Judge Mathis facing litigation for allegedly ‘spitting’ in valet’s face at a Detroit bistro

Judge Mathis may need a lawyer himself/Photo: YouTube

Judge Mathis is facing litigation.

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DETROIT — Here’s a classic example of say it, don’t spray it: Judge Mathis is headed to court. Except this time he’ll be sedentary on the opposite side of the bench. That’s because the 59-year-old barrister is accused of expectorating into the countenance of a lowly restaurant valet. The alleged saliva spritz transpired last Friday at Detroit’s Flood’s Bar and Grille. Keep in mind, Judge Mathis has a big ass gap in his front teeth so he probably squirted by accident. Nevertheless… according to police reports, Mathis went out to retrieve his satiny Rolls Royce after ingesting a pricey entrée. But it took the worker 20 minutes to fetch his keys.

When the valet finally arrived, Mathis lit him up with a profanity-laced tirade in front of several patrons and bistro employees. After Mathis vacated the premises, the mortified valet called police and said the Negro magistrate spit in his face. He then filed a criminal complaint alleging sputum assault.

Mathis, however, denies any wrongdoing and he said it took 40 minutes to get his car.

The good news?

There were multiple witnesses.

Do you believe the judge will be exonerated?

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  1. Judge Mathis is a man of high character and integrity. He’d never spit on anyone. They lied on the wrong one.

  2. Skrelly McSkrell

    Geez…a judge. Supposed to be classy. And Im an old fan…

  3. Call Me Fat & Stupid

    Mathis is as much of a judge as Sharpton is a reverend .
    Mathis has a big ol case of………. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM ?

  4. Asensio Rodriguez

    I have been watching JM since he started his show and he just doesn’t come across as someone who spits at people. He has way more arsenal in his cashe as a lawyer, should he want to show anger.

  5. Somebody looking for a quick come up !!!

  6. Then again he might be spitting on people because he know he can get away with it hmm 🤔

  7. Paulette Poole

    Sounds like the Valet should be investigated.

  8. Robert Crockett

    I would’ve beat judge mathis ass that night. Fuck judge mathis, i don’t like him. All you tough muthafuckas need to be dead

  9. Doesn’t even sound like something he would do

  10. He was at floods downtown Detroit city!! My guy!

  11. Just because he’s a judge doesn’t mean he can’t get mad.

  12. Having millions, especially when you used to be poor can change a person.
    I believe he did it, He seems very short -tempered and arrogant on his show.

  13. sugarkaneandchloe

    We believe you judge Mathis

  14. Sorry judge mathis you will get fired over this that’s a fact buddy

  15. msprettylovepink

    He out here acting like a crackhead 😂 but idk that quick head movement would suggest someone spitting at another person but who knows 🤷

  16. Candace Oglesby

    He must of been arguing and spit came out his mouth but didn’t actually spit

  17. This is a man with integrity and a lot of class, There is no way that he would do such a thing like this, You can honestly tell this was a set up for failure, Because they had that man waiting on his car for 40 mins, Any reasonable person would be upset, This was intentionally done hoping to see him act like a fool, But like I said he has way to much class an integrity to let some clown cause him to compromise his upright image !

  18. Young Benny 602

    Judge should be in jail .

  19. Put your Glasses on and u can see it clear 😂😂😂 get out of here leave the judge alone 💯✌️🏾

  20. I think he was screaming some spit might of came out but not intentionally


  22. The valet standing in front of the car is a witness.

  23. Kervin Fondren

    When we fuss we spit(period). This was not intentional.

  24. Let’s be honest,🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m black and support black unity and progress but obviously he spit on this person stop trying to defend him it just makes you look ignorant and biased. 👌🏾✊🏾✌🏾

  25. Mathis always calling people ghetto lmao I believe he did that shit! 😂🤣

  26. Mathis needs to be disbarred.

  27. Ashanti Loving Nature

    Judge Mathis you are one powerful intelligent black man 🙏

  28. @Ashanti Loving Nature: spitting on someone is the most disgusting thing you can do

  29. Yolanda Just Me

    Some people do spit when they talk. I highly doubt that this judge hacked a lewy and made it stick.

  30. scatman crothersghost

    Judge done lost his fuckin mind. If anybody should be in control of your emotions it’s a judge wtf

  31. I watched the video. It looked like he told the valet off. ….period. No spitting.

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