Paparazzi Lawsuit: Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez gettin’ sued over SUV accident

A-Rod and J Lo sued over automobile accident.

A-Rod and J Lo facing litigation. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Diamond in the back, sunroof top…” Former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and actress Jennifer Lopez are facing litigation after their chauffeur allegedly ran over paparazzo Liyanage Perera in an SUV. The alleged hit and run transpired last October in a tenebrous alleyway in Los Angeles. Perera, who had a camera, filed a lawsuit against the prominent couple despite the fact neither was behind the wheel. He believes A-Rod and J Lo failed to instruct their driver to use vehicular wariness.

The incident was captured on video.

According to court docs, Perera was sauntering behind Craig’s eatery off Melrose when he was thwacked by a Cadillac SUV in which A-Rod and J Lo were passengers. Rather than egress the vehicle and vet Perera’s welfare, the lawsuit states the driver “quickly fled the scene.”

Perera told the court he sustained a handful of serious impairments and he’s seeking indemnification to cover his medical expenditures plus damages for pain and suffering.

Hell, it may be time for A-Rod and J Lo to start taking the bus. It’s a lot cheaper. If you recall, earlier this month, someone burglarized A-Rod’s rental car while he was busy ingesting an entrée at a San Francisco bistro. The malefactor took off with assets worth $500,000, including jewelry and electronics.

So what’s your take?

Was the paparazzo at fault or does he have a case?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. The driver, should have backed up, and drove over him again, just to make sure he was dead 🙂

  2. Salvadore Andretti

    Should’ve suge knight’d his ass

  3. have a niceday

    He didn’t drop that dam camera

  4. They need to get their dumb ass out the mf way

  5. I guess black lives do the matter…. lol… the camera guy is an idiot

  6. Get out of the road you stupid 👨🏿

  7. Looks like he staged it. His legged wasn’t smashed or his foot. At what point was he hit and knocked down when the car is move that slow.. The photo doesnt even look real and he only took one photo. We could see the other side of the car. Hed still be lying there if he ran over his foot and leg..

  8. eddiezamora1986

    100% paparazziz FAULT !! WHAT A F IDIOT !!

  9. Should’ve stayed the fuck home !!!

  10. Antonio Valdez

    More paparazzi need to die! May their bodies hang from the street lights upside down decapitated.

  11. Anthony Farfan

    That’s what the fuck happens for standing around a moving car.

  12. When will they get rid of paparazzis

  13. I know errybady got 2 hava job but seriously is your health & safety worth a useless ass pic of jlo. In the age of camera phones & social media u really dont need 2 do this as it has become a dying industry. These celebs put it all out there everyday for the whole world 2 c. What? U think u gone get a shot of her pickin her nose or summin? Noooo! They live their lives on camera & the only reason they go to that restaurant in the 1st place is 2 b seen. Cmon paps wake up & b responsible or either find another line of work b4 its 2 late! DAYUM!

  14. The White RickJames

    I woulda done a burnout on him 😂😂😂

  15. Good. I hope that leg is broken.

  16. It was an accident on both parties.
    Who wants to get smashed by a tire. Either way he’s getting paid so too bad for who ever disagrees

  17. These paps are fucking crazy they chasing people down and flashing these bright lighta like wtf else u expect.

  18. Run over all of them

  19. He wasn’t a man, he was paparazzi. Good for you J-Lo.

  20. Valerie Gardner

    Get out of the way asshole!

  21. Maybe the pap should get out of the damn way ! There need to be stricter laws about how far away they have to be from a moving vehicle , and I can only imagine how hard it is to do anything with all those flashes going off .

  22. How tf do you get ran over by the car you’re photographing? It’s going 10 mph!

  23. give the driver a raise

  24. love how the papparazi acts all innocent.


  26. Most people don’t understand how annoying it is when the artists/actors are trying to leave, and the people are just hanging out waiting for them to ask them for an autograph, a picture, and ect…. the actors and artists do not owe anybody anything except their act and performance and thats it… quit asking for stuff and just stay out of their way… they are people too and all they’re trying to do is go back to their lives… if they wanna give you stuff or hang out, they will trust me… but quit begging for sh!t people… that’s how this happened, he got greedy and wanted a money shot and gets ran over lol… that’s what you get… and if he tries to sue or anything I hope he loses and doesn’t get a dime… lol I dont wish him the worst but i hope that hurt… hope he learned his lesson to not get in front of a rolling SUV, jackass!!! Lol

  27. Jennifer Ramos

    Poor driver. Poor paparazzi 😕😞
    Stay clear from a moving vehicle.

  28. What i don’t understand is how in the hell does he get his leg under a tire i just don’t get it when the car is moving real slow and nobody was on his side of the car taking film or pictures to see what really happened seems suspicious this guy is a scam artist

  29. have a niceday

    He didn’t drop that dam camera

  30. It does seem like the guy stood in front of the vehicle intentionally but the driver didnt even bother to get out of the vehicle to check if he was okay or wait to file a report.

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