NBA forward DeMarcus Cousins charged, ‘threatens to shoot’ baby mama in head

Cousins charged with domestic violence/

Boogie Cousins facing charges. 

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ATLANTA — It’s been a bad year for NBA power forward DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins. First, the former Golden State Warrior had to rehabilitate a ruptured achilles tendon that cost him millions of dollars in earning potential. Then the 29-year-old tore his ACL. Now he’s slapped with criminal charges after he told his baby mama — Christy West — he’s going to “put a bullet” in her skull. The commination came on the heels of a rancorous cell phone chinwag regarding their 7-year-old kid.

According to police reports, DeMarcus called Christy and asked her if their son could attend his wedding ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. When she said “no” without giving an elucidation, a pugnacious DeMarcus retorted, “I’m gonna make sure I put a bullet in your f*cking head.”

Christy, who resides in Alabama, recorded the confab and turned it over to police; resulting in a warrant for DeMarcus’ arrest. He’s charged with 3rd degree domestic violence (harassing communications), a misdemeanor. If convicted, DeMarcus faces up to one year in jail.

What’s my take?

When will athletes learn we’re living in the technological era which means you have to act as though everything you say and do is being recorded. Don’t believe me, ask Ray Rice, Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt. DeMarcus should’ve known better. Now he’s caught a case.

Nevertheless… listen to the disturbing phone call.

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  1. Tenzin Yougyal

    that’s what the f*** DeMarcus Cousin talking about killing a women wow wonder why I don’t like all these African-American men NFL players NBA players major league baseball player always are f**** woman beater white man Hispanic man these two nationality same thing as a player it did the same thing like a beat up on women f*** out of here man I hope DeMarcus Cousin getting released from the team and banned for life and I see barely any Asian talking about killing a women on hurting on women

  2. Fuck any bitch who keeps their kids from father she’s deserves a bullet to the head

  3. Bro he’s getting married she doing that shit on purpose. And the whole world been knew boogie is gonna spazz out over his kid. She taunting him when all the man wanna do is see his son.

  4. Marshal Shields

    Why women play these type of bullshiting games just give the man his son why deny the man his son

  5. White Girls are my Kryptonite ✔️

    This is why I don’t fuck wit black bitches

  6. He fucking with these thots

  7. Michael Pierre

    Baby mama drama!!! She is loving ruining his life with his new found wife. This is so wrong. I don’t condone violence or threats. The poor guy probably made the statement out of frustration. Sad. Who knows what the outcome will be now?

  8. This bitch should be hung

  9. Bitter baby moms

  10. If I’m Boogie, I hault all child support payments. I give a damn how much the court fines me. I give a damn if I get arrested. No matter how much they penalize me, that baby mama ain’t getting cash next month or the month after that or the month after that or the month after that. Then let’s see how uppity she wanna be when I ask for my son to attend an important event in my life. That bitch done lost her mind. I’m suppose to pay for your lifestyle and more than my son’s needs, all of his wants & even more unacceptable—your wants too?! Then, you’re trying to deny me, the money man, access to my own son?! Bitch, the fucking court would have to put a bullet in the back of my head before I ever sent another dime in child support.

  11. Anthony Garriett

    Dude was just pissed tf off i hate the media ive said some crazy shit when i was pissed but didnt do none of it

  12. I love how so many guys on here hear 22 seconds of audio and automatically conclude the woman is in the wrong and he clearly is in the right. In shit like this, there’s far more nuance. Everyone commenting needs to shut the fuck up about who’s right/wrong in a situation you all know nothing about 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Fuck baby mamas.

  14. be careful who you give your seed to. damn couldn’t even let their kid attend his dad’s wedding. damn he made the mistakes talking.

  15. The crazy thing about this whole situation is Demarcus is going to look like the bad guy. 🤦🏽‍♂️ What a bitch, she need to just let their son go to his dad’s wedding instead of using him as a pawn because it isn’t going to help anyone, it’s destroying your co-parenting relationship with your kids father and it’s going to take a toll on the kid going through that tug of war battle.

  16. Shes a bitch forreal. This man is at a very vulnerable place in his life and we know damn well he ain’t gone shoot nobody… “I gotta tell the world about how he be making un unrealistic threats so I can expose his bad attitude that everyone already knows he has…” this is bitch SOUNDS retarded…

  17. Tae's NoteBook

    We all know that Boogie is a physical player and that shows but everyone is getting the wrong image of him. Who wouldn’t be mad if their baby’s mother constantly says no and basically be a complete DICK about it… wake up. Bitter baby mother boogie moved on with his life… she’s just mad af that’s all. Yes boogie saying that was the most ignorant thing you could have said. Shame for making that threat seriously but you have to pay attention to his effort to try to have his son involved in things Then the mother just wants to keep his son away from him?? Wth that should be a damn crime as well these mothers out here need to stop provoking men 💯 ShiT is crazy man You ever think about this… that girl started this whole mess because she wanted too.. With a snap of a finger she can flip boogie out by using the kid as the bait

  18. Jerico Thompson

    😂😂 the world should be glad I dont have money. I’d be putting out hits left and right lmao. My baby mama wouldve died mysteriously in a car crash after this. It’s easier to pay 5 bands and get a mf knocked off.

  19. I feel bad for him. She knew that Boogie has anger problems and was provoking him to say something like this.

  20. Fuck that chick she was recording while rejecting him the right to have his son knowing that he obviously loves his son enough to say crazy shit like that what a ratchet bitch

  21. Joseph Thibault

    Damn, only people dumber than Cousins and this hoe are the people in this comment section lol. First of all, she’s the type of girl that you don’t care if you cum in her, or on her– it was nothing more than a nut for DC. She’s still having a hard time accepting that 7-8 years later & she’s a cunt for using the son against him due to her insecurities. That said, ya’ll really going to defend Cousins? Lol they’re both wrong- both dumb as fuck and you’re all out here picking sides like either of them are fit to parent a child lol wake the fuck up. You think that kid needs somebody fathering him who thinks putting a bullet in his mother’s head makes sense? Or a mother raising him who sets his father? lol

    All of you need a fucking reality check.

  22. Dude wants to see his son and now he looks like a bad guy. This society is fucking ridiculous

  23. I mean, is it no longer illegal to record someone without them knowing? If ,no how was an arrest warrant issued? Based off her allegation?

  24. Future Society Of Gentlemen

    Record your GF, Wife, Side piece or baby mama….let’s see if TMZ and the police keep that same energy and furor……”you just need to take it like a man, she wasn’t serious.” That’s all you’ll get.

  25. You mean you can go to jail for THAT? We’re all fucked

  26. I hope she gets a bullet threw her head

  27. Somebody should make this bitch pay!!!!

  28. Men need to be men and stop having sex out of wedlock. Sex isn’t love at all it only complicates relationships I blame them both.

  29. Johhny VanJohnson

    Do I condone what he said….No
    Do I believe he is actually going to follow through with the threat he made……No
    What you hear there is a man who is fed up with going back and forth with this woman, and her using the child as a pawn, and a tool to punish him.

  30. Noforgiving Rebecca

    Typical of what women do these days …they use the judicial system by obtaining bogus restraining orders and men have no chance but end up in hand cuffs …. it’s obvious his is a pawn and I bet she does not work and gets support money and its good for 18 years…. that threat to shoot her was a bit much ..but she egged him on ….. she probably gets 5 grand a month for having his baby …. not bad pay in my view …

  31. I’m not saying that what boogie said wasn’t wrong cuz u should never threaten to kill somebody at all. However, u cannot tell me that this woman wasn’t being bitter. Like c’mon, the man wanted to bring his son to his wedding. Let him enjoy that time with his father. At the end of the day she was being selfish inconsiderate towards the kid. This is going to do nothing but hurt him. Again, I am not condoning what Demarcus said, but what the woman did just ain’t right.

  32. Bitter bitches kill me…… nobody has to be with anyone, if that person moved on do the same

  33. I bet you whatever reason she won’t give him his child has nothing to do with the child , I bet you the child even wants to go and she told him NO! And when he grows up resenting his father because he wasn’t around I hope she tell him she kept him from his father not the other way around

  34. Women are horrible. They keep children away from their fathers and then act like the victim…

  35. I don’t know about y’all buttttttt i would’ve said the same thing 😂

  36. Angel Highlight

    Yeah who never told someone imma fucking kill you before
    That bitch is a piece of shit

  37. What a piece of shit. Over reaction. What she did is low but what he did is criminal

  38. Yo whats up with so many ppl recording phone calls. Makes me not want to even talk on the phone

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