Comic Paul Mooney accused of molesting Richard Pryor’s oldest son decades ago

Paul Mooney accused of molesting son of Richard Pryor.

Paul Mooney is accused of rape.

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LOS ANGELES — During a recent chat with Comedy Hype, Rashon Kahn dropped a homosexual bombshell when he accused 78-year-old comic Paul Mooney of molesting Richard Pryor’s son (Richard Jr.) when he was a teenager. To compound matters, Mooney almost got smoked. Kahn said Pryor became so incensed, he offered him a remuneration of $1 million to blow Mooney’s brains out. Kahn, by the way, is Pryor’s former bodyguard. In the 5 minute clip, he said the relationship between Pryor and Mooney “became fragile because Paul Mooney had f*cked Richard’s son…,” before adding, “Paul took advantage of the situation.”

Mooney’s publicist, Cassandra Williams, denies any wrongdoing ever took place, saying, “there is no validity to Rashon Kahn’s statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney.” However, Richard Jr. — now 58-years-old — is backing up Kahn’s claim. He said Mooney had sex with him decades ago.

“Whatever happened in my life, happened when I was young… way before the 80s,” Richard Jr. told TMZ during a street interview. When asked if his sexual experience with Mooney was consensual, he replied: “How can any relationship be consensual when I was a teenager?”  

Kahn has a tell-all book coming out titled “Everything Wasn’t Funny.”

A stressed-out Mooney has cancelled concert performances.

Do you believe the allegations are true?

Watch Kahn and Richard Jr’s interviews.

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  1. It’s not just HOLLYWEIRD where kids have been getting molested for years!! It’s happening right within your own families while the predators are being glorified and protected and the victims are being outcasts and labeled as losers or too difficult to love.

  2. This is so fucked up

  3. This dude looks like he has sugar in his tank too man I don’t trust nobody anymore got damn shame that’s if its true

  4. Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi

    Every time I hear of someone being raped by the same sex they always turn out gay once there adults and gay culture is the most endorsed culture in America/ Society today that culture has so much evil associated with it it’s not even funny!

  5. luckyseven77712

    This is heavy

  6. Dude talking to sell his book.

  7. w t f ……..

  8. Devastating on so many levels 😢😞🤯🤯😭😭😭

  9. Sodom and Gomorrah times..

  10. Lawrence Arvizu

    Hollywood has always been just a bunch of pedophiles

  11. This is sad. Im not surprised. This shit been going on in the black community for years and is usually ignored. Wtf. U cant trust no damn body anyways.

  12. richard pryor got on stage and talked about how he sucked a tranny dick so where was the secret. i wasn’t their when it happened but many comedians said when paul and richard first met, richard was a hippie and the story goes richard called paul mooney son cute and tried to hit on paul and they said paul almost killed richard. just going by what other comedians in the know said plus if you messed with my child, we are no longer friend and more than likely you’re dead. this is the same guy that got caught stealing by Robert Harris so imma have to side eye this

  13. So you’re boss/friend offers you a million dollars to kill a guy who fucked his son and the muthafucka still alive? Man Richard had some horrible and very unreliable people around him.

  14. Whhhhhhhhatt? OOOOOH SHIET!

  15. Fuck That!!! Paul is a man that has always stood by the black community and its youth, even when it got hard, he never stopped spitting the truth for our sakes, such a man cant be a pervert. So its our duty now to stand by him and not let scum like this dude destroy his character. Gay or no, Paul has always been black first, so I refuse to believe anything this asshole preaches.

  16. So this explains why Richard Pryor, Jr. (the son) is gay. He was molested at a young age by Paul Mooney.

  17. So all that 🤬 that Paul Mooney likes to talk about EVERYbody else, and he’s out here molesting young boys?? Smdh..

  18. I’m going to need a Richard Pryor movie ASAP Mike Epps or Marlon Wayans as Richard let’s make it happen 😳

  19. Mr. Paul Mooney is my favorite comedian. This is disappointing! That old fool running his mouth on comedy hype is only saying something because that crusty old idiot is coming out with a book!!!

  20. This guy is exposing the shit out of Paul Mooney. Even if you suspected he was gay, most of us didn’t actually know. Nothing at all wrong with being gay, so of course Mooney shouldn’t be ashamed if he is. But if he hasn’t come out, people should respect that and wait until he does it, or at least wait until he dies lol damn.

  21. Why hasn’t this bodyguard come out of the closet cause he looks gay too? If you have a problem with Mooney discuss it with Mooney brother

  22. Donte NinetyThree

    This nigga gay too, so was Richard. Paul still talk about mad real shit. I still respect dude. But when men are doing exposés on shit like this, it’s because they’re exposing the other gay dude before Paul can expose Rashon out.

  23. First seen that nigga on Chappelle Show. Hell I thought he was gay he look gay shit u gotta b stupid 2 not think that when u c “Paul Mooney”!!!!!

  24. So Richard Pryor didn’t get Paul hit or charged🤔🤔why are we here?

  25. Paul is gay af,not news, he sucks mad cock

  26. All damn Hollywood full of satanic demons homosexuals I hope this ain’t true. It’s sad but apparently those who.have been watching Paul perform for a while been saying he has been acting suspect . Such a shame when I see my fellow black brothaz gay. Not homophobic but it just dont seem right to me when blacks are gay…

  27. the problem with Paul Mooney is that he was in the wrong profession’ might he had been a priest he would have only gotten a transfer!

  28. He ALWAYS been feminine ALWAYS and holds the mic 🎤 with BOTH hands 👀🤷🏽‍♀️ I was a child when I saw him on tv and I ALWAYS thought that lol
    Now I’m 38 and but saw him 10yrs ago on stage and thought the same and now I’m like I KNEW IT I KNEW IT 👀🤨 fruit 🍌 booty ass smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  29. plantation free

    Well he’s obviously a [email protected]@t. Tell me what real man would leave their son alone with someone with the mannerisms of Paul Mooney?

  30. Nah, I don’t believe it. It’s just another “Leaving Neverland” scandal.

  31. Demetrio sigmon

    Ok so every famous black entertainer is a child molester and gay??? Ok

  32. Not molested RAPED

  33. Paul Mooney always came across as gay or expressing homo vibes while he tried to come off as straight.

    This seals the deal.

  34. TheRealCritique

    Paul Mooney is a genius. The fact he’s being run out of work in his senior years over whatever went down in the 1970s is pure bullshit!

  35. paul Mooney was dark creepy disgusting and offensive! Not surprised!!!! I hope he suffers

  36. Anything you do in the dark will Always come to the light depending on how much money and influence you have determines how long your evil secrets will stay hidden for victims of abuse of all kinds they Will Not get away with it but if you don’t speak up the predators will stay hidden longer giving that predator more time to hurt other ppl 😢

  37. Yes. I believe these allegations because gay dudes often prey on teenage boys.

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