatever u want

  29. Yvonne Robinson

    Black men should be ashamed of themselves sleeping with Becky in the first place.!!! Stick with your own black women!!!!

  30. Any man running out of a room naked is doing so for a reason

  31. Harold Brackins

    Well , I’m not sure what took place but I cant convict simply based on this video…
    And if a jury found him not guilty, he likely wasn’t…
    I presume what decided the case was all things leading up to the incident
    * where do they know each other from?
    *why was she in his room?
    * was she intoxicated and out of her mind?
    *How did she get in his room?
    I’m going to also presume that it was exactly her intention to have sex with him if she was in his room..
    If they got into a drunken, high off coke dispute, that doesn’t mean he raped her…
    If the jury saw this video and addressed all questions and there results were not guilty, I contend he is LIKELY not guilty.. Hes not the police…
    He not White.. He may have a few dollars, but he must be innocent…
    Because he’s black… And they have 0 problem throwing us in jail innocent or guilty!

  32. where is the #metoo movement when you need them

  33. Marcella Pratt

    Hmmmm let’s see Money talks b.s. walks but key word alledged, now I don’t condone no rape or assault, but you know they are known for setting a brother up, how we know she wasn’t running from to much black penis, these Becky’s ain’t learned yet, who knows, when are people gonna be held accountable for, their own actions she took her ass there, knowing full well why she was there, she went there for sex, money and probably to set Him up, but he was on to her…

  34. Must have been a black jury.

  35. Black males are so weak! Smfh he forced her back..is he that desperate

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