Janelle Monáe rips black voters for makin’ Popeyes Chicken ‘sammich’ a big priority

Janelle Monae in hot grease over Popeyes Chicken comments.

Janelle Monae ruffles feathers. 

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MIAMI –Uh-oh! Somebody’s in hot water (or hot grease). Kansas City native Janelle Monáe ruffled some feathers (pun intended) on Sunday when she lambasted remiss Negroes for allowing Popeyes Chicken to take precedence over exercising the right to vote. As part of its poultry war with Chick-fil-A, the greasy fast food chain held a $4.00 chicken sandwich promotion over the weekend that drew lengthy lines nationwide. Popeyes officials said the sandwiches sold-out everywhere within a matter of hours. One even sold on eBay for $7,000. “Perhaps we [should] put voting booths at every Popeyes location,” Janelle, 33, tweeted.

“While we wait on that sammich, you can register and vote…”

Sammich? Damn, that’s cold.

Janelle’s critique is not only derogatory, it’s dead wrong.

Per capita, black voter turnout is amongst the best in the country.

Janelle, all you had to do was Google.

Hordes of Twitter users voiced their vexation, including singer John Legend.

“Popeyes would kill for lines like the ones outside of black polling stations. 1. Black people vote. 2. We would vote even more if people like the GA Gov didn’t intentionally limit poll access in ways that create these ridiculous lines,” John wrote before adding, “Andddddd fried chicken is delicious and nobody should be ashamed of enjoying it.” 

One Twitter user called Janelle a sellout, saying, “I just think it’s funny how rich Black people want the privilege of frivolity, but will literally shame poor Black people for so much  as daring to eat before fixing any and all oppressions of the world. Y’all become more like these white folks you beg for acceptance daily.”

Another user tweeted: “N*ggas can’t even eat in peace.”

After realizing she f*cked up, Janelle tweeted an apology. “I think the tweets that I posted about registering and voting were insensitive and wrong,” she wrote. “Specifically they ignored the very real issues of voter suppression that have impacted my community for years and me directly.”

Do you accept Janelle’s apology?

Is she a sellout?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Just put a voting booth on a crack corner

  2. “Niggas can’t eat in peace”????!?!!?! Niggas can’t walk down the street in peace. Children can’t sit in their living rooms in peace. Ppl can’t learn at school in peace.!!!!

  3. Niggas looooooove chicken. lol

  4. Why do we have to make eating chicken so xtra? We want to be taken seriously about reparations, but how can we when every time there is a chicken sandwich casting call, we loose our darn minds and get off topic. We have to stop wasting our energy and attention span on crazy things.

  5. Don’t care what she said, I been voting since 1975, i voted in 2016, I didn’t voted for trump. I was very surprised many blacks didn’t voted in 2016, I was very disappointed to hear that. I also got my popeye chickens sandwich. 🤣

  6. We have a 2 party system where both work for the rich and against everyone else. Voter shaming is annoying and it’s hard to vote when all the options work against your interest. These “woke” people need to go after the system and leave the people alone. Give us something to vote for….

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this bitch dumb

  8. I swear if the election comes down to a Got Damn chicken sandwich from Popeyes I’m going to blame niggas for life

  9. That shits funny. And she was right

  10. The chicken sandwich at Popeyes is delicious.

  11. So ppl are mad…but makeing these white folk billionaires….man I give up ..smh ain’t no hope for ignorance

  12. Teleise Williams

    Niggaz got IDs 4 Newport 100s and Hennessy but it’s racism 2 show 1 at the voting booth 🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. The real travesty is that she apologized for a witty observation of these shameful events. The only real voter suppression in this day and age is self-induced. I’ve volunteered as a poll worker, so don’t even try me. And yes, niggas will wait in line for a Type-2 Diabetes sandwich longer than they will to vote.

  14. I ain’t never seen voter suppression and none of the clown ass niggas have either. Sensitive soft motherfuckers

  15. Well, she forgets that our people do vote and they vote for the very people that haven’t given a fuck about them. She supports a political party that our people have consistently put in power in urban communities and everything is still shit. She is wrong for opening her mouth in support of liberals and wanting to get our people to keep putting them in power.

  16. Tommy O Donovan

    I think it’s a way for Popeyes to sell more chicken samitches….The fights look fake to me.

  17. Chicken eating niggaz got mad😂🤦‍♂️

  18. The Quiet Cricket

    How long did you wait in line for your chicken sammich?

  19. A dudes thoughts

    Personally I think voting does not serve blacks any way,but she has a point. I think it’s a good idea to be honest.

    We keep talking about voting,but it does not seem to solve our problems.

  20. The black working class is allowed to enjoy consumer goods just like anyone else does. We can also chew gum and walk simultaneously. These false comparisons are classist and passive aggressive in nature.

  21. So Janelle Monae could do a national tour where the price of admission is a voter registration (completed) form. Suggestion 🤷🏿‍♀️

  22. There is a larger acceptance to shame Black people for participating in the greater society’s leisure class activities, which in part is spending your time and money without any outside judgment. Society makes time to chastise Us like we’re children. We are not supposed to participate in frivolity like everyone else.

  23. The fact that celebrities are willin to say sorry for no reason other then the fact that social media makes them tells us they really don’t give af in the first place or that money and fame means more to them !

  24. A chicken sandwich and voting does not correlate to each other. I guess the answer is for black people to run out, vote Democrat and still get nothing. Okay got it!!!

  25. Lakesha Johnson

    Wth eating a Chicken sandwich gotta do wit voting

  26. I live in a very White and Latino community and we have two Popeye’s and they are always busy (it ain’t just black folks).

  27. Well if I were her I wouldn’t have apologized period. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything!

  28. not trying to sound negative but vote for who this whole system is fucked up everyone voted for obama ok what did he do for everyone nothing just like the rest. the powers that be have control on this really wake up i bet my life on this. if it was that simple we would have a president for the people

  29. Apologize for what? Black people give more attention and support to anyone else but their own race. Who knows what they are injecting inside that chicken to keep black people coming back!

  30. This is stupid! Her comment was her comment. Refocus the direction Black citizens being denied and removed from voter’s registration. Refocus discussion of the voting machines “unable to tabulate” calculations; which also be the cause of voter suppression.

  31. all these sensitive people deserve a popeyes biscuit with no soda!

  32. Trendsetta Cobe

    When people gone realize voting is useless, true change comes from us as individuals

  33. Tyronesia Small

    I see nothing wrong with what she said. She shouldn’t have apologized

  34. Im voting for that chicken sandwich to come out! 😂😂

  35. The only people that got offended by that are the many fat fock’s that fight over a damn chickin sammich…and don’t vote anyway. Put the heart-clogging sammich down and vote!…I would not have apologized for that..

  36. Black people are so silly 🤣🤣🤣

  37. The problem is she ASSUMED that black people are quicker to get in line for food or other simple things but will NOT stand in line to vote or register to vote. It was HORRIBLE for her to ASSUME this!

  38. Kieishsha Garnes

    Line up for chicken, sneakers and a fight but not line up to vote.

  39. I live in the south voting never matters 🤷‍♂️

  40. Charmaine Blake

    It is a shame that we need a carrot dangled in front of us to get the job done, but it tends to be that way for many individuals in the black community. We need an incentive to get involved in things that are a benefit to us. We need to start understanding what matters.

  41. Kisha McCormick

    Who cares? I’m tired of folks trying to force people to vote.These politicians are all crooked any damn way. If people don’t want to vote them they don’t have to. Leave people alone

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